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Introduction for Essay

A correctional system, also referred to as the penal system, is a network of agencies that are involved in the administration of authentic community-based and prison programs such as probation boards and parole. It is a part of the broader criminal justice system, which entails prosecutions, courts, and police. Typically, this essay gives more detailed information about corrections as one of the careers in criminal justice. Some of this information includes a brief description of the correctional system, professionalism in the penitentiary system, hypotheses on why criminals commit crimes, and some of the problems facing the correctional system, among many other areas addressed. Notably, I chose this career as a case study because it is one of the essential aspects of criminal justice as it is the central disciplinary sector in criminal activities. The information in this essay is from various internet sources. Most of the references are scholarly and from multiple books about criminal justice, including Frank Schmalleger’s “Criminal Justice, brief description,” 11th edition.

Research Paper on Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice refers to the systems whereby society controls crime, maintain social order, and ensures that the citizens are safe. The field of criminal justice gives a career path for homeland security advisors and corrections officers as well as financial crime investigators and many others. Epperson et al. (2014) propose that in criminal justice, corrections allude to different capacities conducted by the administrative offices and include the treatment, punishment, and supervision of people sentenced for wrongdoings (Osborne, 2013). The obligations incorporate probation, detainment, and parole. Moreover, rectification is a field of concentration that focuses on the arrangements, hypotheses, and projects identified with the act of correction. As such, this essay should explain in detail the various aspects of corrections as a career in criminal justice.

In criminal justice, the reason for correction is, as a rule, to re-establish the proper conduct of people who had recently wandered off. It centers on restoring individuals who have abused the law as well as the ones under jail sentences (Schmalleger, 2017). Corrections in prisons have always been in existence for a very long time, and many countries have maintained the training to benefit the public. Nations go for making a domain free from unlawful performances and law infringement.

Corrections insinuate the piece of the criminal equity structure that bargains with individuals who have been condemned for bad behavior. The motivation behind the remedial system is to ensure that a liable gathering’s sentence is finished, paying little heed to whether it’s time in jail or prison, probation, or system advantage (Schmalleger, 2017). The four unique objectives of corrections are usually retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. These objectives somehow have gotten different thankfulness relying upon the criminal equity body or framework (Schmalleger, 2017). Landing a position as a correctional officer requires significant investment in studies. For example, on the off chance that you go for a four-year college education in a pertinent field, for example, criminal equity, you will put in four years in school. What’s more, upon graduation, you should enlist in a preparation program that could take between 6 to a year.

In the corrections business, post-preliminary chiefs screen and direct the people who are put on post-preliminary supervision, while post-trial supervisors perform near commitments and regulate blameworthy gatherings after they’ve been paroled from prison (Osborne, 2013). Corrections treatment masters ordinarily work in restorative establishments and offices to assess the advancement of detainees, and they may create recovery and gets ready for prisoners after jail and on parole (Schmalleger, 2017). Confinement officers work in remedial offices, for example, adolescent detainment focuses, correctional facilities, and prisons, guarding people who’ve been sentenced for wrongdoings. Most establishments require correctional officers, or confinement officers, to be somewhere around 21 years old, pass different examinations, and have no lawful offense feelings, as indicated by the U.S. Authority of Labor Statistics (BLS) (Schmalleger, 2017).

Argumentative Essay Examples on Criminal Justice

There are different classifications and areas of location in the remedial framework to the extent criminal equity is concerned. For example, the Arrests and Sentencing area furnishes correctional officers with news on criminal cases — from violations perpetrated inside the jail framework to recurrent guilty parties carrying out wrongdoings outside of jail dividers (Kappeler & Potter, 2017). The Defensive Tactics subject helps prison guards, and coaches stay aware of the most recent techniques and thoughts being attempted the nation over for barrier against vicious detainees.
The Mental Health point highlights news, tips, segments, and the master assessment on a wide variety of psychological wellness issues in remedies, including the psychological well-being of prison guards, detainee treatment arrangements, and suicide watch (Kappeler & Potter, 2017). The Staff Misconduct point region highlights news, preparation, and data identified with cases, including potential or saw unfortunate behavior in adjustments. Notably, this area serves the vital capacity of pointing out, not pointing fingers, when a CO has gone outside the lines (Kappeler & Potter, 2017).

The Policy subject gives data about remedial office tasks and hazards the board approaches to enable restorative pioneers to enhance consistency, convey cutting-edge preparation, refine conventions and lessen costs. The Overcrowding Issues theme gives news, segments, and master feeling on the explosive issue of jail stuffing (Maxfield & Babbie, 2014). From enactment proposed to battle the issue to how redress staff can remain safe and effectively deal with the problem inside their offices, this page is a crucial asset for COs all over the place. The Communications theme gives news, examination, tips, and information on issues, for example, interoperability, the 700 MHz open well-being broadband range, and specialized remote gadgets.

Adjustment workers are entrusted with directing people who are detained following a conviction after their preliminary. Preferably, this kind of work can incorporate recovery and guidance, too (Maxfield & Babbie, 2014). Typically, this sort of work can be very requesting and unpleasant, requiring a lot of preparation. Here are some critical professions inside the Corrections vocation way:

  • Wardens work in detainment facilities and prisons where the indicted serve their sentences (Osborne, 2013).
  • Parole or post-trial agents screen the sentenced after their discharge or while on post-trial supervision with the end goal of keeping another wrongdoing (Osborne, 2013).
  • Correctional advocate gives guidance to the prisoner while in jail or on parole
  • Substance Abuse advocate attempts to enable addicts to remain clean from medications or liquor (Osborne, 2013).

Thesis Statement for Criminal Justice

Corrections officers oversee administering people who have been captured and are anticipating preliminary or who have been indicted for wrongdoing and condemned to serve time in a correctional facility, penitentiary, or prison. Corrections experts will act, regardless of whether on or enjoying some downtime, as per the Constitution of the United States and every single appropriate law, mandate, and guideline ordered or set up according to a legitimate specialist (Portland State University, 2012). The comprehension of criminal hypotheses and activities will enable rectifications to play out their obligations at a more prevalent dimension. They confront numerous difficulties in their vocation decision and through close-to-home security and the utilization of social equity (Portland State University, 2012). The restorative field is a vocation that is continually sought after because of the expanding wrongdoing rate, yet seeing every one of the components that accompany the calling is pivotal in an officer’s prosperity (Portland State University, 2012).

Importance of Education and Training for Corrections Experts

Educating rectifications experts and seeing their notice duties as required by law is as necessary as a yearly preparation or as complete as an implementation manual (Portland State University, 2012). ‘The Minimum Standards for most facilities require all new employees with custody or treatment responsibilities to receive 40 hours of Basic training within their first year of employment and 40 hours of In-Service training each fiscal year thereafter” (Portland State University, 2012). Alongside the fundamental training, there are vital characteristics that people keen on the field of corrections must acquire:

  • Critical-thinking abilities: Correctional officers must decide the best useful way to deal with taking care of an issue.
  • Good judgment: Officers must utilize both their preparation and presence of mind to rapidly determine the best game plan and to find a way to accomplish a coveted result (Portland State University, 2012).
  • Interpersonal abilities: Correctional officers must have the capacity to associate and adequately speak with prisoners and others to keep up the request in restorative offices and courts (Portland State University, 2012).
  • Negotiation aptitudes: Officers must have the capacity to help others in settling contrasts to keep away from the struggle.

Individual necessities and preparation are required, as well as help in progressions in this profession and well-being. Yearning and qualified prison guards can be elevated to supervisory or regulatory positions as far as possible up to superintendent with instruction, experience, and preparation (Portland State University, 2012). ‘Corrections officers must have several personality traits to deal with inmates and handle the stress of long hours in an institutional environment. One of the most important characteristics of a successful corrections officer is tact or sensitivity in knowing how to interact with others. Corrections officers work with inmates who have histories of mental disorders, abuse, and physical ailments (Portland State University, 2012).

A good correctional officer knows how to speak to each inmate and prevent violence or poor behavior. Successful corrections officers must also remain impartial and resolve situations without bias (Portland State University, 2012). Prison and jail inmates come from diverse backgrounds of races, religions, and ethnic origins. Sensitivity to these differences makes it easier for a correctional officer to perform his or her job properly” (Portland State University, 2012). Generally, amendment officers that make progress toward well-being and better comprehension of their activity and the people they administer should all know speculations of wrongdoing, so we can more likely manage the guilty parties they encompass or regulate. Information on criminal activities and speculations is fundamental (Portland State University, 2012).

Ideas: Understanding Criminal Activities

Criminal activities are the consequence of numerous factors: stretch, rationally unsteady, impoverished childhood or home life, and so forth. Remedial experts can utilize criminal hypotheses to completely comprehend criminal activities (Drake et al., 2009). The information on criminal hypotheses will permit their vocation objectives and requirements to end up productive. There are various hypotheses prison guards must know about concerning why criminal activities happen. They include:

  1. Rational choice theory. People at most times perform to their most preferable standpoint and decide to do evil actions in the wake of checking the possible threats against the costs (Briggs, 2013).
  2. Social disorganization theory. An individual’s social as well as physical conditions are mainly accountable for the leadership decisions that individuals make (Briggs, 2013). In specific, a zone that has unraveling societal arrangements will undoubtedly have high bad behavior rates. A region of such may experience high joblessness, vandalized and vacant structures, poor schools, and a mixture of private and public possessions.
  3. Strain theory: Many people have relative objectives. Anyway, they do not all have proportional potentials or limits (Briggs, 2013). When individuals neglect to accomplish societal desires through established ways, for instance, constant work and approved fulfillment, they may try to gain ground through unruly behavior.
  4. Social learning theory: People generate motivations to implement unruly behavior and the volumes to bring out unruly behavior through the general community they associate with.
  5. Social control theory: Most individuals would do wrong actions despite the societal controls put on them through associations, such as schools, families, and the workplace (Briggs, 2013).
  6. Labeling theory: Individuals in authority pick what actions are infringing, and the show of naming referring to somebody as a criminal is what terms him a criminal. At the point when a man is regarded as a criminal, society recognizes away his exposed entranceways, which may ultimately prompt more criminal direct (Briggs, 2013).
  7. Biology, genetics, and evolution: Poor eating standards, mental maladjustment, horrendous cerebrum discipline, and even transformative prizes for compelling criminal lead have been proposed as elucidations for lousy behavior (Briggs, 2013).

Understanding why an individual commits a crime, one can create approaches to restore or control a criminal, alongside managing and keeping up close-to-home mental control amid and after the vocation of rectifications (Briggs, 2013). Keeping up a profession in revisions can be rationally debilitating. Alongside the worry for individual well-being amid work, the impacts can have an effect after retirement (Briggs, 2013).

It is imagined that the issue of wrongdoing usually is achieved by an assortment of components existing in public — the case of school dropouts by young children and the abnormal state of the offense results in an expansion in crime (Drake et al., 2009). Regardless of the dimension of instruction spread to the general population, it is yet hard to control the issue of wrongdoing. As a rule, conditions that exist in public are the ones that lead to the rise of offenses. It is very evident that since time immemorial, criminal activities have been a thing that has been in existence, and the various legislatures around the globe have put in a few stages to avert criminal exercises (Reynolds, 2018). The presence of criminal possesses likewise propagates the development of wrongdoing, and that is the reason it is difficult to demolish the issue of the offense — unfavorable effects of wrongdoing result from an assortment of matters that exist in our social orders. For a legislature to dispose of wrongdoing, the activity must begin from inside the public.

Refinement of the Topic

The inquiry can be refined to join different areas, including the network, on the matter of dealing with wrongdoing and criminal exercises. Also, the contention can be enhanced to address the fundamental difficulties that have been recognized from the discoveries. Moreover, issues identified with illegal possession and the high dropout rates among kids must be tended to attempt and bend wrongdoing matters (Reynolds, 2018). In this way, the theme can be refined to address such an issue as it is immoral and illegal. Criminal exercises and practices must be managed to make a reasonable situation for all in the public.

Different nations have unique methods for remedying offenders. Before, unessential estimates, for example, discipline by death, were initiated in various conditions of the world (Peterson et al., 2014). Be that as it may, today, most nations have annulled this type of discipline and supplanted it with the life detainment of those wrongdoers who take part in unpardonable wrongdoings (Drake & Miller, 2009). The long sentences advance remedial measures among those indicted as the correctional facility term enables them to change.

Major Problems Facing Corrections

Prison Overcrowding. More individuals are getting to prisons for detainment than the ones released out of prison. The United States, for example, has the world’s largest jail populace, with about 2.3 million individuals right now living in the slammer. Congestion in jails prompts different troubles, particularly with the organization.

Mentally Ill Inmates. We should look at the upcoming issue of reasoning about mentally sick prisoners. Typically, this fuses a broad assortment of mental prosperity conditions, for instance, an issue that impacts tendency, considering or direct. Some fundamental conditions fuse despair, strain issues, schizophrenia, and bipolar issue (Peterson et al., 2014). Progressing investigation by the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that most of all prisoners have passionate prosperity issues. Studies show that people with broken conduct are two to separate occasions tie to end up in prison. Various masters agree that inestimable confinements can be sidestepped by suitable mental prosperity treatment (Peterson et al., 2014). For example, considers show that most rationally wiped out prisoners are detained for preventable, minor bad behaviors. Enormous quantities of this infringement are related to vagrancy or a nonappearance of primary treatment and resources (Peterson et al., 2014). Many are condemned for bad behaviors of survival.

Insufficient Facilities and Funds. Most prison warders and correctional professionals complain that their prisons lack sufficient facilities for the staff and the prisoners. Their living conditions are way not welcoming and often lead to some quitting their jobs. Other problems facing prisons today include health care, racism, assaults, gang activity, and privatization, among many others.


Different advances ought to be placed in spots to guarantee that that is the greatest thought of the therapeutic methods in a substantial portion of the problem identified with criminal justice. Crimes have flourished in public, and it is time that a cooperative arrangement is founded to guarantee that there is greatness in controlling crimes. The obtained proof should go about as the reason for warding off criminal exercises and likely issues of equity in the treatment of those indicted for criminal offenses. Moreover, utilizing a multidisciplinary approach in managing issues on issues identified with the wrongdoing may likewise upgrade the avoidance of illicit exercises. Criminal exercises have existed for a long back, and the association, and the presentation of fitting estimates that may help in checking the issue of wrongdoing, may add to creating a circumstance where criminal exercises may be killed in this way, encouraging the making of a reasonable domain that is amicable to all. Furthermore, tending to the issue of wrongdoing may help in advancing the viability of social connections, therefore, making harmony among people.

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