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The American Dream in the Great Gatsby

 Looking at today’s world, people perceive their goals and desires in multiple distinctive ways whether it is having everything a person has dreamed of or just one thing a person has been striving for. One of the best-known classics of all time, The Great Gatsby, by Fitzgerald portrays a powerful and meaningful message that relates […]

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Is the American Dream Still Alive

Due to the hope that anyone can prosper in America and due to the fact that people from other countries don’t have the best success opportunities, immigration rates have been substantially increasing in the United States. The United States has always had this “dream of a land in which life should be better and richer […]

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Death of a Salesman American Dream

The American Dream is based on the power and strength of achieving goals. It is an individual’s capability of being able to have the freedom of controlling his or her own life. A person’s background or past does not matter (Rank 2-3). One aspect of the American Dream is success. Living a successful life means […]

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A Raisin in the Sun American Dream

The American dream is the idea that there is an equal opportunity available to any American, allowing them to achieve their highest goals and aspirations. Sadly, the reality is that African Americans historically have been at set a disadvantage. In A Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry demonstrates the inequality and racial injustices that leave […]

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Immigrants and the American Dream

The American Dream is been told to give huge opportunity, freedom, and happiness. It has been a huge chance for the people who have trouble in their own countries and looking for a big future. The dream stands for the ability to find what you hope as job and become rich. As much as this […]

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The American Dream of Mice and Men

The Great Depression began with the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange in October 1929. In the aftermath of this economic downfall many citizens of the United States were left unemployed. In the following years roughly 12 million American men and women would be forced to leave their homes as they had no means […]

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What does the American Dream Mean to you

Although the meaning behind the American Dream may have grown and expanded over the years, it’s rise in popularity shows that it continues to be a relevant topic, and is proven to be attainable in modern day society. For while it has, indeed, only been looked upon as a dream, but it hasn’t occurred that […]

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How has the American Dream Changed over Time

From the first indigenous people who walked here to the modern immigrant who gets here any way they can they all were looking for the American dream of a better life. The American dream was founded in the United States’ Declaration of Independence “ all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their […]

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Is the American Dream Accessible to Everyone

Many Americans traveled great distances, suffered great hardships, and even gave up their lives to create and preserve something called “The American Dream.” For some, it means financial security and success. For others, it means equality and religious freedom. The thing about the American Dream is that it can also be universal and personal. I […]

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Money and the American Dream

The American dream may seem far-fetched and unreachable, but to some, this dream is a beacon of life full of richness and fullness for everyone. Though the true definition has been redefined and expanded repeatedly, in essence, the “American Dream” is an idea that puts forth the belief that all people can succeed through hard […]

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George and Lennie’s American Dream

In the book Of Mice and Men I never expected it to end in a tragedy. Lennie is a large,strong ,lumbering, and simple-minded man. Who is unaware of his surroundings and his actions. He loves to pet soft things and to talk to people. Lennie can’t remember things as well or think for himself but […]

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The Phenomenon of American Dream

The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a novel that aims to express a critic regarding the American dream in the 1920s which turned into an age of extreme prosperity and materialism. The author portrays this era as a time where social and moral values decayed into cynicism, greed, and empty pursuit of […]

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What is American Dream

Introduction An American dream is a vision that aims at building a cohesive experience. It aims at the creation of equal opportunities for all race, gender, and age to pursue various tasks. The dream seeks to offer children same opportunities for education as well as a career without artificial barriers. The rights of the citizen […]

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American Dream Theme in their Eyes were Watching God

In Hurstonr’s novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie, the main character, did not fit into the three communities of North Florida, Eatonville or the Muck. She always seemed to be an outsider in those communities. The quote I choose is Ships at a distance have every manr’s wish on board. For some they come […]

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Classical Representation of the American Dream

The Classy Truth The American Dream holds several different meanings. The pessimists believe the American Dream is unattainable. The optimists believe that success is achievable through hard work. And then there are the realists, who believe the American Dream exists only for the privileged, and therefore, has failed society. Through the Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald illustrates […]

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Andrew Carnegie Book Review

A man who transformed the Landscape of America forever with his pioneering techniques, That is the subject of Professor Harold C. Livesay’s book ” Andrew Carnegie and the Rise of Big Business”. Published by The Library of American Biography and edited by Mark C. Carnes, the book is an informative biography of a man who […]

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Life after September 11

The United States consists of many different races and many different types of people, but our country has the capacity to hold a lot more. Immigration is on the minds of almost all citizens at a time where letting one person in could be the downfall of our country.  Bret Stephens, an opinion columnist from […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1626 Topics: 9/11, American Dream, Citizenship, Democracy, Immigration, Social Issues, United States

The Fire Next Time: James Baldwin, the White Problem in America

History, as nearly no one seems to know, is not merely something to be read. And it does not refer merely, or even principally, to the past. On the contrary, the great force of history comes from the fact that we carry it within us, are unconsciously controlled by it in many ways, and history […]

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The Great MIgration and the American Dream

The Great Migration was a push factor towards the American Dream for African Americans to move North to get away from racial segregation and discrimination, poor economic conditions, and job opportunities that opened up which led to the improvement of their lifestyle.         During the time period of 1910 to 1930, the Great Migration had occurred. […]

Pages: 2 Words: 715 Topics: American Dream, Critical Theory, Ku Klux Klan, Social Issues, The Great Migration, United States

The Monster is the American Dream

In Christine, the setting is Libertyville, Pennsylvania, for the duration of the past due 1970’s. The monster is the American Dream as embodied in the car. King offers Christine all of the attributes of a fairy story for postliterate children. Christine is any other fractured Cinderella story, Carrie for boys. Arnie Cunningham, a nearsighted, pimples-scarred […]

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Alexander Hamilton Sought the American Dream

Alexander Hamilton sought the American dream. He was an orphan who longed for more for himself. His amazing ability to write built him up and broke him down in his life. He wanted to leave behind a legacy, something bigger than himself, and he certainly did. As the first Secretary of the Treasury he helped […]

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The American Dream of a Transcendentalist

Transcendentalism is a movement that started in the 1830s with the belief that the most important reality is what is sensed or what is intuitive, rather than what is thought such as scientific knowledge. Simply, transcendentalists view the world a blessing, and that all human beings are considered naturally good. By that said, transcendentalists believe […]

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Reality and Illusions in Death of a Salesman

There is a substantial contrast between reality and illusions. Many characters in literature find themselves struggling with the inability to establish the difference between the two, leading to a conflict with themselves along with the character’s family. This is no exception to Willy Loman, a failing salesman in New England. In Death of a Salesman […]

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Industrial Revolution was a Time for Prosperity

The Industrial Revolution was a time for prosperity and a multitude of technological advancements throughout America. Through good and bad times that this period brought America displays true success through many different aspects. New technology and key inventions were important at the time such as the spinning jenny, steam engine and power loom, these inventions […]

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Identity Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun”

By revealing Beneatha’s interest in Africa to be genuine, coupled with her excitement, Hansberry expresses a sense of pride in returning to one’s roots as well as encourages African Americans to embrace theirs. Hansberry connects African heritage to not only a sense of belonging, but also hope in an unpredictable, and difficult future, which as […]

Pages: 3 Words: 755 Topics: A Raisin in the Sun, American Dream, Critical Theory, Pride

Fitzgerald’s from Rags to Riches

Happiness is the key to a fulfilled life; but in many cases this pursuit is hard to attain. The American Dream is an etho of the United States. It is the ideal that prosperity will bring you life, liberty and happiness. To many, the American Dream has become the pursuit of material prosperity; it has […]

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Influence of the American Dream

The 1920s were some of America’s most thriving years. Sports such as boxing and baseball were a huge importance, women were striked with opportunities of a lifetime, the stock market was experiencing multiple tribulations, and the American Dream was the end goal of it all. Bootlegging was another major topic of interest in this time. […]

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Fitzgerald’s Representation of the American Dream

The American dream remains as an image for expectation, accomplishment, and joy. Be that as it may, F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby looks at the American dream from an alternate point of view, one that reveals insight into the individuals who bend these standards to their own self-centered dreams. Fitzgerald distributes Jay Gatsby as […]

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American Dream by Fitzgerald

The American Dream is a national ethos for the people of the United States in which they misinterpret the idea of attaining your own version of success no matter your history or current status. The American Dream, for most people was to experience success and wealth within their lives, but not everyone can achieve what […]

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What is the American Dream?

Imagine coming home from your dream job, driving an amazing car to your house in a wealthy neighborhood, to have your kids run up to the door to greet you. Wouldn’t we all want that? This is the American Dream I hold most valuable. To be able to live a comfortable, successful life, and to […]

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