The Issue of Racial Profiling

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Racial profiling has become a huge major problem in the United States it causes mistrust against other races. It brings a notion where you're described as doing a particular crime based on your race alone and it had put many lives in jeopardy. It's a demonstration of treachery that utilizes race as the establishment for assuming observations and practices related with characterizing who is and which individuals who are assigned as a criminal to society (Moore 2015). As for example the trayvon vs Zimmerman incident. George Zimmerman (the neighborhood watch) suspected treyvon (the victim) was up to no good based of the color of his skin and his choice of clothing which provoked Zimmerman to defend his neighborhood just because he thought trayvon was going to rob somebody. So therefore racism needs to be stop at home from parents promoting it towards children having them believe different group of races can't be trusted or affiliated with. That's the only cure that will fade away generations to come.

Mainly African Americans are the main minorities in the United States as far as discrimination. Discrimination often occurs among us when African Americans are refused jobs constantly based of our racial background and where we are from. (Feagin and Eckberg 11). This has a negative impact of minorities because it discourages the young youth striving their education as much as possible. Although the body of discrimination is worldwide, its mainly based on race, ethnicity, weight, sex, sexual appearance, class status, careers, and furthermore in physical appearance (Birzer and Ellis 2003). It is shown that African American Professionals experienced discrimination inside unions of a constructor contractor and have trouble negotiating contracting and bidding deals in order to start a construction project. But most African Americans experienced poor service inside of restaurants such as getting served food before everybody else and/or receiving low grade rotten appetizers. Separation results from profound biases held by people and in some cases is discovered all the more essentially as institutional and financial segregation and a example of this is Africans Americans paid about on a average of 53% more on a car than a white American (Ayres 1991).

Racial profiling includes choosing individuals for a given reason based on their enrollment of a specific racial gathering. The fundamental reason for utilizing racial profiling with regards to criminal examination is that it can build the shot of getting criminals. On the off chance that the rate at which individuals from a specific racial gathering perpetrates a wrongdoing is higher than that of other racial gatherings, more hoodlums will be gotten if the police focus their endeavors on researching individuals from the racial gathering being referred to. Racial profiling, at the end of the day, can be a proficient utilization of police assets (P. Bou-Habib).

However, the biggest form of profiling in America is from law enforcement. The strategy they use is the stop and frisk movement to pat down and search a individual based on how they look to prevent any upcoming crimes. The street youth is more likely to be stopped and search without any cause due to the statistics of drug trafficking and shoplifting. (Amster and Thrane et al 2008). Surprisingly homeless are targeted from the police based off their living conditions living outside of stores or carrying backpacks which is 100% legal (Aulette and Aulette 1987). But the main issue is that not only african americans are profiled by the police but the most common age is 16-24 and the black youth is getting ticketed more often than other races for doing nothing illegally wrong (O'Grady, Gaetz, and Buccieri 2013). So overall law enforcement is violating people rights of being searched without a warrant or any suspicious cause based on your racial background. Traffic stops is another form of racial profiling and african american are two times likely to get arrested in a traffic stop than whites. What's causing this is a racial bias against the black community from all the the bad recent news stories that are upon us and that what make cops or any individual believe a race of people defines on who we are.

However, racial profiling can not be right for various reasons. It isn't right because in the event that it is educated by a bigot mentality with respect to the individuals who utilize it by a demeanor, comprises of false and disparaging convictions about the gathering that is the protest of the racial profile. Racial profiling isn't right, for instance, on the off chance that it is educated by the case that specific racial gatherings are basically less ready to consent to the law. Besides, we have motivation to dismiss racial profiling if its utilization is joined by a hassling way with respect to open authorities towards those researched. Thirdly, racial profiling can be ethically risky on the off chance that it is utilized in an unjustifiably specific waythat is, against one racial gathering however not against another in similar conditions.

At last, we have motivation to dismiss racial profiling if the weights its utilization forces on guiltless individuals from the racial gathering being referred to are more noteworthy than the advantages it gives as far as insurance from wrongdoing (P. Bou-Habib).

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