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Psychological Theories of Serial Killers

Motives for serial killers is often unclear. There are many theories trying to explain why they perform those actions. Some theories say childhood abuse plays a role in becoming a serial killer. Other theories say serial killers seek the thrill and pleasure in it. Many children are abused in several ways such as mentally, physically, […]

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The Becoming of David’s Serial Killings

David was born on June 1, 1953, in Brooklyn, New York. He was giving up for adoption and was adopted by Jewish-American hardware store retailers named Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz when he was just days old. He went to school but he was always absent , because he was chubby , his classmates would tease […]

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What Makes a Serial Killer?

For my final I chose to write about serial killers, but not just about what they are I’m going to dig a little deeper and tell you what exactly makes them the way they are. In the case that you don’t already know what one is it was previously defined as: The term ‘serial killings’ […]

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Are Serial Killer Born or Created?

Dr. Samuel Loomis once said, The darkest souls are not those which choose to live within the hell of the abyss, but those who choose to break free from the abyss and move silently among us. In this quote it explains that anyone, your closests friends, a family member, or neighbor could potentially be a […]

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Origins of a Serial Killer

What makes a serial killer a serial killer; is it their genetics or is it something more? According to google dictionary a serial killer is: a person who commits a series of murders, often with no apparent motive and typically following a characteristic, predictable behavior pattern. Serial Killers are born that way, or so they […]

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The Mental Health of Serial Killer

Another common symptom of schizophrenia is paranoia. Paranoia is a symptom of self-centering interpretation of the subject’s judgment where the real intention is hidden. Often times, people who experience insomnia also experience paranoia. Also, paranoid Schizophrenia is more often seen in men than in women. In act 1 scene 7 through line 1 to 7, […]

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The Psychology of a Serial Killer and Abuse

Serial killers are the result of a wide range of things, one factor that is shared is abuse. Profoundly awful encounters, particularly amid youth, can have a considerably more profound effect in grown up life. They can shape a person’s identity and life decisions. This conduct ingrains in the child’s sentiments of embarrassment and defenselessness, […]

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Serial Number of Reasons for Serial Killers

Delving into the mindset of a serial killer is difficult. There is no set-in-stone reason for why they committed their crimes. Whether it’s a birth defect or a product of how they were raised. Signs of a serial killer are lack of empathy, inability to feel remorse or guilt and lack of self control. If […]

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What Makes a Serial Killer Do What They Do?

What pushes a serial killer to do what they do? In order to answer this question, I looked at two sources. The first article I looked into was written by scholar, Dr. J.S. Dalal, Professor and Head, Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, Government Medical College Patiala, et al. The second source I found was […]

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