Samuel Little

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Why would someone want to kill as many as ninety people and want credit for doing it? According to this serial killer remembers almost every detail about his crimes because of the sexual gratification he gets from by remembering the state, the date, and the year it happened. Since this serial killer could remember his crimes decades after he committed them it sounds like he wants all the credit he can get, while he is still alive. He wants to see his name up in the lights as Americas worst serial killer. If someone wants to see themselves in the record books with the most amount of murders, then we would have to start from the beginning, so you know how he got to where he is now. He was someone who grew up in and around crime, not to mention was born in a jailhouse as well. Criminals tend to think what they do, and committing crime is something they feel like they were born to do. This life for this serial killer started shortly doing crime before he even reached high school. Before I get to his high school years, I would like to tell you how this person got to where he is now. In an article on the New York Times, written by Timothy Williams, gave a quote on his mother describing her A lady of the night because his mother would find anyway possible to support him, when she wasn’t in jail. For his mother to be supportive by any means possible she had to take some risks, which meant that she would possibly being away from her kids because she might be spending time in jail. And this is where this serial killer was born in a jailhouse where his mother was staying after committing some crimes, that are never listed, but shortly after his birth his grandmother took him and gave him a house that he could be in and food to put on the table.

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To this serial killer his grandmother was someone who showed him support and told him the difference between the right and the wrong, but she never really showed much support for him in school or in anything he really did because he was always in trouble and it kept getting worse every time he got into trouble. This serial killer was described as an early troublemaker, where he had hard time doing anything that involved school work, and never really was focused on keeping himself out of trouble. Shortly, after starting his high school career he dropped out and became very susceptible to crime, which is known as individual vulnerability model not only because he was born in cell but also because crime was all around him when he was growing up. In an article done by Abby Rodgers on Business Insiders, said that there is an abnormality that develops during puberty and this typically happens to men because they display some homicidal things. This abnormality is called chromosomal abnormality, that starts when a person, like this serial killer, feels that they aren’t part of world and they feel like they are on their own and against everyone else. As this serial killer developed the abnormality of the thinking that everyone is against them, the killer I have been describing is a seventy-eight-year-old and a former boxer who just confessed to ninety murders in what he thought was an exchange for a nicer cell where he could finish living out his life in prison, out in California. Some of the murders he has confessed to fit the description of what investigators found at the crime scene. Most of the murders he has described have been fitting everything that the police have found. This serial killer goes by the name of Samuel Little, who has been sitting in a Texas jail since 2012 where the police linked him to a couple of unsolved murders that happened Odessa Texas, just east of the New Mexico border.

While Sam has been sitting in the Odessa jail in Texas, he started making statements to a person that gained his trust by not only seeing him a couple times out of the month but also getting to know him on a personal level. This organization that this friend of Sam’s was from the Texas Rangers, not the major league baseball team, but a part of the public safety coalition, and according to, which describes them as one of the largest divisions in the Texas Safety Department, and there responsibility is to deal with serial crime investigations that aren’t going anywhere and it becomes a cold case. A cold case is when all the leads that the police where given fall through roof and it leads to know where. This is the case that the Texas Rangers took over when Sam started talking about everything that happened in the last forty years. When Sam started talking and going through everything about the murders that happened other organizations like the FBI and other state agencies started lining up to interview him, so they could solve the different murders in their state. Not only did state and federal agencies start lining but also did newspapers because they wanted to know how Sam kept quiet about all the murders that Sam was talking about.

With the different agencies and newspapers lining up to ask about other cold murder cases that Sam has been describing, it begs the question how a former boxer how a serial killer would, like Sam, get away with murdering so many people. Not to mention why is Sam talking and how was he able to keep quiet about killing so many people for nearly forty years later? Sam thought that if he started talking now then he could move jail cells, from Texas to a California prison where he would finish up his life in prison. His other thought of talking now is because he wants to see his name in the history books as being the worst serial killer in history, but also because his health is causing him to die faster than what some people have thought. Now that Sam has finally started talking after four decades, he has gone into detail about how he got his next victims by describing the places that he rested to but also the states where he murdered someone. But the thing he keeps bringing up is where he would sit and wait for his next victim. But in order for Sam to talk about how he got his next victims to do what he wanted and to become America’s worst serial killer they needed him to talk everything that has happened from his first murder to the last murder he did before getting caught.

So when Sam got the deal he wanted which was for him go to get out of the Texas jail and to a California jail where he will spend the rest of his life and for the deal to actually work for both sides he’d start with how everything went down from getting the victim to do what he wanted to what he did with the body. And to the delight of both sides Sam took the bait to switch jails and to the surprise he started saying everything. But for the agents to listen to every single word they sent in a recorder with the Texas Ranger so they could make sure they got everything that was said. But the most important piece that the agents from the local, state, and national agents got was how he got to the victim and what he did with the bodies when he finished killing them. What the agents from every state were wanting to know from the tapes was where the victims lay and he in the tapes would describe himself as always on the move. But he also described what the place looked like on where he would sit which was always next to a poverty-stricken area because people were desperate for whatever they were after. When Sam would wait for his next victim he would lay out a dumping place so when he would kill he knew where he could take the body without anybody knowing what happened to them. When Sam would find the next dumping place he would also find ways to get rid of any evidence that would come up when he would kill that person, and with each person he killed the authorities could not get anything from the scene because of how well the crime was thought out.

As Sam would think out on how to kill his next victim he would get into a state of mind of how he would strangle his next victim, and to him describing how everything went down would give gratification because to him he taking out that person made him feel like he was getting out of trouble. With every victim that Sam killed, he was thinking that he could get away with because he made sure that either the victim had no evidence or that he left nothing behind so that there was nothing for the police to get in order to charge him with killing that person. As Sam went through his story about each victim he strangled he went through the eight different states that ranged from Florida all to California, and all the different names that Sam can name have been proven true. Some of the names that Sam is giving out have not been found since 1970 because there was nothing there for the police to gather from the scene, which gave way for Sam to start talking which makes him feel like he is the biggest thing. As Sam keeps talking and the bigger he feels the better is for federal agents to find more bodies that Sam could have killed and it gives family of the victims a source of relief knowing that their bodies might be found sooner than what the families thought. When Sam would tell them about where the bodies are and how he went through it, the agents felt like that Sam had no remorse for what he did and how he did it because he went through every single step about so smoothly that when the some of the bodies were found he didn’t really care because to Sam those bodies were known as enemies to him because he felt like they got in his way of doing what he wanted to do.

As Sam would get rid of his last enemy he would be already moving out of that state and be looking for his next state where he would be able to find his next victim and do everything all over again. The sense of killing someone to Sam and getting rid of the body was Sam’s way of out smarting the agents because for every murder that Sam did, it would be different than the last one. Every time Sam would out smart the agents by displacing their bodies in a different, he would be thinking that what done is done and there is nothing that can be done to fix what has happened. But eventually Sam would mess would up by leaving something behind that never related to the case or to the body that they found, but it always meant something. When federal agents found the bodies that Sam described everything he said from the way he killed the person, to where the body was located all checked and was spot on with what Sam was telling the federal agents. The thing that surprised the agents was how well he could recall everything from the crime because it had happened so long ago and his health was failing him as well. The only thing that Sam could not remember was the time of death of the victim that he had killed although he could remember the exact spot where the victim was staying at.

Every time Sam would recall the places, and how he killed that person, he wanted to let people know that he what he was going to live out his final life as one of Americas worst serial killer. Since Sam wants people to know about all murders that he has committed and that he’s on his last leg because of heart disease, but I also think that he wants to be known as the worst killer in American history so to him it feels like he has left his mark on the world. His mark on American soil would be for him, to be known as the worst serial killer that wasn’t caught until there was nothing left of the crime. But for many the feeling of having Sam being caught and in jail for other murders that he has done isn’t enough because some families haven’t found the loved ones yet because of how well Sam hide their bodies after he killed them, but also because the agents involved want to find each and every person that Sam has killed in the last forty years. For each agent that is working on this case and the more Sam keeps bragging about the murders he has done the better chance that the families that lost someone can be found and possibly bring the family to closure knowing that their loved one has been brought to them.

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