Reasons why People Like Ted Bundy Commit Homocide Crimes

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There are many reasons why people kill one another. However, there are thousands of reasons why people commit homicide crimes. These types of homicide crimes are domestic violence, gang violence, a drug war, police shooting, terrorism, etc., there are many reasons why murders are committed, although there is one crime that brings a lot of attention to people all over the world. These are the serial killer; serial killers are people who kill 3 or more people at different times with a cooling off period in between. A serial killer is labeled by law enforcement as adult white male in his late twenties, who has killed three or more people in separate incidents. A serial killer will have a cooling period, and he will begin killing innocent people at the time of his choosing. A serial killer can be hard to be identified. Some serial killers are brilliant and smart, so they are very cautious when they commit a homicide. Serial Killers come in several types. There are Hedonistic serial killers, who enjoy causing pain and suffering. These killers kidnap their victims and torture them while they gain a pleasure of torturing them. Visionary killers are psychotic, and visionary killer believes they are acting on orders from a higher entity. The higher entity can be God, Satan, Demons, etc.... many serial killers are not caught, so they continue a killing spree, from city to city or state to state .a serial killer picks a have various types of people they want to kill, jersey Dahmer was a serial killer who killed gay men, and eat them. Jeffrey Dahmer also froze his victim after he killed and ate them. Law enforcement also found body parts, sexual organs, etc. Another serial killer was Marilyn Manson, he recruited people and went on a killing spree, and Marilyn Manson was a serial killer that killed for satanic rituals. Serial killing is the sexual assault and murder of women, men, and children by a male who follows a particular pattern... Usually, there is a pattern in their killing that may be associated with the types of victims selected or the method or motives for the murder. (Hickey, 2007) Many serial killers are studied over the years; this study is to know the patterns of how a serial killer begins his killings. Many serial killers provide criminologist with information about their background; criminologist can use this information for future serial killers. The local police don't have the manpower or financial resources to investigate high profile serial cases however the FBI will need information on previous serial killer if they have the same killing patterns.

Behavioral variables, including a review of Signature and modus operandi

Another very popular serial killer was ted Bundy; Ted Bundy was a charming, articulate and intelligent man. These traits he posed allowed him to get close to his victims. Bundy raped and Murdered lots of women by strangling and mutilating his victims. Bundy displayed their heads in his apartment, and he also slept with their corpses. Bundy to preyed young women on college campuses, he committed these crimes in Washington, Utah and Colorado, and Florida. His victims were women who looked much like an ex-girlfriend who broke up with him Bundy was arrested in Utah but escaped and continued his killing spree. He was stopped for a traffic violation in Florida leading to his final arrest, February 15, 1978. He was sentenced to death and died in the electric chair in 1989. Bundy wore his arm in a sling, and He would often ask his victims to help him carry things to his car or help load things from his car. When the victims are leaning into his car, he will hit them on the head with a crowbar; Ted Bundy was a very good looking man, and many of his victims did not fear him because he did not look like someone dangerous. Ted Bundy had two different yellowish Volks Wagon bugs, Bundy used one of the cars in committing most of his crimes... Bundy removed the bolts of the passenger car seat, and he would often store it in the trunk. This made his victims impossible to see while traveling in his car.

Repetitive patterns evident in criminal acts

According to the FBI and criminologist, more than 70% of serial killers have a substance abuse problem. However, a few serial killers are addicted to both alcohol and drugs. Many serial killers begin using alcohol and drugs when they are at a younger age. Most serial killers also suffered child abuse, and child Neglect, which is an important contribution to their psychotic behaviors, their trauma also interfere with their ability to function in their community, succeed in school, and build healthy relationships with friends and people. They also are loners during their high school years, some of them are dealing with a lot of emotional stress, because they are bullied in school or their parents are facing a divorce. (Bryant, Clifton, Peck. 2009) Some serial killer might not have experienced any episodes of physical and sexual abuse however they might have experienced stressful events in their life, some of them might lose their parents or grand- parents, or they have witnessed a family member murdered in their presence. Some occurrences could have happen that might have driven them into committing various criminal acts when they become adults. (Bryant, Clifton, Peck. 2009) A serial killer starts committing non serious acts, but it builds up if these acts go unnoticed. Almost all serial killers admit that they started by acting out their fantasies on small animals before they moved to humans. Research has shown that violent offenders have higher traces of toxic heavy metals (manganese, lead, cadmium, and copper). (Bryant, Clifton, Peck. 2009). Heavy metals compromise normal brain development and neurotransmitter function; this issue leads to long-term deficits in learning and social behavior, it also reveals that criminal offenders and hyperactive children have high levels of lead, manganese, or cadmium. The juvenile delinquency in the United States has rose, many youths living in low-income neighborhood were tested and found to have high levels of lead, many of these juveniles that were delinquent in their early years, later on, grew up and began to commit more serious crimes. The juvenile's justice system provide mental health assessment to juveniles who are detained for a delinquent act. Many juveniles are provided more services to make sure they are not growing up to become serial killers, serial rapist, or a murderer. Juveniles with drug delinquent cases are provided with employment and drug rehab to reduce the number of juveniles detained in the detention center. Not all serial killer have a criminal background; some can start when they are older due to a traumatic event in their life.

Possible issues in development and life experience that may be identified as possible causes of prevalent criminality and psychopathology

Ted Bundy was born in Vermont in 1946, Bundy was the child of a woman whose family was so ashamed of his mother's unmarried status. When Bundy's mother gave birth, his grandparents claimed Bundy as their own. They told Ted and others to believe that his mother was his older sister. It was not until he was thirteen he was told his older sister was his mother. As a result, Ted was furious at his mother for not telling him the truth. Ted Bundy was very addicted to pornography at a very young age. Ted Bundy was classified as a High Factor 1 Psychopath; this classification identified him as very intelligent and he had a few signs of psychopathy early in his life. A Factor 1 psychopathy is characterized by a grandiose sense of self, pathological lying, conning-manipulative behaviors, lack of remorse, lack of empathy and failure to accept responsibility. Psychopathy is the label name for antisocial personality disorder People with this disorder live only in the present and behave as if social regulations do not apply to them


A serial killer might be very hard to capture, some serial killer takes years to arrest however majority of the serial killer are stopped due on a traffic stop, some serial killers don't turn themselves into the authorities, but are captured by their own doing. The media plays a significant part in motivating the serial killer. The media gives the serial killer a name, and most serial killers enjoy the publicity of their act been televised on television. This continues to motivate the serial killer to continue to commit more killings and make a name for himself. The 24-hour news coverage of the serial killer will also give other serial killers the idea to commit the same crimes. However, there are copycats, who are fascinated with a serial killer. These copy cats will also commit the same offense to keep the news media interested. The FBI usually take over from the local and state police, so they can bring in better resources to investigate serial killers. The FBI along with local and state police work together to arrested and convict the suspect. There are always issues when investigating the crime, the FBI, and local law enforcement will not give the media all of the details about the investigation, sometimes they give the media wrong information because serial killers watch the news for information. Law enforcement tries not to give the media classified information, so the serial killer doesn't change his tactics. Criminologist is always part of the investigative team; they provide the FBI information about who they are investigating. The criminologist can determine what time of the day the crimes are committed, but they have an idea what type of serial killer they are dealing with, especially if a serial killer doesn't leave clues. Some serial killers leave clues to get the attention from the FBI and the media. There is some serial killer that loves the attention, and there are some are not willing to be known, which mean they plan not to be captured by any law enforcement, so they have to be very cautious. Some serial killer might move out of state, and some might stay in the same community. Serial killers will kill someone in one state and move to the next state to avoid authorities; they will change their appearance, clothing, and wear a lot of disguises to avoid any detection.


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