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Self help groups and refugees

Every continent is susceptible to the problem of mass displacement, either within or across country borders worldwide. The number of affected people vary over time, due to newly arising conflicts, repatriation movements and new conflicts in protracted conflict areas, such as Africa’s Great Lakes region and South-West Asia. By running away from their homes, family […]

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Should Developed Countries Accept More Refugees

The world is full of people forced to leave their homes and countries for having better lives as a result of political disorder and persecution. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), estimated that their number can reach to 40 million. More than half of them within their countries borders and over 12 million […]

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Should environmentally displaced be categorised as refugees

Climate change is no longer a hypothetical situation but the reality of world politics in the twenty-first century. Although extremely controversial, research suggests this predicament will deeply affect the lives of millions who will be forcibly displaced from their homes and required to seek refuge elsewhere. Since 2008, the UNHCR has stated that there has […]

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Music Therapy’s Impact on the Mental Health of Refugees Diagnosed with PTSD

Music gives a soul to a universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. This quote was written by Plato and it reminds myself why music is so important in the world, especially to those who suffer from various diagnoses. Music Therapy is a therapeutic method that incorporates music as […]

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Balancing The Protection Of Refugees With National Security: A Critical Analysis Of The Kenya Refugee Act

ABSTRACT. It has become a reality that most refugee situations are found in the worlds’ most hostile environs. This is due to the continuing violence and persecution of refugees and thus they cannot return to their countries. For over twenty years Kenya has been receiving a large refugee population. The perception of refugee issues has […]

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Refugees in America

There are 25.4 million people who were forced to flee to other countries as refugees (Huber and Reid). Many refugees struggle to find a safe place to live after they are exiled from their country. Not all places welcome refugees; therefore, they are at risk. In the debate over the refugee crisis, one controversial issue […]

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Mental Health Issues Concerning Refugees

Refugees are at a higher risk for mental disorders than any other population. The Gale Encyclopedia of Public Health defines refugees as individuals who have been displaced from their home or native countries due to various reasons such as: war, drought, and natural disasters (Nienstedt). Refugees’ exposure to war, trauma, violence and extreme torture throughout […]

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Refugees in the United States

Introduction and Summary With an increase in countries experiencing wars and political unrest, the numbers of individuals forced to leave their homes has been steadily increasing. As a result, there is a worldwide concern of how to respond to the increasing number of refugees and asylum seekers. Recently, the numbers of refugees admitted to the […]

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Tracing the Discourse of Climate Refugees and their Existence under International Approaches

The orthodox conceptualization and assimilation of the terms ‘refugee’ and ‘protection’ may both need to correct to accommodate with recent global climate change situations. A rudimentary apprehension is that while refugees from persecution and war are protected by international law, it is unclear what conventions and policies protect people dislocated by extreme weather events. This […]

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Removal Process For Refugees

Introduction My interest in immigration cases started after I arrived to United States back in 2007, I came to the country with a tourist visa and when I decided to remain in the country my legalization process begun, as an immigrant I had to overcome many obstacles throughout my legalization process and I think that […]

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Syrian Refugees

Step two of the Justice test calls into question if the distribution is fair between all parties involved. In this case, both sides of the argument stand to gain and lose something. The Syrian refugees stand to gain a new home while being open to discrimination and prejudice. The country accepting refugees and its citizens […]

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The CDC Fights Against Diseases by Treating Refugees

You’ve heard it around. You’ve seen it around. But what does it stand for? People often wonder what CDC stands for and what do these people do. CDC stands for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These people are the people who are here to serve and protect us. The CDC is the nation’s health […]

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Climate Change Refugees

The effect of human influence in the emission of greenhouse gases has affected the earth immensely. It has led to unpredictable changes in weather patterns, a rise in sea levels and an increase of extreme weather events across the earth. These disparities in weather conditions endanger the safety of many, prompting them to consider relocation […]

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Poverty for Asylum Seekers and Refugees: The Role of Social Care Services in social life

Abstract Refugees and asylum seekers are some of the most vulnerable groups within a community. These groups are victims of human trafficking, abuse of their labour rights and grave instances of exploitation. National policies attached to these groups have faced scrutiny in recent years as various organisations raise concerns on the large number of individuals […]

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Group Counseling for Adolescent Immigrants and Refugees

Abstract Being an adolescent usually means a stafe in life associate with a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. Therefore, adolescence generally is co-related with puberty, which consists of a biological phenonemon marked by the increase of hormones, adrenal and gonadal, resulting in development of secondary sex characteristics. This stage is also associated to […]

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Intergovernmental Relations: Syrian Refugees

Abstract The paper will start with a brief introduction of what is intergovernmental relations and how it relates to immigration. Followed by our research purpose and research question, how do the collaboration and conflict among federal, state and local governments affect the efficiency of the immigration policy? The purpose of the study is to provide […]

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Public Perspective on United States Immigration and Immigrants Refugees

The United States Immigration topic is viewed differently from the perspective of a native American as opposed to someone coming from another country as an immigrant. Immigrants experience long lines at immigration offices, with the hope of having their number called to be able to speak with an officer who performs the screening process. In […]

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Huns and Refugees

Then, fire and chaos. The story of Rome’s decline begins here. In the late summer of 376, 200,000 men, women and children had appeared on the north bank of the Danube asking to be taken in as refugees. They were Gothic people’s, reportedly fleeing from massive amounts of violence which had occurred on the steppe […]

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Refugees and Refugee Crises: Some Historical Reflections

In the United States, many people believe refugees and asylum seekers came for the same reason as immigrants, but they don’t. A refugee is a person who is forced to leave their home country due to the violence and persecution experienced and was recognized by the United Nations, while an asylum seeker has to go […]

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The Cons Of Refugees in America

The purpose of this paper is to bring to light the rationale behind the refusal of refugees into the United States. In the hopes to debunk the opposition that have stigmatized such an opinion and to disabuse individuals that are obdurate. Introduction Being placed in this predicament i’ve experienced great frustration with such a controversial […]

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America Violating The Rights Of Refugees

The imprisonment of the immigrant separates the families of the immigrants, given that the children, women, and men are jailed in different prisons upon the prosecution. The freedom that they sought by entering America as refugees is no longer available. The hard policies against them have contributed to the violation of the human rights for […]

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Legal Status of Refugees Walking to the United States

People become refugees for several reasons, they fear persecution, they are compelled to leave in result of war, or they are displaced because of natural disasters. According to the Department of Homeland Security, a refugee is someone who flees their home country because they fear persecution based on religion, race, nationality, political opinion, or membership […]

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Latin American Refugees

Many Latin American refugees are fleeing from the violence and poverty of their home country to the United States. They chose to flee to the United States in hopes of finding more job opportunities and an assurance of their family’s safety. Latin American refugees are being marginalized because the government is viewing the refugees as […]

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Refugee Position: Syria

On March 15th, 2011, the Syrian Civil war began when pro-democratic protests erupted throughout Syria. These protests were designed to take down President of Syria Bashar al-Assad. Since then, countries have brutally suffered, families have been torn apart, and hundreds of thousands of deaths lay untouched. Syrian civilians have turned into refugees spread across Turkey, […]

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Iraqi Refugees

Iraq is a country of southwestern Asia, the middle east. Iraq gained its independence in 1932 but still remained subject to the British empire. Iraq was able to overthrow the monarchy in 1958. It was later found that Iraq had large amounts of oil reserves coming in second in the world. These discoveries were able […]

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What is a Refugee? Definition and Meaning

According to the Department of Homeland Security, a refugee is someone who flees their home country because they fear persecution based on religion, race, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group (Refugees and Asylees, 2018). Refugees apply for asylum to another country to find a new place to live; the current legislation […]

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Somalian Refugees

Due to events occurring in the early 90’s, and mid-2000’s, there has been a large out migration of Somalians into European countries and beyond. The continuation of violence enabled the refugees to stay considerably longer than host countries expected. One of these countries is Norway. According to a news article dated September 15, 2018, from […]

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Syria, The U.S., And The Refugees

Since the initiation of the Syrian civil war back in 2011, over 400,000 casualties have been reported by the UN. Among these casualties are innocent men, women, and children who have lost their lives during the conflict. As a result, many Syrian refugees have fled their country seeking liberty and aid in other foreign countries. […]

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US and the issue of refugees

People suffering in foreign countries are working to obtain a refugee status. However, only one percent will be able to resettle. The question that will determine their success in obtaining aid or resettlement is: why are they fleeing these countries and what is the United States current doing to help the refugees of these nations? […]

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Exploring How to Improve Mental Health Help-Seeking by Refugees

Newly resettled refugees are among the most vulnerable population to physical and mental health disorders (Nazzal et al., 2014), and those from the African Great Lakes Region are not an exception. Although the US serves as a safe place for refugees, many come with their past traumatic and painful experiences from their home countries, which […]

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