The Cons of Refugees in America

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The purpose of this paper is to bring to light the rationale behind the refusal of refugees into the United States. In the hopes to debunk the opposition that have stigmatized such an opinion and to disabuse individuals that are obdurate.


Being placed in this predicament i've experienced great frustration with such a controversial subject. Due to carelessness and being in the midst of my youth I seldom encounter such a topic let alone have to accost one. Under the inclination that I put upon myself to always fortify and vindicate my beliefs, I write this as a student that has yet to master the skill of writing a research paper without being haunted by my own opinion. Therefore I primarily bring facts forward to uphold the Cons of refugees entering America.

Despite the country's attempts and efforts it always seems to fall short of adequate. Im prior Data there were 4 million Syrian refugees displaced by this crisis. There are excessive numbers of Lebonese, Iraqis, Jordannis's etc. Great mass of mankind that's living in abject poverty in deep and utter need? There are billions of people with this world that have difficulty getting enough to eat on a daily basis, but America is the land of the agricultural surplus and has been for decades.

The simple truth and fact of the matter is we couldn't feed or house them in a sufficient manner that wouldn't harm our society or economy. To consider something so better, much less to say, but if we feed them all today, what's the temperature van for the flow of refugees to continuously flood into the country? And yet, that is the nature of the global population grows thiswhich we must address .

And they're definitely have been honorable attempts to combat an epidemic such as these. Vast improvements have occurred in our agriculture overseas, so therefore as a product of American investment of the work of American people, American scientific advancements and American companies.As the world develops so does education, such as knowledge on things such as population control, to the point where even the most conservative religions have overlooked past ways to accommodate the growing economy and for example to the point that even the Catholic Church, long opposed to birth-control, has begun to endorse it however tentatively.

And that brings me to my second point which is it is certainly more effective and efficient to house refugees elsewhere overseas.

After all, the disbursed on international transportation is exorbitant and undeniably outrageous. The expense of accommodation and feeding a person in a highly industrialized nation is more than 10 times that of anywhere in the third world. At present, the United States is spending nearly $3 billion annually towards the meanings of Syrian refugees; to maintain them in America would cost 18 times as much per person.

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