Essays on Industrial Revolution

Essay About Industrial Revolution

The use of water and steam power and mechanical production indicated the beginning of the first industrial revolution. Later, mass production and the used of electric power started in the second industrial revolution while for the third industrial revolution, electronics and information technology began to develop speedily. Now, the industrial revolution 4.0 have arrived. It introduces Cyber-Physical System and improved automation, high-tech and also digitalization in devices and industries.

The fourth industrial revolution had changed the globe. It enhances economy because of the advancement of technology increased productivity. Many things change from humans to machines especially repetitive task due to the efficiency and effectiveness of smart machines. Besides, everything is interconnected wirelessly. The robot waiters, self-parking cars, and the robotic vacuum cleaners, all are evidences of changes around us.

In industrial revolution 4.0, companies will face challenges as a huge expense is needed to install intelligent machines and train workers to handle the works. The competition between businesses also increase as the mass-customized of products is offered to meet the clients’ requirement. Besides, the education sector is also facing enormous challenges. They need to guide students preparing for the future work markets and develop their soft-skills to improve their competitiveness. The learning contents also need to be adjusted. In my opinion, the artificial intelligence course is indispensable for every student. In addition, the fourth industrial revolution has created challenges for people as we have to adapt to new environments and operations. There have undergone tremendous changes in the new revolution.

Employment issue is one of the related issues of the industrial revolution. More automation will be used in the future, and manpower work, especially repetitive works, will slowly be eliminated. From the research, by 2027, 65% of the current jobs will be lost. People will face employment problems and workers without the necessary skills such as digital skills will be eliminated. Next, health will be threatened due to the high-risk exposure to radiation caused by the massive use of the internet.

Overall, industrial revolution 4.0 is comprehensively and profoundly changing all aspects of the world economy and society. Thus, we must act actively to respond. 

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