Industrial Revolution was a Time for Prosperity

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The Industrial Revolution was a time for prosperity and a multitude of technological advancements throughout America. Through good and bad times that this period brought America displays true success through many different aspects. New technology and key inventions were important at the time such as the spinning jenny, steam engine and power loom, these inventions allowed for work to be done more efficiently and eventually factorie were developed to house these machines as more developed. As factors were created and become more popular the urbanization of cities came about, pulling more people into cities to work. More jobs were offered and the population in cities rose due to the high demand for workers in the newly created factories.

Increasing numbers of immigrants came to America during the Industrial Revolution in search of better lives including a place to work, somewhere to call home and a place to create a new life for themselves and their families. Immigrants came to America leaving their rural lives behind in hope of living the promised American dream. Children were given the opportunity to work in factories alongside adults which allowed for families to produce higher incomes and helped them to support themselves.

Men, women and children all had the opportunity to work at this time no matter the age or skill because America was the biggest industrial power at the time and the key to success was building up businesses with mass numbers of factory laborers. These five main components that contribute to the success of the industrial revolution prove that this time provided hope for the future and live up to the promise of the American dream.

As new technology and inventions came about during the Industrial Revolution more Americans become employed, and America's economy and overall success booms. The importance of these inventions and technology is not only that it makes work more efficient, but also the inventions at the time are the backbone for modern day machinery used for travel trade and work every day. Each of these inventions, taken by itself, was significant. Collectively, they were, literally and figuratively, revolutionary(key). Inventions at this time including the spinning jenny, power loom, cotton gin and many more allowed for this revolutionary movement that change live in the textile industry.

New inventions and advancements allowed for more convenient ways of work, communication, travel and trade. Advances in technology provide new ways of life for Americans, a way for America to become an industrial nation producing mass numbers of goods and providing jobs for everyone including women and children. For better or worse, these inventions heralded changes that by now affect virtually every person on Earth, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future(key).

The inventions and advancements at this time were used and are still used in everyday American lives all over the world, without these inventions we would not be living the same as we do today. Many of our clothes and things we use in our everyday lives are made in factories like the ones during the industrial revolution powered by these advanced machines invented at the time. Key inventions and the overall industrialization of America provide hope for the future as a prosperous industrial nation. These industrial advances help the economy miracuously bringing new jobs and money flow to Americans. As a result new inventions and advances in technology throughout the Industrial Revolution allowed for people in the workplace to work more efficiently and boosted the economy allowing for new methods of work.

While America begins to prosper and new technological advances sprout America begins to experience an increasing number of immigrants being pulled to take part in the experience. Immigrants mainly from Europe are pulled to America to work and be able to have the opportunity to create better lives for themselves. An increasing number of immigrants from eastern and southern Europe, who, like their American counterparts, came mostly from the countryside and knew very little of urban life(industrial). Immigrants came to America to work in cities, they didn't know what they were coming to when they decided to move to America but they were determined to create a better and successful life for themselves.

Immigrants were used to living rural lives and didn't know much about living and working in cities but they were chasing the idea of the American dream. More workers are required for more work to be done efficiently, as mass production methods become more popular the demand for workers was higher therefore factory owners allowed anyone to work for them. Word spread that the demand for laborers was so high that more and more people cme in search for jobs. As immigrants receive job opportunities for low wages, the economy prospers and saves Americans money. Immigrants come to America for better life and to live the American dream, providing hope for them and their future as Americas to provide for themselves and their families.

The American dream is something that is attainable for these immigrants who travel to America for their opportunity to live better lives. The American dream provides hope for America's future as job opportunities and living quarters are provided. As immigrants travel to America for better lives and more opportunities they get better jobs than they were offered and help to boost the economy making america a strong power producing goods in factories and being successful overall.

One outstanding factor of the industrial revolution was the rise of urbanization in cities at the time. Small towns quickly turned into large cities as factories grew and more people moved from different areas to become apart of the factory systems. The attraction was powerful, for the drain on the countryside was particularly noticeable, especially in the Midwest and in the East. As the 1870s and 1880s witnessed the worst agricultural depression in the country's history, large numbers of farmers succumbed to the temptations of urban promises and packed their bags(industrial).

Agricultural depression left farmers in the countryside struggling to provide for themselves, at this time we see many of these farmers moving to cities for more successful work in the eastern industries and as more factories came about and the demand for workers was high. The population of cities and the amount of workers increases, more Americans became employed creating a better economy and better lives for american workers. More people living in cities working makes America more successful and prosperous allowing for hope for the future. The surging economic and technological growth of the United States caused tremendous changes in the character of American life during the last decades of the nineteenth century(industrial). Overtime America becomes very successful with a good economy and social status due to the success in industries. In conclusion urbanization was a result of people pulled to cities for jobs and overall better opportunities leaving their rural lives behind for industrial ones.

Although working conditions in the factories could be considered unsafe compared to conditions now workers were more than happy to have the opportunities to work in factories. Workers came to America and were provided with jobs,they were overjoyed with the conditions they worked in and the tenements they were provided to live in. Jobs, higher wages, and such technological wonders as electricity and the telephone gradually took its toll on rural defenses (industrial). At thi time factory workers worked long hours for low wages and at this time they were perfectly fine with it because American cities and factories gave them opportunities they couldn't find anywhere else. Tenements were provided for these workers to give them and their families a place to live, more and more people moved to these tenements and it inspired them to work hard for what they were earning in return.

People moved to cities in search of jobs they were desperate for somewhere to live and work, the factory systems provided these people with a way to support and provide for themselves as well as somewhere to call home and that is all they could ask for. American workers felt they were living the American dream. At this time during the industrial revolution it was a privilege to work and get a decent pay as well as a place to live and many of these workers got that opportunity as urbanization took place.

During the industrial revolution child labor played a big role in making sure the factories ran smoothly. At this time it was normal for children to start working in factories at very young ages in order to help support their families. Children worked in special parts of factories doing special jobs fit for them because of their sizes and work ethic. They worked hard and long to earn more than fair wages to help support their family which also helped the economy.

More employed Americans meant a better economy and contributed to America being and industrial power house. For most of the nation's history, children labored next to adults on farms, in shops, and in factories (child). The demand for workers in these large factories filled with new technology and machinery was so high that Children were needed to work, and as more people moved to cities farms needed people to work as well. Child workers were an important part of the success of America during the industrial age and were essential in supporting not only their families, but the factory system as a whole.

During the time of the industrial revolution many key aspects contributed to the promise of the American dream and hope for the future. Advances in technology and key inventions provide more efficient ways of work and allow for more job opportunities making the US more successful. Urbanization pulls Americans from rural areas to turn small towns into large cities, as factories become more common more people leave their farms to work in the city creation powerhouse cities with booming populations and plenty of work. As success in cities arose and the factory system grew immigrants, mainly from europe, traveled to America to be apart of this economic advance.

Immigrant workers and American workers were provided with jobs in factories, homes in tenements and good wages to get by and support their families which is all any American could ask for at this time. Working conditions were not what they are now bt at this time no oe could complain because as long as these workers had jobs, a roof over their head and food on the table they were living the American dream. Children in factories provided more labor and allowed for more families to have higher incomes, this helped the economy and contributed to the success at this time. Many new changes during the industrial revolution allowed for America to prosper and grow, these advances allowed for success and as the years go on we learn from this time period and better ourselves.

The industrial revolution was a time of economic and social success providing hope for the future and proving that there is evidence of the American dream. Key inventions and advances in technology as well as new technology made us more successful and helped the economy in many ways. One major way that these inventions helped the economy was through the creation of factories employing millions of Americans and American immigrants. Urbanization took place as people move to cities for jobs from rural areas as farms and small businesses plummet.

Towns transform to industrial power cities employing large portions of American workers. Many of these workers travel from europe to take part in the so called American dream giving them opportunities they wouldn't have in their countries of origins. Some of these opportunities are jobs with increasing wages, tenements to live in, and numerous factories to work in. Americans were focused and dedicated to their work lives at this time because of the industrial powerhouse America was, working was a main priority for men women and even children. Children had the opportunities to work in factories from ages as young as 4 this allowed for every member of families to have a steady income to support themselves and also contributed to the economic success of America. Without the demand for workers from all over in all ages, shapes, and sizes America would not be the same. Many new changes during the industrial revolution allowed for america to prosper and grow, these advances allowed for success in america and as the years go on we learn from this time period and better ourselves.

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