School Violence and Security

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School violence has been on for a while now; the only difference is that now is worse. Schools should be a safe environment where kids can go learn, and feel secure. Kids nor parents should feel scared when their kids are in school. Schools safety should always be a concern. I believe gun control will not make any change because you do not need a gun to commit a crime, adolescents now are given permission by the parent to carry a knife for self-defense but honestly, they use it whenever they want, if they are triggered by bullying, cyberbullying, harassment or other reasons, they may act up and feel in control.

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“School Violence and Security”

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Banning all guns is not a solution to gun violence, since America is already saturated with firearms. (McGoey, 2007). As mentioned above this will not prevent shootings. Now it is not necessarily bought at a gun store, it can be bought from a friend, online, etc. Weapons are meat to stay where they belong in war, let’s keep our schools safe from violence. Schools should have highly trained securities just in case something happens they can protect our students. Tom, Dylan’s father told the press about how his son had never shown interest in gun, he was well spoken about, based on his teacher and friends he was a nice and normal teenager. A research was then made; the press later on found out that he was a target of bullying and cyberbullying. Have you ever asked yourself what effect this brings to teenagers? There has been more shootings in side a school than outside. Dinken, Kemp and Baum prove it, For the first time, violent crimes victimization among young people at schools are (26 per 1,000), and are higher than the rates away from school (20 per 1,000 students). Safety is and will always be a concern at schools, for parents and even the students.

According to Bennet, gun control will stop schools shootings, Preventing guns from falling into the wrong hands, will control and decrease the percentage of shootings schools. Banning guns is not enough to stop violence and shootings. Guns, children and school should never be used in the same sentence. People have a burning passion for guns, they will do anything to get one, now we see a 15 year old with a gun and its normal according to Bennett this is normal because it’s for own protection, what is this generation teaching these kids, having a gun, knife is normal. Approximately, 100 million adults live in a home with a gun. Guns it is like a toy for some. Young kids should not own a gun or be near one, guns should not be sold to adolescents. These do not know sometimes what they are doing; some may act out of anger.

Something that kids are in 24/7 are video games, these can make a huge impact these games are not productive it shows kids how to kill and they get to the point where maybe he/she might want to try it in real life and take it on innocent kids. These games are in fact, a graphic shooting video game where kids are taught how to seek out and destroy everything in the path displaying the blood and guts in vivid color, 3D with stereo sound effects. Is this generation only learning violence? Parents should watch very closely what their kids do and watch this may affect and can cause harm to others without knowing the consequences afterwards. Even 6 year olds play this online games, that by the way are very time consuming they can spent hours playing, in this case parents are guilty because they do not put a stop to it. Kids especially teens should be controlled, meaning parents monitoring everything they do and see. Friends are another reason, whom your kid hangs out with, that is the question they can influence in a positive way just as they can in a negative way.

Securities play a big role in schools; they are responsible for every single student, they should be in constant vigilance for any weird movement or anything out of the ordinary. Even if they want to secure the classrooms with high tech locks for classroom doors to bulletproof whiteboards and backpacks, they will never know who is in the classroom. I still don’t understand how the author Bennett is saying gun control can stop shootings, I’m very clear in my point on why gun control won’t make any difference in schools or in general. Arming the right guys can keep our community safe. How do you know who is the right person. He also said, it is safer to armed guards and give teacher’s gun training. I completely disagree, what if the teachers gets frustrated with a kid, gets extremely mad and decide to shoot. Gun should stay away from kids.

The only reason people own gun is to kill, maybe some say is for self-protection,, sadly this is the reason why most of the people own one, if you own a gun something happens for example someone is threating another person or yourself you know you have a gun you’ll somehow feel tempted to use it to protect yourself, but what happens if you do so, you are going to jail, that is why no one who is not authorized to own one should not have one not even at home where you have a kid. Guns is a big no. Evidence of the potential for violence is often found in a student’s home, on their computer, in their notebooks or in their locker at school. Another reason why a teen will like to own a gun is if he sees his friend with one, he/she will like to feel cool as well, so they will want one; nothing good comes out of that. That only cause’s fear to others. The only good about owning a gun is when the person who carry’s it is permitted, then will cause less deaths because it will lower the damage cause by crazy psycho people. However, if one to five people want safety for our community we have to remember there are millions who want to hurt others, and our schools are suffering, why don’t we fight for safety instead of living scared all the time? Children can own machine guns. Bennett said. Children should stay away from guns. Third, the most common age of those who commit crimes with guns is 19, followed by 20, followed by 18, despite the fact that licensed dealers are not permitted to sell handguns to anyone under 21. My question is, why does a 15 year old owns one, well the buy from other who don’t care about anyone’s safety, the majority of our people are allowed to own guns but are so many that aren’t but they still do. Let’s keep our schools safe, let’s make our world a little bit better.

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