Controversial Topic of Violence in Schools

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Violence in schools is a very controversial topic to talk about, it has been happening for years, and actually happened very recently in a city called parkland, florida at Stoneman Douglas high school 17 students were shot, and murdered. A student came to the school with firearms, and shot 17 students. The student was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder. This not only changed that particular school, but schools around the world even mine. Some schools have installed bullet proof windows, and have police guarding the school 24/7. School violence is any activity that can create disturbance in an educational system. It's not just school shootings. It includes verbal and physical altercations.

It also includes bullying through social media, threats, weapon use, or gang activity.


Create a safe, supportive school climate, positive interventions, and threopy consulting

Encourage students to take responsibility in maintaining safe school environment

Strict rules on bullying, sexual harassment, cyber bullying etc

Create anonymous reporting systems.

Remind students of resisting peer pressure.

Monitor school guests

Monitor school parking lots and other outside school property

Be a welcoming and aware school to all students.


School violence is not something you can really explain or understand it just happens. There is no single reason students can become violent. Some are just following what they experience at home, on the streets, or in video games, movies, and tv. Some are just dealing with mental health problems which is no joking matter such as depression. A lot of cases of which makes students become violent is because someone may be being violent to them physically, mentally, or both and they just hit a limit, and would do anything to make it stop. They may feel lost in life, alone, scared, and isolated by their parents and peers. You never know what someone is capable of and the second you reach out to them it could already be to late and they could lash out, and having access to weapons and firearms makes that way easier.


People who are on the verge to complete downfall may show signs such as

Playing with weapons or become interested in them.

Searching weird things, and asking questions like how to get away with murder etc.

Cruel actions to animals or pets.

Showing an obsession with violent shows or games. Or more look out for any deadly signs

If you start to feel unsafe at school,this could be because of another student, teacher, admisstator, coach, school nurse, P:E teacher, or any adult talk to these problems to a trusted friend or adult who can help solve the issue. I know it may sound cliche, but it could save your life or from you doing something you'd regret. If you've witnessed or experience violence of any kind could build stress in you which could lead to mental problems such as depression, anxiety or even ( PTSD) which could stay with you the rest of your life.


On school property

School violence is a very serious matter and should not be joked around about because it could happen to any school at any time no matter how safe the school says to be. I have a story to tell about school violence. Growing up in high school my father who grew up and went to to school in Brooklyn, New York there were fights all- most every day. My dad was on the football team, and two of his teammates got in to an heated argument, and the guy got stabbed right in his neck. I will never forget that story my dad told me. From that day on the school had installed metal detecters. Growing up my dad had it a little rough people would break into his locker, and rob his stuff. My father even told me a time he almost actually almost lost his life on school property he got robbed once at gunpoint a student put a weapon to his chest, and told him give me everything he had. He never saw the kid again. You would think times have changed, but they really have not. Remember school violence is no joking matter, and is very serious in fact if you experience or witness this please consult with a trusted adult it could could save your life and the next person's life as well.

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