School Violence – Disturbance in Students Educations

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School violence can include verbal and physical altercations. School violences also includes violent threats for bodily harm on people that are in the school or at school related events. The harm that can be causes is physiological and physical harm on individuals, schools, or communities. School violence is not a new concept it has been documented as early as 1927. Learning about school violence is important because, it makes students aware of what can happen and what procedures have to be taken to keep all of the students safe. Every school’s goal is to keep their students safe and when school violence occurs and children die the school had failed at their goal. Now there’s procedures taken to keep all of the students safe as best as they can.

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“School Violence – Disturbance in Students Educations”

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Make student aware of what is going on and what has gone on in the history is important because, students need to know what they are at risk of while in school. In history there has been many reports of school violence. School violence can also be considered mass murder. But what is mass murder? Mass murder is used to describe the murder of four or more victims in one time period. Some of the cases that have been reported are Columbine, Virginia Tech, University of Texas, Sandy hook and Parkland. Historic events have had a huge impact on today’s history. On August 1, 1966 there was a shooting on a college campus. The Columbine high school shooting had occured on April 20, 1999 at Columbine high school. The Virginia tech shooting had occurred on April 16, 2007 at 3 different parts of a college. The Sandy Hook shooting was on December 14,2 2012 at a Elementary school.

Many people state that the first mass murder was the shooting at the University of Texas was the “first mass murder in American History” however the people that have said this are wrong. There was a mass murder that had occured in Bath Township in Michigan USA on May 18,1927. May 18,1927 was a horrible day for many people and families. On May 18,1927 38 Students had died, 6 adults including himself, and 2 horses. In the Bath school elementary school there was a bombing that had occured. The bomber had bought dynimate and was planting the dynamite in the school for a few months. The bombers name is Andrew Kehoe. Kehoe was upset for many years prior to the bombing. Kehoe was angry about the school property taxes. The property taxes were $198 which is equal to $2,758 now, and his 80 acres of farmland had costed $10,000 which is equal to about $139,000 now. He was also angry because he had lost election for the township clerk.

Kehoe was also upset because his wife was severly ill. Many think that he had done this because he did not want anything taken away from him. Kehoe does have a bad past that does not look good on him with this action that he had took. In Andrew Kehoes past his mother died when he was still very young. Kehoe and his step mom did not get along. Kehoes neighbors and classmates said that his step mother lit a oil stove and caught on fire, and Kehoe watched her burn for a while and then decided to throw water on her later on with it just making it worse. Many think that Kehoe knew something about the stove being messed up. Also when cops went to his farm he had a sign on his farm saying that “Criminal are made, not born”. Kehoe had killed himself by blowing up his truck which had killed people as well. He killed his wife by blowing up his farmland which killed 2 horses as well.

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