Drinking Age Limit 18 or 21

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Have you ever wonder why kids tend to drink illegally?. Now if the drinking age was lowered it would mature kids. Only because they will get the feeling of drinking responsibly so it might change the way the kids would drink. While if the drinking age limit would be 18 it could get kids out of trouble,. it should be lowered to stop underage drinking. Because it would help small bars get better profit. Also 116 other countries out of 180 already have it at 18.

One might argue that 18 is too low for a drinking age limit because kids are not mature. But iIt could help out local bars make a better profit and if they go to bars they would be more responsible by learning how to drink responsibly instead of going to a party and possible hurting themselves. Because it would teach the kids better responsibilities. Therefore it would be better if the drinking age limit was 18 because it would help bars get better and they should end up more mature with the way they would take drinking.

If they lowered the drinking age limit to 18 it would help out local bars. There would be more people showing up instead of them going out to parties and hiding it, if they drinking limit was 21.They could be more formal about it at bars aAnd not have to worry about police if they are trying to hide it. One of my biggest reasons is that fIf the adults are being reckless with their drinking It could get ugly but if they go to bars they can be assured they should be safer. And it would help out small local bars get going. And I'm just worried about all the 18 year olds that are being caught drinking because they tend to rebel against the law and go crazy, because they think since they are adults they can do anything but they cant sadly and they will get in trouble for it.

But if the drinking age limit would be 18 think what if it would all change because when the individual turns 21 people tend to not drink as much just like tobacco even tho one may be 18 it doesn't mean they are gonna use it because some people don't like it. Over all it's just safer to go to bars and celebrate then going out to a party and having the potential of getting in trouble. There has always been a huge fascination with alcohol. It can damage our bodies and have serious side effects, but this is why our fascination with alcohol needs to be noticed, and the age limit should be lowered.

Countries across the globe have legal ages ranging from 16 to 18, to no age limit at all, which makes the United States the only country in the world to have an age limit set to 21. Children, who grow up in countries with lower age limits, learn their limit of consumption, they don't go out and get wasted every weekend, and they drink in safe environments. They are raised around alcohol and are raised by people who have no fascination with it because alcohol is simply a part of life.

If they would lower the drinking age limit to 18, the chances of car accidents would lower because kids would be safer with how they drink. That's because they learn that the driver needs to be safe when if the individual decides to drink so they wont drive home. In the united states 31% road traffic deaths are caused by alcohol. This percentage is higher than other countries that the drinking age limit is lower, in france 29 Percent, Great britain 16 percent, Germany 9 percent, China 4 percent, and Israel 3 percent. Although the United States increased the MLDA to 21 in 1984, its rate of traffic accidents and fatalities in the 1980s decreased less than that of European countries whose legal drinking ages are lower than 21. And that shows if the limit is lower the amount of accidents would be traffic accidents with alcohol would probably be lower.

Having the age limit 21 is largely ineffective to teens because they tend to break the rule eventually so why don't they just lower it? Because if they were able to lower it the kids would maybe realize it is not that bad because kids don't wanna go to college to and do nothing so they tend to do bad things. But if they went into college with the mindset of its legal and they are not gonna get in trouble it seems like it wouldn't happen near as often as it does now. When tend to drink it seems to spike your behavior and make the drinker seem rude to certain people. The reason why they act like they are worse is because they are drunk and they are mean and don't want to do what people tell them to do. In some cases that could cause violence and people could get hurt from fights. Now if the age was 18 it could teach them responsibility that they shouldn't drink as often as kids do nowadays.

Having kids not being allowed to drink in bars or in restaurants tend to lead kids into bad habits of drinking in bad places like Parties or at peoples houses trying to hide it. This could cause the kids to be binge drinking. Binge drinking is where you sit down and have more than 5 beers or have more than .08 grams percent above. Also kids that do start to drink illegally tend to being drink at some point in their life. To be specific about the ages when kids start to drink a lot it's about 18-34 In the end they tend to have bad behavior. If they were to lower the limit there would be less amount of kids drinking because they don't do it as much because they won't get the thrill of getting caught or getting in trouble. So the kids would be safer if it was lower in my opinion.

But it is also crazy how the kids can serve the country before they can drink in my opinion that is kinda crazy. Only because once that person has the privilege to serve for your country it should open up other opportunities like drinking. Back in 1984 it was legal for people to buy alcohol at the age of 18. However, these declines started in 1980 before the national 1987 law which mandated states to have 21 year old alcohol purchase laws. Now why did they change that to 21.

If the limit was 18 it could also cut down on the amount of fake ids. Because when kids get fake ids it allows them access into places they shouldn't go when they are 20 or lower like bars, but most kids tend to use fake ideas to buy alcohol, Also you can get in some serious trouble for having a fake id on campus in college you could lose your privilege of going to that college only because they think it's cool to drink. It still doesn't make sense why kids will take that risk of losing everything to drink when all they have to do is wait a couple of years and they can do it whenever they want. In my thesis it was explained how their is 116 other countries with the age limit of 18 out of 180 which makes me wonder why does our country have to be so different compared to the other countries.

Now the reason the drinking age limit should be lowered only because it would help out some driving accidents because kids that tend to drink make dumb decisions and end up hurting themself. Like in a car accident also maybe. Also it could possibly help mature the dDrinker. Well basically they do it as a rebellious kinda behavior. They also tend to think it makes them cool but it really isn't. Now if the limit was 18 it would teach them earlier that drinking isn't near as much fun as they think.

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