Keep the Drinking Age to 21

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Most people do not understand how alcohol affects a person's body and the outcomes. On average 29 people a die from alcohol related accidents. Drunk driving takes about 10,000 people per year. Alcohol has been a controversial issue for many hundreds of years now. Many different countries and states have a different age limit for drinking and buying alcohol. Studies have been taken and there are positives and negatives to having the age limit 21 and having it below 21. Statistics prove that the legal drinking age should stay at 21.

Some people will say there are positives to lowering the drinking age and they are not necessarily wrong. It just depends on your viewpoint. One example of lowering the drinking age would be is that they can drink in a public place. This would help them extremely. If they are allowed to drink in a public bar or a public place they can ask for help and have supervision. Many people would be around the person drinking and have the opportunity to help them. Most underage drinking is found in secluded places away from people. If they had people around them, they could help them by giving them a ride home or make sure they are getting home safe. A second reason people say the alcohol age limit should be lowered is because if they can serve our country, they should be able to drink. If a person is eighteen years old, they are risking their lives for our freedom. He or she could possibly lose everything they have just to make sure we have freedom. Once you turn eighteen, you are considered an adult and should be treated like one. If you decide to start drinking, there is consequences to your actions if you do something wrong. It can teach responsibility to young adults who drink. If you decide to drink and drive, that person is putting themselves and everyone around them in danger. If something bad happens, it is your fault and should be punished for your actions. That person should know the consequences before they start drinking to begin with. Keeping the drinking age to 21 has many positives

Keeping the drinking age to 21 has many positives. The first of many is how it helps your body if you wait until you are older to drink. Alcohol affects your brain by blocking the chemical signals between brain cells over time. Drinking alcohol extensively can cause permanent brain damage. Alcohol can also damage a person's heart, liver and kidneys. Alcohol causes temporary side effect when a person drinks which includes blurred vision, blurred speech, can lose conscious, can lose short term memory, can have no memory of even drinking and can have hangovers. Alcohol is not a topic that should not be taken lightly. It can affect you or a family member at any time and should be taken very seriously.

Alcohol has a lot of consequences if you are not careful with it. The main consequence is drinking and driving under the influence. Drinking and driving while intoxicated puts yourself and everyone around you at risk. You can cause an accident by being impaired and hurt or kill someone. When you drive while intoxicated you will get punished for your actions. Every fifty minutes a person is killed related to an alcohol related accident. More than 10,000 people die because of alcohol related crashes. Raising the alcohol age limit to twenty one has dropped the accident rate by 11 percent. If you plan on drinking, make a plan before you start. If you need a ride home make sure you have a designated driver with you or have them pick you up. Do not drink on an empty stomach and do not drink heavily.

The age limit for alcohol will always be a controversial issue because of it effects and how people handle it. There are positive and negatives to each situation but having the age limit at 21 savings thousands of innocent people's lives. Drinking and driving under the influence is a very serious crime and will be punished. It can affect your life as well. Alcohol can affect you or your family at any time so think about that when you drink. People may think that you should be able to drink at 18 if you can serve the country but is that person responsible enough to handle it? The drinking age should stay at 21.

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