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Alcohol. Some people avoid it their whole lives, others countdown the days until their 21st birthday. 21 is the magic number when it comes to alcohol. The United States as a whole, besides a few exceptions, has enforced an alcohol consumption law prohibiting anyone younger than 21 from purchasing alcohol. However, illegal drinking and binge drinking is a big issue for underage drinkers. Many Americans are striving to lower the drinking age to 18 and further educate the youth of our nation about alcohol use. Lowering the drinking age will be a start to getting rid of underage, illegal, and unsafe drinking; it will give young adults power to make their own decisions regarding alcohol consumption.

Most know the story of Adam and Eve, and the forbidden fruit. The couple lived in a perfect paradise, where no evil existed. However, there was one rule; do not partake of the forbidden fruit. Ignoring warnings and letting curiosity take over, they ate the fruit. To many youth in the country, alcohol is seen as the forbidden fruit of this world. Cultural views on alcohol creates a society that sees alcohol as a big deal and something to be avoided until you come of age; a taboo. This sparks curiosity and a need for exploration of the drink. By lowering the age and teaching future generations alcohol safety this will diminish those desires and curiosity. Cultural views on alcohol creates a society that sees alcohol as a big deal and something to be avoided until you come of age.

My parents are out of town this weekend!! Phrases like this are heard all too often among the youth of our nation. This forbidden fruit is being invited into unsupervised homes, trailheads, cars, basically any place where you have a slim chance of getting caught. Hiding from police and parents can lead to a series of events. The need for an ID to purchase alcohol puts a barrier on these kids, prompting them to have the need for fake IDs or someone who is of age to purchase it for them. The consumption of alcohol by underage teenagers happens behind closed doors, with no supervision. Often, no one knows about the drinking except the people involved. Lowering the age would give these kids access to safe drinking environments, such as bars. Bars allow a supervised area where people can drink and not need to worry about consequences that come with unsupervised drinking. Another benefit of allowing 18-20 year olds into bars is an increase of income for those places and companies. The age range who can purchase alcohol will increase the amount of money companies earn from alcohol. Increasing the profit and economy.

You're 18!! That means you are officially an adult in the eyes of America. You now have the privilege to vote, serve our country, get married, buy and sell property. All these actions require responsibility. When you turn 18 you are capable of making decisions for yourself and controlling your life. The choices you make will forever affect your future. If young adults can handle the pressure and responsibility that comes with turning 18, they can handle the responsibility of drinking. The human brain is not fully developed at that age: However, it is developed enough to be able to make adult decisions. If young adults are allowed to make other adult decisions, then they should be able to have the power to make the drinking decisions for themselves.

In the end it all depends on being responsible and safe with drinking. Education about alcohol use must be improved and introduced to the youth and future generations of our nation. Educated young adults should be able to make the decision for themselves and be aware of the consequences of their actions. Lowering the drinking age will diminish many issues with underage drinking, make alcohol less of a taboo, and keep kids safe, inviting them to practice safe and smart drinking activities instead of putting a wall up. Alcohol is forever going to be a part of our lives and our country, it is not something that can be avoided or ignored. Lowering the age has many benefits but it cannot be followed through with the education that must come with it.

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