The US should Lower the Legal Drinking Age

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At some point most people have drank some alcohol before their 21st birthday weather it was with friends, a party, or with family at a family event. The legal drinking age should be lowered because the person will have a better understanding of their alcohol tolerance, also they should have a parent/legal adult with them while in public, so the parent/legal guardian can drive them home, the Government would get taxes. We should also keep it the same for a while.

One of the reasons that the drinking age should be lowered is that people will have a better understanding of their drinking tolerance at a younger age. In some states people who are 18 can get into a bars, clubs, and events that supply alcohol. But how often do the employees check to see if they are 21 after they have entered the facility or seen with a group of people who are of age? The earlier people drink, the higher their tolerance can be. Even if the age is lowered, there may be less people between the ages of 18-20 drinking because it will get rid of the thrill of drinking under age. It is a part of our culture to associate alcohol with all holidays and some might associate it to family gatherings. When parents allow their children drink it makes the law meaningless.

Another benefit would be that the government may get more taxes off the alcohol that they buy. The government could pay off the national debt. 11% of the alcohol in the us is drank by people between the ages of 12-21 (Facts sheet - Underaged Drinking). If the company makes more money the more products, they can make which will let the government get taxes from the product and the company its self. Drinking underaged is not something the police put much focus on. It will create more places that will make and provide alcohol to keep up with the people who will drink.

A parent/legal guardian that is 21 and older should be with them while drinking in public. Having a person older than 21 with a person between the ages of 18 to 20 may help watch the amount of alcohol they will consumed. Less 18 to 20-year old's are drinking but when they do, they are drinking in secret and binge drinking (Archer). Since people between the ages of 18-20 are considered an adult by the government and can-do everything that a 21-year-old can do. If the government doesn't increase the drinking age, they should increase the age of an adult, so the person does feel like and are treated like an adult. In 37 states, parents can supply alcohol to minors if they are drinking at home with their family (Ingraham). Today there are less 18-year-olds drinking but if they are trying to drink, they are doing so in secret are more likely to binge drink. In four states underaged cops can go to a bar and get alcohol (Ingraham). Having someone with you while drinking will help watch yourself and the person you are with.

Someone older than 21 should drive people aged 18-20 home. Twice as many 21-year old's died in an alcohol related auto accident as 18-year old's (Archer). Even though the US does not have any correct research on people drinking while driving at 18. Every 40 minutes a person gets killed due to a drunk driver (Goldberg). Even if there is a 21-year-old it does not mean it is safe for them to drive after they have been drinking, they are more likely to make a better judgment on if they should get another ride or stay where they are at. People older than 21 would have more experience with drinking and have a better understanding of how alcohol might affect their driving.

The government should keep the drinking age at 21 and not reduce it to 18. The body does not stop developing till the age of 25. Underaged drinking can cause violent behaviors, attempt suicide, brain damage, and health effects that can last the rest of their lives. About 97,000 college students between the ages of 18 and 24 are victims of alcohol related sexual assaults or date rape. Females are more likely to drink due to family problems rather than peer pressure and can delay puberty. They are also more likely to get alcohol poisoning when binge drinking. Lowering the legal age will give Middle and high school students easier access to alcohol creating a shift on who is illegally trying to get alcohol.

There are benefits to reducing the drinking age to 18 but it could come at a risk. The legal drinking age should be lowered because the person will have a better understanding of their alcohol tolerance, also they should have a parent/legal adult with them while in public, so the parent/legal guardian can drive them home, Government would get taxes, but there are reason why we should keep it the same.

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