Parental Rights & Child Abuse

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The Court has never enumerated punishment as a parental right, a number of state and federal courts have found it to be within the parent’s child rearing prerogative. No rationale supports the forgiveness of harm to society’s most vulnerable members, yet a majority of the states are silent as to the rationale. There is a broad line between discipline and abuse, yet it is constantly crossed; society has normalized abuse. Due to the correlation of discipline and abuse fusing into the same category, harm transfers in all relations of not only the victim’s life but on to those involved in their life. Society needs to decipher and separate abuse and discipline, the normalization of abuse needs to cease. The impact of abuse lingers continuously for victims and wrecks lives; but with abuse being muddled up and presented as normal there is no action taken to prevent or help the repercussions of abuse.

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“Parental Rights & Child Abuse”

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Children are being brought up on abusive tendencies which molds them negatively, not only does it affect their current situations it follows into their future. Since abuse is commonly considered reasonable the continuation of abuse persists in their lives and on to people surrounding them. The impact of abuse is negative causing both physical problems and mental health issues. Victims can suffer not only in the moment from the issues but also have reoccurring issues later in their life due to the abuse. The signs are hard to distinguish for there are no exact method of being able to depict a individual who is suffering from the infliction of abuse. Not only does is increase the difficulty of their own life but also the people surrounding them suffer. Due to the actions and issues the victims encounter forcing the people in their life to deal with struggles as well. The effects of abuse are numerous and outrageous, the victims of abuse are affected physically and or mentally. The impact caused by abuse is dangerous to not only the child but to every individual.

Children project what they are taught or forced to endure there for the abused child will exhibit the abusive behavior or emotions caused by the abuse on others. With the continuation of allowing abuse the victims will suffer in various ways. They then turn around and become antagonists by habit but in their own forms due to the misconduct encountered in their lives whether subconsciously or by choice. Allowing the cycle of abuse to be forced on to the next generation, making it a never ending loop of maltreatment. If there is no distinct halt to separate discipline and abuse society will always view such negative behavior to be normalized, for abuse is a key foundation of which they know no different from. Every individual who has ever been emotionally, sexually, physically, or verbally abused is a victim due to the maltreatment. Guardians should be provided with education before being allowed full custody of the child. Education containing statistics about the effects of abuse inflicted on children would be presented in order to prevent future abuse. With proper classes the parents will be provided with new strategies to approach conflicts, proper mental health knowledge, resources that will guide them and or their child, as well as other tools they may need in order to prepare the healthiest life for their child.

There are countless other methods to teach or punish children that are not harmful such as but not limiting too time-out, praising good behavior, and teaching new skills. Skills of positive reinforcement and eliminating ill behavior would be the main objective to reaching the goal of ending the correlation of abuse and discipline. Not only will this help the individuals raising the child but this will also make a safer environment for the child. Proper guidance will influence the end of abuse to future generations as well as limiting the potential conflicts they may have faced if abused. It can be implemented in a multitude of forms. From speaking about the forms of abuse publicly more often to classes being provided to teach parents about abuse, there are countless ways this can be put into action. The first step that needs to be taken is the realization that society has normalized abuse in areas such as discipline. Where and when the conversation of child abuse starts is the exact moment the progression begins to ending the cycle of abuse.

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