How to Prevent Child Abuse

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One of the world’s problems are child abuse. Almost every day we hear a child dying from getting beat to death or etc. on the news, social media, the internet, and etc. Sometimes you might not even notice, but a kid can be getting abused at home, and be too afraid of telling anyone. If you don’t want a kid put it up for foster care or adoption instead of abusing them, or if you just don’t know how to raise them right just take family counseling. To prevent child abuse you need to know the different types of abuse. Sometimes kids die from child abuse, or neglect.

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“How to Prevent Child Abuse”

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There are many ways you can prevent child abuse. There are four major types of child maltreatment: neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. Although any of the forms may be found separately, they often occur together. When you are angry never discipline your child because you can end up taking your anger out on them. There can also be signs of a child being abused like bleeding, bruises, torn clothing, or etc. that’s one of the first step to recognize the signs, but you got to pay close attention because it is difficult to notice the signs.

Provide care classes for parents who need help, and support. Be a supportive parent because if you inflict violence in front of children they will think that what you suppose to do, and later in life do the same. The children can also hang out with friends, listen to music, do anything to take your mind off of it. And another way to prevent child neglect and abuse is to become an advocate of change.

If you notice abuse happening document the time, date, location, and information. Report child abuse, not later as soon as possible, or as soon as you find out. Call the police, local law enforcement 911, or national domestic abuse hotline. Child abuse is a national tragedy, taking the lives of innocent children every day and affecting millions of children and families every year. We need to work together to help strengthen and support families so that we can prevent tragedies from occurring. Child Abuse Prevention Month activities raise awareness about the problem of child abuse, and most importantly, about what each of us can do to help prevent the abuse and neglect of our Nation’s children.

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