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[Music censorship is terrible people say that itr’s a great law but what about the people that love music and sometimes these certain parts of music we listen to everyday mean a lot to us. In my personal opinion there shouldnt be censoring because it dont make sense what is it for maybe for small kids but in the world we live in today music can be listen to on YouTube Spotify really anywhere so why are these producing studios and radio stations censoring these pieces of music and history. As a musician and a vocalist as my job I love music and hate when it isnt able to be listened to, when I write a song I believe that everyone should be able to hear every word of that song itr’s a musician thing .Im going to mention some examples of personal and internet found cases of these and what people not just me think about censoring our music.]

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“About Music Censorship”

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[imagine driving and your favorite song comes on the radio and then a part is missing itr’s a horrible feeling especially if its one of your favorite parts. This has been a problem form a lot of eras even the rock era the FCC began to ban certain songs that had to do with a range of topics that were considered indecent. These topics consisted of sexuality to violence and any songs that were considered to promote incite or explicitly mention these issues were often times regulated by the FCC. This really threw some rock fans off in the 60s. but that wasnt the only era that this happened to it is still a problem today just not as complicated as back then. During that era an abundance of people had said it violated the first amendment but the FCC has the power almost to just violate because there a federal and control all censoring.]

[Another era where a massive break in censoring is the country era which I still consider today. Country singers slash writers tend to describe there life and it uses majority of they time vulture language or acts. A lot of these singers and writers try not to even put anything vulgure into there music, but while this seems good it made a lot of singers stop singing and making music which really made a lot of people absent.]
In conclusion music censorship has a lot of benefits and a lot of not so good things involved in it. If you choose to like it thatr’s good and usually results in an attempt to save the way the world is just a little. If you choose to think that it isnt necessary at all thatr’s good to maybe you see that by this point it doesnt matter theses are decisions you have to make on your own Im just here to help you make that decision for yourself.

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