Censorship is an Integral Part of Society

Censorship is the restriction of speech, communication or other information. Censorship affects our society in different ways. Censorship is usually determined by the government or a private foundation. It influences the music we tune in to, news articles, films, and the books we read. Censorship is a widely debated topic, and can be harmful or protective.

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“Censorship is an Integral Part of Society”

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It is possible to argue that censorship, (deleting offensive things from books, movies, etc.), has no place in a nation that focuses on freedom of expression. Be that as it may, censorship is a vital part of a growing society. It is required in the TV and film industry, the web, and the music business. By controlling some material, children are shielded from harm. Censorship improves the world because it creates a more secure world for us to live in.

There are numerous advantages from censorship, however, it does have its own imperfections. Censorship can be applied with the wrong motive, and can have a negative effect on everyone involved. For instance, it unmistakably restricts the right to speak freely, and intrudes on creativity. In any case, it has been beneficial over the years by having censorship in place.

Censorship prevents individuals from plagiarizing another person’s work or to reveal private data. Through censorship, private data can remain relatively secure. It likewise avoids discrimination of any belief. Most advantages of censorship we don’t notice or see continually. It is typically covered up, yet can be pointed out in various forms of media.

Censorship is an essential part of TV. Without it, television would not be suitable for younger viewers. Censorship filters out nudity, violence, the use of profanity, and other obscene gestures during youth viewing hours. However, during prime time the rules are different. The rating can be found in the corner of the screen, and the guardians can change the channel (Papish v. Board of Curators of the University of Missouri). However, many parents do not have the time to actually monitor what the children are watching. So most kids wind up watching the shows anyway. The truth is that television educates children in both positive and negative ways. In order to minimize the negative effects, the censorship laws must be stricter.

Censorship on the internet is important as well, however, it is not currently very widespread. The reason it is not utilized so regularly is because it is too expensive, and costs time and effort to control billions of pages on the web (Censorship in three metaphors). Everybody can go on the internet and look into data on anything that intrigues them. Different websites are available through many search engines so anyone can unintentionally see these sites. The censors must play a greater role in making the internet a safer place everyone. In order to do this, standards need to be raised.

Censorship is also an issue in the music industry. The First Amendment protects the artists because of the freedom to express oneself (The First Amendment Encyclopedia).Music is a form of self-articulation, so that artists can sing about whatever they choose. Unfortunately, most songwriters sing about brutality and prejudice because it generates lots of money. Censorship, however, regulates the music on the radio and television which restricts the media coverage of artists.

Censorship is an integral part of society, without restrictions in TV, the web, and the entertainment industry, the country would be a terrifying place. There would be more violence and explicit shows on daytime television, the internet would be worse, and the music industry would be full of inappropriate lyrics. Because of censors the possibilities are kept to a minimum, creating a better society for people to live in.

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