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A beautiful art The birth of venus that was created by William Adolphe Bouguereau in 1879 was censored within all of his hard work. Some people dont understand that art is meant to create a reaction and what is offensive to one person might not be offensive to another. In many country creativity has been very valuable but many people couldnt see it in the same perspective as we did. Many people know creativity came from hard work and try to make it live on. There is no point of create something so beautiful that is just to be covered by some warping power of censor. Art is suppose to create a reaction and why bother looking at something that is offensive, or hurtful to us. The point is just because itr's offensive to one person no one could say it might be offensive to another. DiManno reports, Art doesn't have to explain itself. Or defend itself. Or convince that it's art in the eye's beholder.It can be self-expression. It can be commentary. It can reflect the world or give meaning to the universe. Or defy comprehension. Why should art be censored when there are alot more inappropriate things that we see for example movies there are a lot of inappropriate things that shown in movies but why is it not censored. Art shouldnt be censored because censoring art hurts the authorr's, it can be used to represent culture and art is not just painting.

Why should we censored any of art work when the first amendment allow us to speak what we want or express our self. Art, of course, can be hateful, but there is no point to censor. In some country because of this censorship some museum has to shut down according to Batycka

In September, a far-right group in Brazil successfully petitioned to shut down an exhibition called Queermuseum, after conservative critics accused it of promoting blasphemy and pedophilia. The exhibition brought together 263 works by 85 artists and, according to curator Gaud??ncio Fidelis, sought to explore the work of marginalized cultural practitioners active in exploring queer narratives. It included prominent artists Lygia Clark, C?- ndido Portinari, and Jose Leonilson. Shortly after the opening at Santander Cultural in Porto Alegre, the gallery space sponsored by the Spanish bank closed the exhibition after facing an onslaught of vitriolic criticism on social media and from gallery visitors.

Censorship can not take a place in art, if it is censor it is not art as a free speech this is freedom of expression. Art can also represent your culture, there are some country that become famous or known by the whole world because of their artism. For example French is known for its beautiful Eiffel Tower but I dont think that anybody could understand that this Eiffel tower is not just a tower this tower it is also an art. Eiffel also created the internal frame for the Statue of Liberty the statue that represent us for freedom and here we see another art that is very beautiful. So we censor art because of showing some body parts but didnt we always see a body parts in many different movies? So is it only ok to see body parts in movies? If art are censored why shouldnt these be censored. Censoring these art make it lose their values, meaning, and all the hard work that the artist made. This censorship hide all the valuable stuff. Some artist try to make us uncomfortable because itr's art. Here Biswas mentioned Look you don't like something? Is it hurting someone, or jeopardising their lives? No? Then look the other way. As simple as that. why bother looking at something that you dont like or something that is hurts to you there are no force between the two of you, you dont like it? All we got to do is look a way there is no point of censoring something that we dont like it might not be offensive to the one person beside us.

Censorship is far more likely to hurt the Arts, if something has been command by the Government. Furthermore,non illegal activities were committed in the creative process, people have choice in deciding whether to view the resulting content. Everyone has their own right to make a decision

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