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The Working Conditions in the Gilded Age

The working conditions in the gilded age were much worse than they are in today’s world. Many immigrants and poor people worked jobs that pay a couple dollars per hour for hard excruciating labors for more than 7 hours a day. With these terrible wages many mothers could not provide for there family which most […]

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The Gilded Age Persiod in US History

The Gilded Age, a period of American history that saw extreme wealth accrual and the birth of the corporation, was essentially a new evolutionary stage for industrialized capitalism and the market economy. In the 19th century, America saw a complete transformation of its social, political, and economic cultures. Industrialization that began in Europe through technological […]

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The Gilded Age: the Richest Period in US

The creation of the national market is one of the best things that happened not only to america but to the entire world. Lots of new technologies were invented during this time period like Carnegie Steel process however, as society in america started to fall depression began to rise. Starting in the late 1860’s to […]

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Is the United States Experiencing a Second Gilded Age?

 The 21st Century in the United States has seen many social and political movements such as “Black Lives Matter”, “#MeToo”, and “#NoBanNoWall” that exploded over social media. These movements exemplify the current effects of the patriarchy and socioeconomic status on the lives of those who reside in the United States. People of color are being […]

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The Process of Foster Care

In the united states alone, there are about 400,000 children in foster care. Foster care is defined as a situation in which for a period of time a child lives with and is cared for by people who are not the child’s parents. (Merriam-Webster) Of those 400,000 children in foster care about 100,000 children are […]

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Child Molestation in Foster Care

About two-thirds of children admitted to public care have experienced abuse and neglect, and many have potentially been exposed to domestic violence, parental mental illness and substance abuse (Dregan and Gulliford). These children are being placed into foster care so that they can get away from home abuse, not so they can move closer towards […]

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A Crisis in the Foster Care System

A Crisis in the Foster Care System     More than half a million children are in foster care in the United States today (Nakyanzi). Children are entering foster care systems because they have been abused, neglected, and abandoned. The main problem is that there is a dramatic increase in the number of children entering foster […]

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Juvenile Delinquency in Foster Care

Abstract         The current study examines juvenile delinquency in correlation to foster care. This includes focusing on the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and other placement agencies. The study looks at how foster care impacts and how it can influence a child to turn into a juvenile delinquent.  The research also looks at the […]

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Flaws in the Foster Care System

Flaws in The Foster Care System The Foster care system is a system in which a minor child has been placed into a ward, group home, or private home of a state-certified caregiver, referred to as a “foster parent. The placement of the child is normally arranged through the government or a social service agency. […]

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Use of Corporal Punishment

When you look at some of the histories on corporal punishment it seems to never have a clear beginning and an end, that’s because corporal punishment has been believed to have been around since the beginning of the human existence. In 1979, Sweden turned into the first nation to prohibit the physical punishment children, Today […]

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Children and Corporal Punishment

        Often times we see strangers on the news for allegations of abuse. The typical aunt, uncle, cousin, boyfriend or perhaps the parents themselves are the usual suspects when evidence of child abuse arises. When we pack our children up and send them off to school the idea of abuse never even comes to mind. […]

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Pain and Prostitution: the Evolution of Female Chastity in Ancient and Late Imperial China

It would be inappropriate to sentence him to the penalty for coercion. Not only were these cases ignored but this situation would also be predominantly classified as illicit sex, resulting in physical punishments inflicted on both the woman and the man. Punishments were dictated depending on the actions of the woman, indicating how the government […]

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Code of Ethics: Putting it into Context of Society

Almost every profession has a code of ethics it must abide by. A few individuals seem to think they are an exception. One of these individuals is Volkswagen. Volkswagen created a verity of cars stating that it could take diesel and at the same time meet the emission testing requirements. They were seen as a […]

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Purposes of both the Code of Conduct and the Code of Ethics

Abstract The purpose of this research is to identify the differences between a code of conduct and the code of ethics are as follows: A code of ethics is a written document that outlines an organizations mission and values, such as the expectation that employees will give the organizations customers the utmost respect. An adequately […]

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My Attitude to Drones Technology

Drones Drones which are remote controlled flying robotic devices have been better developed through time and they are still being developed. Drones which are being developed by the military tremendously the military has added infrared into drones. Drones are used as the 24 hour eye in the sky for the military. This is a better […]

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The Ethics of Remote Assassination by Autonomous Military Drones

In recent years, there have been impressive technological advancements of military drones; however, as the number of and usage of drones increases, and the levels of autonomy elevate, so too do public concerns regarding the ethics and morality of unmanned drone strikes. Many of the most commonly articulated ethical concerns stem from confusion and uncertainty […]

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Package Delivery by Drones

Package Delivery by Drones Abstract Drone technologies have been operated by the military for the past few decades and have now made their way into the consumer market. As a result, consumers can use drones not only for entertainment purposes but also for solutions to real word problems, one being package delivery. Drone package delivery […]

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The Effective Usage of Drones

The Effective Usage of Drones         Drones have skyrocketed with variety of ways to use them. Drones Are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that does not need a pilot present in order to fly.  Drones are heavily used in Military advantages such as security, surveillance, and detection. Drones can be used in business for numerous reasons […]

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Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

With the rapid growth of global economy and advancement in technology, gender discrimination in the workplace is still being a significant importance that exists within the society. Gender discrimination has been highlighted in the workplace and women are more prone to experience from this issue. This can be explained by the fact that although women […]

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Gender Discrimination in South Korea

Gender discrimination has been present in South Korea for years and it is not going away anytime soon if people do not start recognizing the problem at hand. In the past, South Korea was run by a Confucianist philosophy. Confucianism created a mentality for women to raise the children and take care of the household, […]

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Gender Discrimination in the Workplace and in Everyday Life

Gender norms have been prevalent in society for ages. The view of women as the lesser sex has been prominent in their treatment as they have increased opportunities and rights. If we can recognize what a detriment to our society these gender perceptions are, we can change societal attitudes towards women and increase their livelihood and […]

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Should Gender Identity be Added to Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws

Few people are in favor of adding gender identity to Anti-Discrimination Law (ADL) as I do. By adding gender identity to ADL, it helps at least LGBT people to live calmly, helps our entire community to develop and protect people from prejudice, which helps everybody to treat equally. As the phrase “gender identity” defined as […]

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Gender Discrimination as a Human Rights Issue in Education

Discrimination in any form is an unjust behaviour and a human rights concern that threatens the objectives of the South African constitution. Gender discrimination, such as any discrimination is detrimental and poses as a huge concern especially in education as it brings about inequality and unjust treatment in our schools. In this essay, the discussion […]

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Sex-Based Discrimination

Stereotypes are unconscious habits of thought that link personal attributes to group membership. As soon as an observer notices that a target belongs to a stereotyped group (especially an outgroup), characteristics that are stereotypically linked to the group are activated in the observer’s mind, even among people who consciously reject the stereotypes (Badenhausen, Macrae, and […]

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Wage Gender Discrimination

Introduction Women have always been resilient and triumphant when it came to fighting for or obtaining the same rights afforded to men. Throughout the history of the United States, women were not always seen or treated as equals to their male counterparts. If you have ever watched an old movie, you hear statements like “a […]

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Gender Discrimination: Women Can be Terminated for Refusing to Wear Makeup

Introduction Title VII Gender Discrimination: Ninth Circuit Court ruled that women can be terminated for refusing to wear makeup. Jespersen v. Harrahs, 444 F3d 1104 (9th circuit, 2006). In this case, the ninth circuit held that Darlene Jespersen, a female bartender fired for not wearing makeup did not establish a prima facie case of gender […]

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Gender Discrimination in Schools

Gender equality is within arm’s length—at least in secondary schools. Across the globe, the enrollment of boys and girls in schools (before university) is nearly equal: For every 100 boys enrolled in high school (pdf, p.11) so are 98 girls, according to UNESCO’s statistics institute Global Education Monitoring report. From a distance, education looks pretty […]

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The Racial Profiling Controversy

Racial profiling is judging someone based on their race and/or ethnicity. During racial profiling, someone is suspecting that someone else is committing a crime based on these factors. This can happen throughout law enforcement. It could be another form of profiling if you look at someone and you do not suspect them because they are […]

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The Issue of Racial Profiling

Racial profiling has become a huge major problem in the United States it causes mistrust against other races. It brings a notion where you’re described as doing a particular crime based on your race alone and it had put many lives in jeopardy. It’s a demonstration of treachery that utilizes race as the establishment for […]

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Racial Profiling is Never Okay!

Racial profiling is a nationwide problem that has been going on for decades, sadly almost at the end of 2018 this is still a problem that we as a nation, are still dealing with. Despite claims that the United States has entered a so called post-racial era this sort of problem is still happening everyday […]

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