Comparison Racial Segregation between the European Society

When studying the European culture, you can connect evidence and information in three ways; connections, comparisons, and globalization. Understanding these connections is a good way to broaden your understandings of the European movement and what their motivations were. When dealing with connections, evidence shows relations with the industrial revolution and the growing need for raw materials and agricultural products. Comparison is dealing with racial segregation between the European society and lastly globalization is dealing with significance of education and religion. The connections the Europeans society had were huge. The industrial revolution gave a rise to new economic growth. The enormous productivity the industrial technology and Europe growing now gave the need for extensive raw materials and agricultural products. “This now changed the patterns and economic social life of the countries and their origins.” Europe now needed to sell their own products. “In 1840, for example, Britain was exporting 60 percent of its cotton-cloth production, annually sending 200 million yards to Europe, 300 million yards to Latin America, and 145 million yards to India”.

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“Comparison Racial Segregation between the European Society”

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The Indian Home Rule stated briefly about how the effects Europe had in today’s society. India adopted many civilizations from the European society. For example, “people ploughed their lands mainly by manual labor. One man can plough a vast tract of lands by means of steam engines and thus amass great wealth.” “Men were once slaves under physical compulsion. Now, they enslaved by temptation of money and the luxuries that money can buy”. “Civilization is that mode of conduct which points out to the man the path of duty.” “Performance of duty and observance is mortality are convertible terms. To observe mortality is to attain mastery over our mind and our passions.” 6 To observe mortality is to attain mastery over our mind and our passions. “Between 1910 and 1913, Britain was sending about half of its savings overseas as foreign investments.” “Wealthy Europeans also saw social benefits to foreign markets, which served to keep Europe’s factories humming and its workers employed.” 

There have been many comparisons dealing with the European colonial empires. “In East Africa, for example, white men expected to be addressed as bwana (Swahili for “master”) whereas European regularly called African men “boy”.Practical subjects were more popular than scientific and literary studies. Europeans were reluctant in allowing even the most highly educated Asians and Africans to enter the Colonial Civil Service. The article that I found most in comparison to this topic is, The White Man’s Burden. The White Man’s burden touches on the racial superiority after the defeat of Spain in the Spanish-American War. In this poem, he only wants the best which are white men. He comes off that white men are the better race. When he quotes,” heavy harness”, he is talking about how he needs strong horses to carry a huge load. He also believes that natives are just a bunch of uncivilized people and need the saving of white men.

Colonies that had large European settler population, but racial separation was more prominent because most places were already settled and had few whites. “The racial system provided for separate “homelands”, education systems, residential area, public facilities, and much more.” “Nineteenth century European colonizers were extraordinary as well in their penchant for counting and classifying their subject people.” The colonial government collected a vast number of information, used to manage the unfamiliar, complex, varied and fluctuating societies. “In India, British found in classical text and Brahmin ideology an idealized description of the caste system”. “Within the African colonies Europeans identified, and sometimes invented, distinct tribes, each with its own clearly defined territory, language, customs, and chief.” “It reduced the enormous complexity and fluidity of African societies to be a more manageable state and thus made colonial administration easier.” “Gender entered the European in efforts to define both themselves and their new people. European colonizers are mostly male. The colonial policies of Europeans contradicted their own core values and their practices at home to a usual degree.” In the nineteenth-century Britain and France became more democratic.

The process of globalization has been prominent for many European societies. First way globalization was prominent is dealing with education. “Education was provided through missionary or government schools.” “Education was a means of “uplifting native races”, a paternalistic obligation of the superior to the inferior.” The Azamgarh Proclamation is the bounden duty of all the wealthy people in India, especially those who have any sort of connection with any of the Muslim royal families and are considered the pastors and masters of their people, to stake their lives and property for the wellbeing of the public. Bahadur Shah pledged that he would liberate and protect the poor helpless people over groaning under their rule. The British government have been making land settlements and have been imposing exorbitant amount of taxes. They put up their estates for public auctions for rent. This is significant to globalization in a way that it shows the influence of authority. Education provided social mobility and elite status within their own communities. Another way globalization was through religion.

Religion provided a new or transformed identities during the colonial era. Christianity took place widely in the Pacific Oceania and especially non-Muslim Africa. Christianity was widely associated with education. Mission schools were the primary education of Western colonies. “Missionary teaching and practice also generated conflict and opposition, particularly when they touched on gender roles.” Many converts believed their old gods and spirits were evil and sought destruction. The Rhodes Colossus was about how the primary European rivalries for territory. Great Britain occupied Egypt in 1881. France came in control of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Italy. Italy then seized Libya in 1912. 20 The European society showed connection, comparison, and globalization in many ways.

Understanding these connections is a good way to broaden your understandings of the European movement and what their motivations were. They show connection through the industrial revolution and the growing need for raw materials and agricultural products. Dealing with comparison of the European society is touching mostly on racial segregation. Globalization is mostly dealing with education and religion and how they effect and influence European society. We can easily show evidence documented of events that have relation to these topics. All having an impact on the European movement and the motivations involved. 

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