Love’s Choice in College

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Coats is wonderful book about the choices we must make in college. Bethany Prescott was a nanny of a little boy in an upper-class environment. As time passed and he earned enough money from her nanny job, she went away to college. Things had gone a lot better after God got a hold of her straying heart and she broke off her relationship with Scott Lancaster. Multiple times after she broke up with him, he tried calling her back. He even asked her to marry him and drop out of college, which he called a jail. He asked her if she got tired of all the stupid rules and regulations. The anger in Bethany escalated and she told him to leave and stop calling her. After she broke up with Scott, John Holman was there for her. He helped her through this hard time, but at the same time, he was starting to fall I love with her.

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“Love’s Choice in College”

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She started working on a bus route with her new friend Donna. She met Billy and Trever, two boys that were little trouble makers. They in many ways reminded her of Michael, the boy she nannied for. Just like she had a big, loving heart for Michael, she had a big heart for Billy. She loved him, even though her was a brat and unlovable. He became her favorite bus kid and less of a trouble maker than before. It seems that everyone that Bethany reached out to is impacted in some way by her joyful spirit.

Bethany was in college for almost four years. It was a few days till Thanksgiving break of her last year of college. John wanted to ask Bethany to marry her and Bethany wanted him to, but he hasn’t said anything yet and it made Bethany a little sad. John Holman called Mr. and Mrs. Prescott, Bethany’s parents, and got their permission from them to ask their daughter to marry him. He flew her out to California and took her to the Medieval Times Banquet. There, he proposed to her and she said yes. They were married in August, where the had there first kiss. She kept herself pure till the altar, and that is very valuable piece of wisdom.

The author gave us some life lessons in her book. That it is better to be in the center of Gods will and happy for eternity, than to have your own way and be miserable for the rest of your like. She taught as that being pure is the most important thing in life. Those who are not pure are angry, drop out of school, their marriages don’t work out very well, they are having children with different people, and just plain miserable. I think she is a really great author.

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