Homelessness in America: Causes and how to Control it

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From the three essays given, I will base my argumentative essay on the third piece which talks about the cases of homeless Americans. In this essay, I will base my arguments on what is the meaning of being homeless, the history of homelessness in the United States of America, the causes of this homelessness and lastly what measures should be enhanced to end this cases of homelessness in the United States. Homelessness is a worldwide social problem that is used to imply the condition of individuals or persons without a regular private house and shelter (Baumohl, 20). Since having a home is a basic need for human beings, individuals who are passing through this social issue, i.e., being homeless in most of the times are not capable of living a decent life, in most of the times these individuals do have a protected, satisfactory and straightforward accommodation. The concept of homelessness is a broad concept, and it varies according to the region of the world (Rosenheck, 189).

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“Homelessness in America: Causes and how to Control it”

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The issue of homelessness in America is not a new concept, but it is a contemporary issue that found its way into America in the early ages as early as 1642.During this old times, the case of homelessness was viewed as a moral issue and an obligation while in the recent era, the fact of homelessness is more related to as one of the social problem. Considering some previous and current researchers, it has been depicted that most of the cases of homelessness are caused due to wars, industrialization, natural disasters, and the instances of social inequalities, character flaws and in some cases medical or health problems (Rosenheck, 185). Considering the fact of the industrial revolution that occurred early in the 18th century, these industrial revolutions led to relocations of individuals from upcountry areas to urban zones that offer ascent to the primary driver of vagrancy in light of quests for new employment and procure expectation for everyday comforts. Criminal activities additionally began given this movement and sudden ascent in the populace. The strategies around then likewise prompt devastating issues relating demise and psychological sickness due to vagrancy. The real rise was looked in the 1850s when most guardians send their young youngsters to stay free as a result of ascending in typical cost for essential items, this offer ascent to grown-ups’ vagrancy. The common wars additionally offer rise to homelessness in 1890s many people were destitute as a result of a few cases from the civil war demolitions (Anderson et al., 75).

Another most vital reason relates back to catastrophic events, i.e., seismic tremor, i.e., earthquakes, droughts, and cases of fire caused in the early times of the nineteenth century. The causes lead to ascent to homeless cases, and therefore individuals lack the support to build their homes. The income level drops on account of expanded populace and joblessness which additionally moved society towards increment rate of homeless people (Anderson et al., 45). The monetary crisis as of late offers ascends to a more damaging circumstance that leads towards improved vagrancy issue. The contemporary homelessness can be seen in encompassing many youngsters, youth, and seniority individuals are becoming more homeless (Baumohl, 20).

After analyzing the cause of this homelessness, there is need to propose on what should be done to combat this rising phenomenon in the current times. The proposed solutions for homeless include housing first or what is commonly referred to as rapid re-housing (Hombs et al., 212). Some administrations are finding a way to eliminate or reduce the cases of homelessness in their countries. The government of the United States of America asked practically every state and city to upgrade the way of life of the homeless people in their territorials. The ten years designs are arranged and are in procedure to be actualized to take out the homelessness, and one of the consequences of this was a “”housing first”” arrangement, otherwise called “”rapid re-housing.”” (Anderson et al., 55).These strategies encourage rapidly getting homeless people at least some permanent housing or the like and the essential help administrations to keep up and hold another home. There are numerous obstructions to this sort of program, and there must be answers for increase these projects to make such an activity an efficiently work in the long run.

Another solution to homelessness is the introduction of supportive housing. The idea of supportive housing is an identified with giving the fundamental necessities to the homeless. It is the mix of housing and administrations proposed in a financially savvy approach to encourage and bolster and help the needy individuals live more steady and beneficial lives (Hombs et al., 200). Stable house gives unique projects to the individuals who are in most difficult circumstances. The groups and the target population for this program are people and families who are faced with the problem of homelessness and who additionally have low earnings. The program along these lines joins in preventing substance misuse, dependence, i.e., addiction or liquor abuse, dysfunctional behavior, HIV/AIDS, or different genuine difficulties to a standard and productive life (Hombs et al., 210).

Transitional housing is also one of the solutions to the rising menace of homelessness. Transitional Housing is concerned with temporary housing for the specific crowd of the homeless populace. The target audience comprises the working class of the homeless individuals who are on the verge of setting up to changeover their inhabitants into persevering and cheap housing (Rosenheck, 185). It isn’t a brief safe house for the homeless individuals however usually a room or flat in residence with additional services. The go-between time can be short extending from 1 to 2 years and in that time the individual must record for and get permanent housing and usually some profitable business or wage, regardless of whether Social Security or help (Baumohl, 22). Now and then the transitional housing home program implicates a food and lodging expense that can be a standard level of a person’s salary. This expense is once in a while wholly or mostly discounted after the individual obtains a permanent housing to live in. In the USA brought together money related help for transitional lodging programs were initially designated in the McKinney act (Baumohl, 20)

In conclusion, we have seen above that there are some causes of homelessness in the United States of America. While some of the reasons are dated to old ages some of the cases are current and beyond human control, e.g., for the cases of earthquakes and hurricanes like the case of Hurricane Katrina that hit the New Orleans (Hombs et al., 200). Some measures can be put to control and regulate the number of homelessness people all over the world. Although the United States government has tried in controlling this menace, more needs to be done not only by the government and other authorities, but there is the need for all individuals to come with solutions on how to combat this rising phenomenon. The help of every individual in the fight against homelessness will be vital in controlling it.


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