Truth Knowledge Pursuit of Happiness in Titanic

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Truth, knowledge, and the pursuit of happiness are all just words and phrases that signify nothing unless you transmit them power. When people utter these words and phrases it causes you stop and think about your beliefs, your experiences, and how you fit in the universe. In the movie Titanic you have the main character Rose who is a very restricted and sheltered woman. The leading character uses truth, knowledge, and the pursuit of happiness to obtain her goal, which is getting away from her current life and becoming a person who can make their own decisions and destiny. I will sufficiently explain how truth, knowledge, and the pursuit of happiness remain critically important key components to leading a happy life and how the main character Rose in the movie Titanic supports this thought.

To begin this paper, we need to understand some background information. The movie Titanic is a movie that has captured audiences since its release in 1997. The movie Titanic was number one in the box office for 15 weeks straight and the most expensive movie at the time with all in expense at about $200 million. The film won 11 Oscars, 121 awards, and about 75 nominations. According to one critic named Roger Ebert this movie is flawlessly crafted. Some people call this movie a love story and others call it a tragedy. The truth is that it was both. This movie is a story about Rose who comes from a wealthy family and is pressured to marry a man who she does want to be with. Rose fights back against her current way of life by acting out of what she is supposed to be. She eventually meets a young man by the name of Jack who shows Rose that living within your means and going where the wind takes you is more rewarding than her current situation. Jack is the wild character who has just about nothing except his name but lives very well and is extremely content with his way of life. Rose finds this way of life appealing and that is where the story really begins.

To commence your journey to leading a happy life it starts with the truth. Finding the truth can represent a laborious task to do just like Rose in Titanic. James Fieser says truth is not just found in the philosophical theories but rather in the critical give and take around those theories. Rose displays this concept when she meets Jack. Jack has shown Rose that his lifestyle is something that she has always wanted. Rose wants to be able to make her own decisions, live life freely, and express herself how she wants. Rose decides to take Jack's lifestyle, but she is giving up her life of wealth, status, and family. Rose wants to be free to achieve the wants that she could never have living her first-class life. She properly understands that if she does leave, that she will be most likely penniless and living on the street. When Rose acquires all these ideas about what the truth is she leaves her restricted and unhappy life for a new one that she thinks will produce a much joyous life. Life is about sacrifices and that is something Rose throughout the course of the movie understands.

Have you repeatedly heard of the phrase that knowledge is power, well there is many truth to that phrase. Rose gains quite a lot of knowledge about how her future husband is to a degree abusive and possessive of her. He pushes her to the edge so much that she says in the movie she is screaming on the inside. Feiser talks about how people need to acquire knowledge to survive if we want to experience any sort of happiness. Rose struggles with this concept because she desperately wants to get away from the pressures of her life. Rose learns through the course of the movie that she must gain knowledge in order to segregate herself from her current situation. Rose gaining this knowledge sends her frantically on a search for an escape route out. There is a critical scene in the film where Rose is pushed so much that she attempts suicide by trying to jump off the back of the boat. This is the first scene where Jack and Rose meet and Jack talks Rose out of her decision to end it all. Rose learns that Jack is her alternative to suicide. Jack is the escape route out. The more time she spends with Jack the more she learns that there is whole other life that she wants. Rose going on this search for knowledge is defiantly a contributing factor to her and anyone who is in a similar situation for leading a happy life. Some people might look at knowledge as some thing that is irrelevant and not needed to lead a happy life, but I disagree with this because in order to do anything in your life rather if it is big or small you need knowledge.

Our final stop on the roadway to leading a happy life is pursuing happiness. Rose never recognized what she wanted until it was displayed right in front of her. That display was the key that would unlock the door to the life she always wanted. That key was the pursuit of happiness. Jack showed Rose so many brilliant and attractive things about living just within your means and not worrying about what the future holds. The moment Rose decided that she wanted that lifestyle she commenced her journey on the pursuit of happiness. Sigmund Freud puts it best as to say we cannot avoid going on a quest for happiness. Rose is merely achieving that. Rose is searching for a better place that she can be herself. People do not notice the happiness that is in their ordinary lives says Sissela Bok. People are sometimes blinded to things that they want that will make them happy or the things that they already have that will make them happy. The pursuit of happiness is a vital dominant key or for some people it is not but in this case let's just say it is to conduct and implement the happy life that you have been or are yearning for. A happy life does not inevitably have to be hard to find or conceptualize. Sometimes it is the small things that matter to you most just like Rose in Titanic.

This movie is something that lives on with you forever. It is something that can set a precedent for the rest of your life. Yes, everyone is different and there are many different opinions to what leading a happy life can be, but this message right here can surpass all the others. Someone else might say that leading a happy life is drinking beer and watching keeping up with the Kardashians and that is their opinion. What I am trying to show you is a more educated approach to a modern-day dilemma. Rose shows us that leading a happy life starts with truth, progresses with gaining knowledge, and finally ends with the drive to happiness.

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