Happiness is more Important than Money

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Money is the most important thing in our day to day lives. We use money for just about everything whether its for shopping, getting food, or buying a house. Most people believe money can buy your happiness just because money is a big part of everyone's life (“Money Can’t Buy Happiness «?Nicole | This I Believe”). Even many famous people suffer from depression and they have lots of money. Money can't buy someone's pure happiness. Money is a materialistic object where happiness is an emotion a person will not be able to feel the money they have in an emotional state.

How about we take Demi Lovato for instance. Her net worth is $33 million dollars. Little does everyone know she suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts throughout her childhood and now leading into her adult life (Truong). She is currently in recovery right now from an overdose that happened on July 24th 2018. She was overdosed from an unknown pill from her trying to dull the pain she was emotional in (Respers). Demi says in an interview shortly after the overdose “positive thoughts and prayers have helped me navigate through this difficult time (Schmidt) .” You see here that its the people within her life that is helping her with getting through this tough time and bringing her happiness not her money.

Have you ever been told that materialistic things can be replaced? Have you ever realized that money is a materialistic thing? The most valuable things within our lives is within us. You hear stories told about a house fire and they say everything can be replaced the good thing is that you made it out . Money can be earned back a house can be rebuilt if taken away or damaged. A study at “San Francisco State University states that those who tend to spend money on material items found no happiness in experiential purchases (Nicole).”

Happiness is an emotional feeling that is in our hearts. Everyone has something they're feeling whether its arnger, sadness, or feeling stressed out. Yes there is ways to cope with how your feeling but the way you choose to do so is going to predicted your outcome. Some say money will be the key to all happiness but as you look back to most of your memoires of being happy money will not be the key focus. When you spend time your you friends or family you feel an emotions not a value.

“People who think that money can’t buy happiness simply aren’t spending it right.” (“Three Ways Money Buys Happiness”) This is an quote from an luxury car commercials telling people that if your not happy within your life then that your not spending your money the right way. Aren't these the same people who promote happiness though ? So therefore there telling people if you dont have the right amount of money to buy certain things you don't have the same amount of happiness.

? In conclusion money will not be the soul key to anyone's happiness. Happiness is an emotions that is within you. Money is a materialistic object that is on the outside of everyone's day to day life. When you see soon looking like there having the time of their life blowing money it's not the money that doing that emotion it's the things there doing. Live your life to the fullest surround your life with the people that make you happy and live up to your best potential. Dont rely on materialistic objects rely on your emotions be happy.

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