Are Women Making as Much Money as Men?

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Wage gap is a common problem that occurs in many companies and it is the difference in pay between males and females. If you do feel different in how you are being treated, you should tell someone and/or report it as a court case against the companies that do this. Most men feel or think or want women to be making less money than them because men think differently from women when it comes to working in companies. Women could feel awful for making less money for working and doing the same task as men in the company. Most males and females do not realize the problems that are causing women that are not making same amount of money as men when doing the same work. Because women are not making as much money as men, this causes some serious issues and many males and females are trying to find better ways to help women make the same amount of money that males make for doing the same tasks.

Women who are not making enough money can have major issues like not being able to pay their bills because they need to pay for other things as well. According to Goodman, he has learned that women are making less money than men and this is enough to change the way women live their lives. The women thought they were working part-time jobs or even temporary jobs because they talked about how they should be making more money like men were. This occurs in every job that they are doing. The reason they do not make the same amount of pay is unknown (Goodman). It is still being compared that women are not making enough money at work where they should be.

In the recent studies, it has been shown that the number of women dealing with money issues has increased. The recent study shows that they are females who are making about twenty cents less than men between all age groups. Some think that women's work is not considered as highly valuable as men's work (Miller). In the workforce, men and women do the same tasks and they do the same work that is asked of them. If they do accomplish the work that is to be done correctly, then why are they not being compensated equally in terms of their pay? There is another study that showed where men and women work, and they still did not get the same exact pay. When it comes to engineering, men are more attracted in the workforce rather than women because men were outnumbering the females in the companies where they need to have a program for the companies (Miller). This shows that people think that women are not capable of doing these tasks because men are more focused on them it comes to computer programming. Women still do work, but their work is not considered as highly as the work done by men. This still leads to the issue where women are making less money because they cannot be selected into a company where men are working as programmers.

In another article, it showed women broken down by race and showed how much money they receive compared to men working at the same or similar jobs. If you look at colored women around the world there is a big population of those women who are colored, and they are making thirty-seven cents less per dollar than Hispanic women. Hispanic women are being paid forty-six cents less per dollar than white men (Lepore). What makes men with different races get the same amount of pay and why do they do not get different salaries as women do? Race also has to do with salary of women in companies, but you cannot judge women or men's salaries based on their race. Women have different benefits that are different than men's benefits according to how much money the opposite genders make. Every company should give out the same benefits so that the company makes the women feel welcomed to the company as men do. As it mentions in the article, it is very hard for their families, businesses, and the community to face differentials in opposite genders when it comes to having different paychecks (Lepore). Today many women are working in restaurants or other type of small businesses whereas you see more men working in bigger companies.

In an effort to help women out, there are many bars and restaurants that support Equal Pay Day because they do not want to feel bad for women who are working hard just as hard as men in the same company, but making less money as them. It shows they do care about everyone and they do not want anybody to feel left out of not being wanted in the business. These bars and restaurants came together and decided to give women twenty one percent off on their cocktails because men are making more than women and they feel like it's better for them, so they can save money (Lepore). It shows that bars and restaurants do want females to be equal and feel equal like if they are treated like opposite genders when it comes to shows how money can create such a problem for females rather than men. If bars and restaurants are helping women out, then why cannot all companies and other businesses support Equal Pay Day for their women workers? If they do, then maybe the companies will see an increase in the number of women workers in their companies.

Many women today feel discriminated from the world today because of the pay that they are receiving as their minimum is less than what men make in an hour. If you look at females' wage working as typist job, it is $11.50 an hour which is only about three dollars above the minimum wage that teenagers make at most of the jobs they do. A male working as a typist makes $12 an hour which is fifty cents more than female's job working at a typist job. Also, a male working a janitorial job still makes $15 an hour and men can be seen to make more than women no matter the difficulty of the job (Lois Sweet Toronto Star). In the article, it also mentioned that women's pay will be dramatically more than what they make now when the women are going to get the equal pay over the course of a year.

Many women started asking for promotions because if they cannot receive the same amount of money at least they can get promotions so that it can help to solve the case where they are not making as much of money compared to male's salaries. According to another article, there are women who do agree that their salaries are lower than men but when women do ask for higher pay they do it in some smaller requests because then they have a chance to be qualified to see an increase in their paychecks and make the pay gap closer to the men's paycheck (Conti). It is very important to know the similar skills that women have because those similar skills can lead up to be an important person in working the same job as men. When people do compare women, they think they are lower benchmark which basically makes them to know that they are not highly ranked workers (Conti). Well the men do consider themselves as a higher benchmark because everyone wants to be like them when it comes to be working at jobs. Also, many people do not consider women as workers because men think they are taking more time off from the work. If women do get the promotions but they should have more benefits for them because you see bars and restaurants are trying to help women to feel like if they are important. Then women can have the feeling that the society is changing in a way where they can create more balanced shares of leaderships roles between the men and women (Conti).

The salary that women are making can cause problems to themselves or their families and others who they are related to. Our workforce would be better if more companies took this as a serious matter and took corrective action to allow the wage gap to decrease. The wage gap has an impact on women's lives in terms of their spending habits and they things that they can afford. Less pay means that women must change their lifestyles to be able to afford all the things that they need to live. As seen from this paper, the wage gap is still a problem today and more and more companies need to see this as an issue before it can be resolved.

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