The Wage Gap doesn’t Exist

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Due to the Equal Pay Act of 1963, it outlaws paying others less based on sex. This is a point many people spreading this myth forget about to make you target their complaining. It is paramount we establish the fact that these feminists, celebrities, etc. are establishing an argument on something that has already been outlawed. Feminists argue that when you take the median amount of the full-time woman’s salary ($30080) and put it over the median amount of the full-time men’s salary ($40000), it shows that the difference in men pay to women pay has a 77 cent difference favoring men. Due to recent studies by the University of Georgetown & even feminist organizations such as the AAUW (American Association of University Women) both say that the wage gap shrinks significantly by almost 70 cents when factoring in the different choices made by men and women, leaving the gap at only 6.6%! For example, The US Department of Labor released a paper that examined over 50 peer-reviewed studies and concluded that the oft-cited .23 wage gap may be almost entirely the result of individual career choices being made by both sexes. To further look into this, let us view an example. Georgetown University constructed a list containing the five best-paying college majors, and the five lowest paying college majors, as well as the percentage of both men and women majoring in those fields. They found that men hold the majority of 4 out of the 5 highest paying jobs whereas women hold the majority of 4 out of the 5 lowest paying jobs. How can it be possible that feminists are ones to propose so many equal rights arguments but are so quick to become hypocrites and suddenly become defensive when faced with the facts? It is situations like this that the American freedom of speech could be being used for something more important. The key idea in this previous paragraph is the word ??choice??. The small wage gap that does exist has absolutely nothing to do with paying women less, let alone sexism. It has to do with differences in individual career choices that men and women make. It is unbelievable how all facts argued about the wage gap being real are simply shut down by simple facts. Even in the same profession, men and women make different career choices that affect how much money they make. Let’s take a look at some examples of this.

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“The Wage Gap doesn’t Exist”

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Once again, the idea that the previous argument of different choices is wrong due to studies saying that women’s income is less than men’s income in the same profession. This has already been resolved due to the Equal Pay Act of 1963 though I will go into detail on why this claim is such a stretch to get a hold against this argument. That being said, the argument that women are getting paid less than men in the same profession is still justified due to the laws in place as well as choices between sexes still being a strong variable. Take nursing for example, where the male earnings are 18% more than women. The reason?; studies prove that men are 80% more likely to work overtime, they gravitate towards the best paying nursing specialties, and are more open and available than women due to their willingness to relocate to jobs in cities with the highest compensation. Here is how one expert on nursing compensation, Professor Linda Aiken of the University of Pennsylvania, sums up the data. “…career choices and educational differences explain most, if not all, the gender gap in nursing.”. The Department of Labor paper concluded that when these differences are accounted for, across all professions, the unexplained wage gap is somewhere between 4.8 cents and 7%; almost identical to the 6.6% by the AAUW. Why is there still a gap you ask? No one knows for sure as both the AAUW and the Department of Labor concede, “There are so many variables that drive wages that no single study can cover them all.” Few studies compensate for variables such as dangerous work environments. Oil rig workers which are a profession dominated to the point where it is almost 100 percent of men, live miserably and risk their lives every day for their job. Do you feminists really think that you should be paid more than someone who could die the next day? Because I’m pretty sure that if I asked you if you wanted to take up that job you would most certainly say no. When men are vastly represented on oil rigs how can you be so sure that it is unfair, and have the audacity to criticize them when their life is in danger and yours isn’t? It is crazy that some will even think to argue wages when their way of calculating can’t even address the facts that others live in the face of death. This isn’t sexism, it’s just common sense. With more reasonable definitions compensating for choices and other variables, whatever wage gap you say there is would most certainly shrink to the point where it almost vanishes. Why should time, effort, arguments, and protests be given to an issue spread by celebrities, feminists, or women’s advocates when the source of all their issues is bad math? They need to rethink what they say because all of it is just simply not true.

You could argue that they are less likely to do these things because they are more likely to take time off to care for children in their family, though this completely misses the point as it does not prove the main point that women are paid less than men due to their sex. This completely misses the point as it does not prove the main point that women are paid less than men due to their sex. As a common argument of the wage gap existing, this shows that after being proven wrong by facts, they attempt to cleverly miss the point to lead you in favor of their misleading opinion. For example, many argue that men get paid more than women in jobs like nursing. Referring back to my previous argument, studies by the University of Georgetown took statistics from male nurses and female nurses and found that the male majority are 80% more likely to work overtime or move to places that pay better and are more open and available than the female majority. This what contributes to their, what looks to be, “higher pay” and shows the impracticality of the current equation to calculate the wage gap. As a result, this clearly proves that the reported wage gap is misleading, thus resulting in the shutdown of the argument that women get paid less in jobs like nursing. The reason they are being paid more than women is due to their availability and devotion to their job. Moreover, this is the reason why many misleading arguments by feminists who believe the wage gap exists, consist of excuses, exclaimed amongst the public in an attempt to cover up the true statement that they will always get proven wrong by facts. Here is a prime example.

As people of the United States, we thrive in a very civil lifestyle, yet we still have people complaining about problems that are extraneous. The wage gap is a great example of this because you have so many people arguing a point and constantly searching for an excuse to disprove facts. Arguments such as this one have surprisingly been going on for so long despite the fact that they have been disproven more than once. That being said, any further legislation to this issue is a superfluous waste of time as needs given to this issue are already blocked due to facts and laws such as the Equal Pay Act of 1963. It is absolutely ridiculous that all thoughts are being poured into a worthless and irrelevant topic arguing that the median pay of full time working women over the median pay of full time working men is offset by the claimed 77 cents to the dollar. In this case, aren’t all business leaders are bad at math for the sole reason they don’t hire only women? Yet still, it becomes apparent, that business leaders aren’t bad at math simply because they don’t hire only women to that profession. It’s the people that argue that men earn more than women in the same profession doing the same things, that are simply just bad at telling the truth. When you can make a plan to counter the facts is when you initiate an argument, not when you get an idea in your head that you feel the need to complain about for attention and public approval.

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