Drones and its Classification and Applications

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Drones are classified based on their size. The flying features entail distance from the stock transmitter and altitude. It can be established that the larger the aircraft, the higher-quality features it has regarding both the distance and the altitude. There are three different types of drones. Fixed-wing drones consist of a rigid wing which generates the major lift of the drone. It is more forgiving in the air if facing technical errors. they have natural gliding capabilities. It has the ability to carry more equipment for long distances with less power. Rotary- Wing consists of two or three rotor blades. It looks like a small version of the helicopter. The advantages of rotary- wing drone is the ability to take off and land vertically. Recently, NASA scientists have started to design different types of fixed and rotary wing drones which can fly in space and other planets, such as Mars and Venus (Hassanalian,2018). Multi-Rotor drones consist of several rotor blades volt around a fixed mass. 3 rotors called tricoptor and there is more unusual set up like up to 12 rotors or 16v rotors. Multi-rotors have advantages as a rotor wing, but they are even easier and stable to control. 

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“Drones and its Classification and Applications”

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Applications of drones:

People often talk about drones and connect it with military operations. But it has changed in recent years and implemented across many industries. They have been used for its commercial use and development. The FAA predicts that there will be over 30,000 commercial drones in flight over the U.S. alone by the year 2020 (Johnson, 2015). It is a significant business trend and opportunity. Such as weather alert, media broadcasting, and emergency response. Not to mention that Amazon, Walmart, and many other major retailers have plans to embrace the age of drone delivery already. The technology associated with drone operation has become increasingly demanding. In 2012, KSI was formed by a group of unique people with a genuine love of technical gadgets, sci-fi movies, and television. KSI wanted to create a company that could make video and sensor data from robots and drones cool. It is KSI’s goal to make its software user-friendly for all consumers with a different technical background. One of its main products is Mission Keeper, this product is to make transmitting, receiving and managing data associated with drone operations more efficient and effective. Mission Keeper is the world’s preeminent video and data management solution for robotic operations, including drones, robots, and cameras.

Drones are now widely used for common delivery services, security and law enforcement, search and rescue operations, film and television industries, agriculture delivering medical supplies. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has revolutionized the medical field and healthcare system. UAVs, which was originally developed for military use, are taking forward steps into the public and private sector. Because they can be flown autonomously and reach any geographical location. The significance of UAVs is becoming increasingly apparent in the different technological field. UAVs application in medicine can increase the quality and accessibility of the healthcare system (Bhatt,2018). 

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