Net Neutrality: Yes or No?

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When one who lives in America wants something censored they call or file a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission. This is a government agency located in Washington D.C. Now there are mixed opinions about this agencies motives when it comes to Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is defined as the idea, principle, or requirement that Internet service providers should or must treat all Internet data as the same regardless of its kind, source, or destination (Merriam-Webster,n.d, p.1) Some people believe the Federal Communications Commission should get rid of net neutrality. Some people believe the Federal Communications Commission should only be in charge of Television, Radio, or Cable and stay away from getting rid of Net Neutrality. Should the Federal Communication Commission get rid of Net Neutrality? or Should the Federal Communication Commission keep things the way they are? Well, there are arguments from both sides. So sit tight and enjoy this roller coaster ride full of arguments and opinions.

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“Net Neutrality: Yes or No?”

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No More Net Neutrality

One may believe that the Federal Communications Commission should get rid of Net Neutrality. A critical part of Internet openness involves Internet service providers being transparent about their business practices. That’s why the FCC has imposed enhanced transparency requirements. Internet service providers must publicly disclose information regarding their network management practices, performance, and commercial terms of service. These disclosures must be made via a publicly available, easily accessible company website or through the FCC’s website. This will discourage harmful practices and help regulators target any problematic conduct. (Restoring Internet Freedom. 2018). Here the Federal Communications Commission states that their intentions are to make it so internet is public so the government can track down harmful practices. One may believe this is a valid point. Due to the fact that many people worry about getting their information hacked. If the Federal Communications Commission were to instill this then people would not have to worry as much.

I believe to my core that it will result in lower bills for the smaller guys and more innovation. The repeal of net neutrality will force the larger players to invest in infrastructure for broadband service.( Henry, 2018, p.18). Zoe Henry includes in this periodical that if Net Neutrality is repealed it would result in lower bills for smaller companies and allow those companies to innovate more. This would result in the bigger companies to have to invest in infrastructure for broadband service. This point of view might be agreed upon from some people. If the Federal Communications Commission makes it so the smaller companies have less to pay then it will allow the smaller companies to build more instead of remaining stagnant. The costs of regulation are clear, and the benefits are not. ( Coren, 2017, p.12). Here Michael J. Coren is stating that the costs of Net Neutrality are high in price but it is hard to see any benefit coming from Net Neutrality. This is something that almost everyone wants. Almost everyone wants to pay less and to get more benefits.

Nowadays, anything can be posted on the Internet under the guise of freedom of speech. Consequently, as a result, obscene and insensitive content easily ends up on the Internet. (Net Neutrality, 2018 p.34) This argument is brought up because people use freedom of speech as a reason to keep Net Neutrality. The counter-argument is that people are allowed too much freedom that it gets out of hand and people start posting things that are generally not acceptable. To wrap up this viewpoint it is believed that Net Neutrality should be repealed to allow smaller business’ to grow and make more money than they currently do. Also, because Net Neutrality costs too much without benefits. Lastly, because it allows people to abuse their freedom of speech. Resulting in obscene or insensitive things on the internet because of how easy it is to say that one is using their freedom of speech.

Keep Net Neutrality

Some people may believe that the Federal Communications Commission should not try to get rid of Net Neutrality. People believe Net Neutrality should be protected at all costs. Blogs, services, businesses, and any website that can operate legally is able to do so and be available because of net neutrality. There isn’t any censorship available as long as the content being offered meets legal obligations. If illegal content is discovered, it can be immediately reported to law enforcement officials. Without this freedom of expression, it could become easier for illegal content, such as child pornography, to become more available. If a small ISP blocked access to all and approved of such a thing, it could hamper keeping our communities safe. (Lombardo,2017,p.6) Here Crystal Lombardo backs up the point that Net Neutrality should stay right where it is. By saying if Net Neutrality is removed it can cause child pornography to become more available and harm our communities. This is a valid point regarding the situation at hand. One does not want to make it easier to make something like child pornography more widely available. That would be disturbing and cause more problems than needed. Consumers and internet users have a protected freedom of speech. Net neutrality gives us the right to express how we feel through social media. This is especially important for people like activists who start and spread movements via internet. (Ramirez,2018,p.7).

Monica Ramirez backs up one of the pros of Net Neutrality. Due to the fact that Net Neutrality exists Americans have freedom of speech on the internet. If people want to start a movement for change for the better it is possible because of Net Neutrality. If the Federal Communication Commission were to remove Net Neutrality freedom of speech on the internet could possibly be affected. That would be pushing on the first amendment of the United States of America. There are some unquestionable advantages of Net Neutrality. The first one is that the World Wide Web stays neutral. This is the most easily understandable out the list. This just means that unless the content is illegal, there will not be any regulations against it. Internet service providers will not be able to block access or modify the stream of data or how you receive the data for their own benefit (Isberto, 2018. p.4).

Michael Isberto states that the providers of one’s internet because of Net Neutrality our not allowed to block access of data or how you receive said data for their own benefit. This would be a good thing for the people. It would allow them to stay neutral and not get treated differently from everyone else. Providers would not be able to pick and choose who gets charged more and who does not. This is one of the many arguments presented to back up Net Neutrality and keep it from getting removed by the Federal Communications Commission. Some of the pros of net neutrality depend on just how regulated things get. In its most extreme form, net neutrality could include serious price caps and rules about how prices would go up over time. We’ve already established that the money comes from somewhere, and that a neutral net is good for power users and less good for light internet users. But serious price restrictions could theoretically limit the hit taken by light internet users, and instead force the ISPs to eat the cost. (Lovely, 2017,p.11).

Stephen Lovely makes a point that users may be able to pay less because of Net Neutrality. People believe that the Federal Communication Comission should not get rid of Net Neutrality because if removed it could allow illegal things like child pornography to be more avaiable. Also, because of the fact that Net Neutrality protects our freedom of speech. If Net Neutrality is still around people will not have to worry about their providers picking and choosing who gets charged more and who does not. Lastly, it may allow people to pay less for their internet.


The reader of this essay may be able to draw multiple conclusions from this essay. It is possible that the reader sways on one side than the other when it comes to this heavily debated topic of Net Neutrality. It is a topic that should be talked about because the world is only becoming more and more internet savvy. Whether or not one agrees with the arguments from both sides it is ultimately a subject where someone’s opinion about the matter will shape how they feel about it. Someone who wants to get rid of Net Neutrality would agree with the first half of this essay. Whereas, someone who does not want Net Neutrality to be removed by the Federal Communication Comission would agree with the second half of the essay. It just depends what side one is on regarding the subject at hand. With the information given ask yourself some questions. Does the information for one particular side make more sense than the arguments set for the other side? That is how one will ultimately determine which side they are on. It is a back and forth topic that I am sure will definitely be brought up in the upcoming 2020 elections. What one can conclude about Net Neutrality is that like any other political topic it has its pros and it has its cons.


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