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The Foster Care System and its Advantages

 When a child is removed from their home by Child Protective Services and placed in the foster care system, the child is provided with physical care and emotional support. Children who have been abused and/or neglected by their parents or guardians receive the physical care they need once they are placed in foster care. These […]

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Children in Foster Care

Children in foster care live a significantly more difficult life than those who have direct care from their biological parents. Their attachment styles and the process in which they adapt their attachment proves a bit of their hardship as a foster child. After viewing many articles, it was obvious that children in foster care are […]

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What should we Know about Foster Care

Dating all the way back to the Torah and the Bible, the arrangement of kids into the foster care system has been present. Carrying on this tradition was upheld by the Quran. English Poor Laws during the 1500s considered the position of poor kids into obligated administration until the point that they moved toward becoming […]

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Foster Care System and Modern Society

Foster Care Every child deserves a champion an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be (Rita F. Pierson). Related to this necessity, foster care it is when a child is separated from their biological parents and placed […]

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Living in a Foster Care

Abstract There are millions of children in the foster care system today. Rather the reason being parents on drugs or parents not being able to care for the children financially, the children are left for someone else to care for them. Many of children that are in foster care have mental health issues. Not only […]

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Special Topic Paper

One main issue this article talks about is the huge increase of children younger than 18 having a parent addicted to opioids (Williams & Devooght, 2017). The article mentions a survey conducted from 2002 to 2007 that researched and concluded over two million children are watching at least one parent or guardian have a drug […]

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Essay on Never Give up

From fledgling foster care child to an amazing author, Nikki Grimes for the win! Once an orphan in foster care, now an inspiring author, Nikki Grimes started out from a simple start. She radiates hope and imagination to children, especially children she used to be like. She encourages children to follow their hearts and be […]

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Why i Want to Become a Social Worker

My interest in social work evolved nearly five years ago when dealing with multiple issues taking place in my own family. The interests arose in regards to my uncle’s children, two girls and two boys. They became part of the foster care system in Los Angeles while I was attending my second year of college. […]

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