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Introduction for Dog Essay

Throughout the past month of working with a dog at the SHS, I have learned what it means to live with dogs. I have learned that some dogs are kind and love to get a lot of love, and other dogs just like a little bit of love because they do not want to be smothered. In this essay, I will talk about what I think living with dogs is and reflect on my past month working at the SHS.

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During the last month of working at the SHS, I have learned that you must be patient when training a dog. This is a thing that I had to get used to because I was not used to training a dog. I also learned that some dogs might be treat-motivated, whereas other dogs may like toys more than treats. Each dog has their own personality, and what might work for one dog may not work for every dog. You have to find what works best for your dog and integrate that into the training prosses. This will help you get better results when you are training your dog. Something that I had to do was watch YouTube videos of trainers teaching their dogs commands. This seemed to really help me when I was trying to teach my dog something, and he was not getting it.

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During this course, I learned that dogs are like humans. They have their own quirks, but we love them anyway. In my opinion, the thing about this course that really resonates with me is that even though a dog may have come from a very bad situation, it is still able to be taught commands and become a well-mannered dog. This is something that I did not think about before taking the course. Now I think that any dog can learn any command as long as you spend enough time training the dog. I learned that it takes some dogs longer to learn commands than other dogs, and this is just because no two dogs are the same, and they each learn at their own pace.

Something that I have learned is that my dog does well with a lot of repetition of the command. I found out that when we do the commands a bunch of times in a row, he is able to remember them better, and then the next week, I don’t have to do as much repetition. This has helped me be able to move on to other commands faster than just doing one command for a little bit and then just jumping into a different command. I have also learned that through doing the dog key test that my dog is part of the bulldog group, and this has helped be able to pinpoint what areas he struggles in. This was helpful because it helped me because I could work on one of his struggles at a time and get better over time and, in the long run, overcome those struggles.

Thesis Statement for Dog Essay

Over the course of this interim, I have learned that it takes a lot of patients to train a dog. This is something that I was not aware of before taking the class. This class opened my eyes to how there is no such thing as a bad dog, just a dog that is not trained properly. This means that if you put in the work to training your dog, you can have a dog that is well-mannered and can do commands that you want it to do. Something else that I learned was that for some dogs, it depends on the environment that they are in because some dogs get really distracted if you are trying to teach them commands and you are around another dog. If this is the case, you might have to do some of the training in their kennel, where it is just you and the dog, and there are fewer distractions. This could cause a higher success rate when you are working with your dog because they are only focused on you and not another dog or person that is outside. This helps a lot with honing in on what you want to teach them.

Titles: Veterinarian Insights

Something else that I found interesting that I learned this interim is that when the veterinarian came in and someone asked what the best dog for a first dog would be. He said that it would be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which I have two of at home. I also thought this was interesting because I thought he would have said a Lab because that is what most of the people that I know have. Another way this was interesting was that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have a lot of health problems, and I would not think that someone getting their first dog would want a dog that has a lot of health problems.

It was also interesting when he said that the most common injury in a dog is for them to tear their ACL. I thought this was interesting because my 10-year-old dog tours her ACL. When she did this, we had to do physical therapy exercises with her to help get her leg back to normal. We also had to make sure that she was not jumping on any of the furniture so that her leg would heal properly. She was lucky because she did not need surgery, and it could be fixed by just doing physical therapy exercises. It took a couple of months before she was back to her normal self.

Research papers: Breaking Myths about Therapy Dogs

Another thing that I thought was interesting was that when the therapy dogs came, they said that any dog could be a therapy dog. In my head, I thought that there would be certain dog bread that would not make very good therapy dogs. I also thought that it was interesting getting to see a wide variety of dogs during this interim and learn a little bit about them. This helped me to learn more about other dogs than I knew before taking the class.

I also liked it when Rachel came to talk to the class. I thought it was interesting because I would have never thought to use a collar that gives the dog a little impulse on its neck. In my opinion, I think it is very beneficial to use these collars to weed out the behavior that you do not want to see in your dog. It is also a good way to help train your dog and get it to do what you want it to do. I think it is a very genius device.


Taking this course has made me come to a stance on what living with dogs means to me. I think that when you live with dogs, you have a friend that is always by your side and wants to give you love and attention. They will be able to help you get through the tough time and just be there to make you feel better. It also means that even if a dog was a stray, it could still love you the same way a dog that was not a stray can love you. This shows that dogs can show more compassion for humans than I ever thought possible. This means that there is no such thing as a bad dog, just a dog that could use more training and discipline. This means through training and discipline; you can get the loving and caring dog that you always wanted. This may take a little while, but once your dog understands you, it will be your best friend for life, and you will not want it any other way.

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