Child Marriage Around the World

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Child marriage all around the world should be abolished, It’s sickening and barbaric. Mostly child marriage happen often in third world countries. But it does happen in second and first world countries. And it’s a violation of human right. Also child marriage is literally rape. Child marriage is morally wrong. Most of the time the girls are likely to be forced to have sex with their husbands who is a lot older and more sexually experienced and that often cause raped by their husbands. This is gender discrimination, families usually only let their daughters married off but not their sons. No children (mostly female) should go through this disgusting practices.

Girls should not be force to get married in such an early age, especially when the men are way older. “Girls married at early ages tend to have larger age differences with their husbands than those married later, and it is more likely that their marriages were arranged, unwanted, and unexpected.” (Erulkar, 2013, 513–514 ). When girls get married at a young age it’s usually by force. Erulkar did this research to show awareness to what’s happening in poor countries. Young girls before the age of eighteenth are being married off because parents can’t financially support their daughter, no matter what the problem is there’s no excuse to marrying off your daughter to a man who is twice her age. Child marriage keep girls from getting their education and children usually end up in a abusive relationships. “... girls aged 10 to 14 in the project site were one tenth as likely to be married and three times more likely to be in school compared with girls in the control site.” (Erulkar, 2013, 513-514) More girls are likely being forces to get married in early age than being in school. What is child marriage? Why does child marriage happen? Why does it usually happen in a poor countries? How often is child marriage happening around the world? This research took phenomenological study to approach, learning about young women and parents, and the decisions of marriage both before and after the conflict. This study was effectuate to research examining the needs and risks of child marriage. Child marriage is disgusting and it’s rape and a harmful practices that affects girls, with a negative impact on their education, health, opportunities for their future and usually end up with an abusive relationships. Child marriage is a violation of human right and a violation against girls. Child brides are in a greater risk of family with low income and experience a abusive partner. Also having children at a early age when they’re not ready at. Some countries there’s law to prohibited child marriage. But many countries there’s no law to protect these girls from getting marry in a early age.

This research topic is interesting because child brides can be found almost everywhere in the region. From Asia to Europe, Middle East to South America, and even in some part of the United States. Every year, million of girls marry before the age of 18. Child marriage happen all around the world, culture and regions. Even today, child marriage is at a very high percent rate. Many program are trying to find a solutions to ending child marriage because it’s a serious problem. And that’s what those girls need, program to helping them to stop child marriage. Child marriage is both a violation of girls and human rights. Even though there’s program trying to stop child marriage, there’s still a very high rate of child marriage in third world countries. The results of the study is not very surprising because family from low income are mostly uneducated to understand that child marriage is morally wrong but it doesn’t matter if your educated or uneducated to knowledge that child marriage is morally wrong. The main cause of child marriage is social economic, culture and religion. Poor families would sell their children into marriage because they need money or to get out of debts. And the family would give their daughter hand to a man who has money and can take care of her.

Men would marry a girl who’s way younger than him, which is sickening. Even though, he know she’s a child, he would still marry her. And families would sell their daughter into marriage just for money. There’s no excuse to selling your daughter to marriage just because you can’t financially support her. People are disgusting for practicing the act of child marriage and even worst is the people who are saying it’s okay to practice child marriage.

Theoretical perspectives in sociology of child marriage, In low income families, letting their daughters marrying to a men is a functional because they see the marriage as functional because they don’t have money to support her. And when their daughter is marry to the man he is not in charge of helping her for financial support. Families who let their daughters get married in a early age are usually family who doesn’t have a lot of money and they’re in poverty. And the man that is marrying their daughters can maintain her in a good condition and that’s the way out of spending money. Parents married off their daughter to another man because, it’s have been practiced by their family for so many generation. For example, the mother was a victim of child bride, and also her grandmother and so on. This usually happen to many poor families. And sometimes people advised them that the practiced of child marriage is okay and their culture or religion.

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