Employment Status Report

Goals and Philosophy

There are a few short-term goals that can be completed within these last few months of the year. One of them is to keep my work schedule and school schedule in balance. So, time management is a very important goal for the next two months of the school semester. Another short-term goal is making sure to pass these two classes this semester with a C+ or above. However, working harder towards a much higher grade would be more satisfying this semester. Then one long-term goal is being professionally skilled in different art mediums like watercolor and paint, pastel, charcoal, oil paint, and so on. For the most apart using graphic pencils or mechanic pencils and different types of black ink pens are what you would call traditional old-school tools. Which is a good place to start with the old traditional ways to advance to different areas of media. Finally, another one is graduating from Academy of Art University in the next year or so.

A lot of people have their own ideas of what art can be but to me, art is something that you can make with your own two hands. It is something that you can glance at for a long time and just be able to admire it for its own unique beauty and charm. Them being able to relate and visible feel something from that art is what makes art because you want people to be able to get something for it and understand what the artist was putting into it. One of the things to do to get inspired is just using whatever you see that draws you to it has a muse for an idea of your next art piece. A simple idea that can be inspired by a flower, book, character, tv show, and so on. Then turn it into a completed drawing which is very satisfying throughout the whole process.


There are several reasons for hiring an illustrator and that depends on what the person is asking for. For example, Marvel Studios is looking for a Senior Illustrator and the job description is of a small team of illustrators and designers working together to deliver high-quality concept art for the heroes, villains and key moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The competition is many individuals that meet the needed requirements and are unique candidates themselves. Moreover, the salary an illustrator can earn based on the year 2016 is from $21,279 to $92,861. There are a few things that can beat the competition which leads to earning a bachelor’s degree and gaining the advantage of mastering your drawing skills to place in your portfolio.

Skills and Tools

For one of them is to be skilled in different areas of mediums for an illustrator. Now the term for a medium is the equipment artist use to create their artwork. There are traditional tools used like chalk, charcoal, acrylic and oil paint, oil and soft pastel, pen and ink, and watercolor. The ones listed are the first to be mastered in and then once skilled in each category. There are more media than the ones listed, and each is unique to use in their own ways and usually takes time to be skilled at one to use in your own style. From before attending Academy of Art University, I have only ever used pen and ink. Even though there aren’t many experiences with having a job for illustration but there are experiences from having jobs that require you to have good communication skills, good work ethics, quick learner, multitasker, and the most important is being responsible for yourself. Has a developing illustrator there are a few things you would need to be an excellent illustrator and that is good communication skills, good listener, problem solver, and obviously an artist.


The society of illustrations is a group that shares their designs and work to give back, so they can give back to the community. To join there is only a fee of $35 if you are a student and if not, there are other categories that will match you. The benefits of being a member is the following: Year-round free admission to the Museum (with up to 4 guests), 10% discount in Museum Shop and The 128 Bar & Bistro, Discounts on lectures, workshops, film screenings, and special event tickets, Eligible to use the library (by appointment only, based on availability), Discount on The Illustrators Annual book, Invitations to exclusive Members-Only events, and Reciprocal membership with the Salmagundi Art Club and Mount Vernon Hotel Museum (SOI). Since the internet plays an important role in the illustrator industry, networking is now easier than ever now. There are great sites that can connect illustrators to many connections. They can showcase their work on multiple websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others.

The Future

In the future working for Marvel Studios is a long-term goal. From a young age, people have grown up with these characters or read about them and then seen them come so far from that point. Being able to work with a team of people that have the same passion to be able to develop their character design is a great achievement to someone who has admired these characters their entire childhood. Has an illustrator you must make your work the best and strive for the best, so creating a strong, diverse portfolio is the right way to market your chosen audience. There are many things an illustrator must overcome themselves and it’s a journey that they must go for them to become the illustrator they want.

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