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Uprising Dangers of Speeding

The risk of speed infringement by teens is a reality. Overspeed expands the distance needed to stop the vehicle while diminishing response time to keep away from the chance of impact. Without a doubt, 21% of the genuine struggles that youngsters caused driver botches happened in light of the fact that the street conditions were […]

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Transport Accidents

Road transportation is extremely important for development because it provides convenience to its residents. However, it conjointly exposes individuals to the danger of road accidents, injuries and fatalities. Exposure to adverse traffic surroundings is high in Republic of India owing to the unprecedented rate of implementation and growing urbanization oxyacetylene by high rate of economic […]

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Analysis and Prevention of Road Accidents

Abstract: Road and traffic accidents aren’t Certain and predictable incidents and their analysis requires the knowledge of the factors leading to them. Road and traffic accidents are defined by a set of constraints which are mostly of discrete by nature. The major problem in the analysis of accident data is in it heterogeneous nature. Hence […]

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Causes of Road Accident

Introduction Fatal road accidents are one of the leading causes of death in Malaysia. According to statistics released by the Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ), there are 6,740 deaths cases reported in 2018 due to a road accident. This essay will discuss the fatal road accident in Malaysia with identifying the causes and solutions to […]

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