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Expansion of Public Transportation

The following is a proposal to expand public transportation in Milwaukee through transport options such as: light rail, commuter rail, and high speed rail History The city of Milwaukee was first incorporated in 1846. In 1860, the first streetcars were introduced on public roads by one of the city’s founders and early mayors, George Walker. […]

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The Impacts of Public Transportation

As cities and people evolve so does the public transportation systems they use and the benefits that it gives us. The use of public transportation can cut down traffic, give you health benefits, and cut down on pollution. Public transportation has many forms including trains, city buses, trolleybuses, trams, rapid transit, and ferries. Most cities […]

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Every City Needs Public Transportation

Good public transit can provide convenient life for people in the city and it also develop the city a city like Sacramento, where it`s people rely on transportation, needs a good public transportation system, but it is expensive for many people especially poor people who make a lot of calculations for spending their money. […]

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Making Public Transportation Free or at Least Cheaper

Public transportation is an essential part of a city. A good public transit can encourage a city’s economic activities and can provide its citizen a convenient life. Living in a city, where a lot of people rely on public transit, but where a lot of people find it expensive poor people really make a lot […]

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California’s Roads, Highways and Bridges

California’s roads, highways, and bridges are invaluable assets that are critical to our future. Most of the state’s highways and bridges were built in the 1950s and 1960s, at a time of major public investment in California’s transportation system. Recent highway investments have focused on system preservation, rehabilitation, and operating improvements, rather than capacity expansion. […]

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