The Giver Essays

Essay on The Giver
The Giver is the thrill-seeking book where everything is meant to be ‘perfect’. In the story, there are rules that make the community ideal and certain ages your put to know or your given items for that age. I think the Giver is dystopian. I think the giver is dystopian because you receive bicycles at age 9, having to tell your feelings, being assigned a job at age 12, getting married by submitting an application, when you fight your expected to work it out, and having laborers. There are mistakes and errors that happen good or bad and that’s what makes up life.
The Giver is Dystopian. Every person in the world makes mistakes and that’s life. You can learn something whenever you want to. ‘The children all received their bicycles at nine; they were not allowed to ride bicycles before then.’ (Page 17) I think this rule is very corrupt. You should be able to learn to ride a bike whenever you desire to. ‘Jonas sighed. This evening he almost would have preferred to keep his feelings hidden. But it was, of course, against the rules.’ (Page 12) You shouldn’t be forced to share your feelings. If you want to keep them private, you should be able to. Also, in The Giver, you are assigned to a job at age 12. I think this is very valid. At age 12 characteristics and traits can change. You could maybe lose interest in one of the activities you’re doing or just not like it in general. These are reasons why I think The Giver community is strange.
In The Giver, you get married by an application form. I don’t really think this makes the community ‘Utopian.’ In Marriage, you love and support each other. There may be fights but that’s life and things happen. In The Giver, if you fight, you’re expected to work things out no matter what. Also, what’s kind of absurd is that there are Laborers. These Laborers make the babies but what kind of shocks me is that while you’re married, you’re not allowed to make babies with someone you’re married to. I don’t really think that makes the Community in the Giver utopian or should anyways. These are reasons I think the Utopian world is Dystopian.
There are ups and downs in The Giver and it’s a very interesting book that was phenomenal to read. To me, The Giver doesn’t seem utopian because mistakes are meant to be made and you can’t have a perfect world because nothing is perfect. 

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