Essays on Beowulf

Essay About Beowulf

Beowulf, someone who has a distinction between good and evil. Throughout this essay, there will be an explanation of the positive and the negative. Including loyalty, bravery, and selflessness. This entire story deals with good and evil; good being Beowulf, his people Hrothgar and Hrothgar people. Evil being Grendel and Grendel’s mother. In this essay, the power good overcomes all obstacles and all evils but not without a blood spread.

To begin with, the theme displayed by the protagonist Beowulf’s action. To display point, in the text “Beowulf” the protagonist Beowulf in a “fight with a powerful monster named, Grendel was about to be grabbed and seized the monster arm”. The monster’s arm carving it to be bend backward as Beowulf leaned upon his arm. The Sheppard of evil guardian of crime. This proves that Beowulf is powerful because he defeated Grendel by learning up on one arm at the shepherd of evil guardian of crime. To show the point in the text “Beowulf” in the end each clan on the outlying coast beyond the whale-road yield him and began to play tribute that was once a good king. This demonstrates that Beowulf is clear in what a good king is like, it shows dominance all around. Although Beowulf is all good and evil. Good might not be what we expected. To illustrate the point in the text “Beowulf” states “swan in the blackness of night hurting monsters out of the ocean (Rafael 155-158).” This shows that Beowulf is worshiped for his good deeds cleaning the of monsters. Clearly, Beowulf’s actions display the theme.

Also, the theme is displayed by the protagonist Beowulf’s words. Another example to show the point in the text “Beowulf”, Beowulf states his people “have seen my strength for themselves have watched me rise from the darkness of war dripping with enemies’ blood.” (Rafael 151-153). This proves that Beowulf’s people have noticed that he always comes out of the war as a hero. To further illustrate the point in “Beowulf” text the whole man’s name was known as courage. Follower and the strongest of the geats. This demonstrates that Beowulf is the strongest geat because he is good and he is a hero. To further display the point in the text “Beowulf”, “would sail across the sea to Hrothgar now when help was needed (Rafael 115-116). This shows that Beowulf Is helpful to his people because he is exceptional. Therefore, the protagonist Beowulf’s words display the theme.

Lastly, the theme is displayed by the antagonist Grendel’s mother’s action. Another instance to display the point in Beowulf text the antagonist Grendel’s mother in a fight with Beowulf allowed a lot of the other sea beast to attack Beowulf “who beat at his mail shirt stabbing with tusk and teeth”. This shows that Grendel’s mother is evil because she caused Beowulf to go into war. An additional example that helps understand/display this is Grendel’s mother “took a single victim and Hed from the hall, running to mars. Discovered but her supper assured sheltered in her dripping claws. She’d taken kills glorious soldier; cut a noble life short (Rafael 411-417)”. This demonstrates that Grendel’s mother has no mercy towards anyone. This separates the good and the bad. Another example to show the point in the text “Beowulf” is she had carried Grendel’s claws (Lines 421). This proves that good does prevail evil because the only thing she could remember her son by was his claws. As can be seen, the antagonist Grendel’s mother’s action displays the theme.

Given the aforementioned points, Beowulf shows good defeats evil the is someone everyone looks up to doesn’t go down without a fight. Grendel and Grendel’s mother are monsters that would be evil. Beowulf is a hero.    

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