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Essay Introduction

In the Epic Poem Beowulf, translated by Burton Raffel, the main character Beowulf shows many heroic characteristics. The poem describes events that take place around the 500s between two opponents, one known as the Danes (Denmark) & the other as the Geats (Sweden). Beowulf is recognized as a great soldier who defeats anyone who stands in his way.

Research Paper on Beowulf Essay

This poem demonstrates the Anglo- Saxon culture of Christianity influence. His success as a heroic figure required him to use his strength and courage greater than any other warrior. During the Anglo-Saxon period, the Christian monks who settled in England put it together as a result of preserved ancient literature manuscripts. The epic and oral ballad Beowulf delineates lost network, social qualities, and convention.

Thesis Statement for Beowulf Essay

Beowulf, the primary character, is a perfect ruler and prototype warrior. History is significant to Beowulf; this Germanic culture was assumed control by Christian teachers who were looking to change over this culture. The character of Beowulf is an impression of the Germanic culture’s ideals; chivalry is underlined in the content’s various references and steady spotlight on legends and what it is to be a saint. Beowulf, who is intelligent of a more seasoned age of legends, makes progress toward the network. Conversely, Christianity’s attention is on the person. This contention is finished once Beowulf, a figure of the past and the old world, passes on. With Beowulf, the legend kicks the bucket. Subsequently, Beowulf’s endeavors to keep his way of life and his morals alive are incomprehensible as war and Christianity vanquish the Germanic land. Beowulf demonstrates, both physically and emotionally, that he is a hero. Beowulf possesses bravery/courageousness, honesty, and strength, keeps his word, and performs his deads successfully.

Argumentative Essay Examples on Beowulf Essay

Beowulf was brave and demonstrated strength like no ordinary person, to demonstrate his valor and Bravery. “ The Spear-Danes in days gone by and the kings who ruled them had courage and greatness. We have heard of those princes’ heroic campaigns.” (Beowulf 1-3 ). Explaining the initial couple of lines of Beowulf promptly summons ‘mettle’ as a definitive type of ‘enormity.’ The Spear-Danes will be praised as a result of their valiance and chivalry before whatever else.

Beowulf’s first encounter was when he left to help Denmark’s mead hall when it was getting destroyed by the monster Grendel. Grendel was attacking, leading to many soldiers being murdered every night after their long days of celebrating. Beowulf was given a chance to prove his capabilities by defeating Grendel. In the tale, Beowulf snatched Grendel’s arm off, causing the monster to bleed to death, which no other warrior was able to accomplish. The name Beowulf is derived from the words “bear-wolf,” justifying his strength. One of the principal scenes in the sonnet portrays Beowulf’s entry on the shoreline of an outside land. Rather than dreading the huge warrior that has arrived and bringing for help, the guard is in amazement at Beowulf.

Understanding Beowulf: The Legacy of Beowulf

Before becoming more acquainted with Beowulf, the guardian imagines that this warrior is one of the most grounded and noblest men he has ever observed Nor have I seen a mightier man-at-arms on this planet/than the one remaining here: except if I am mixed up, he is genuinely respectable. In this way, Beowulf’s transcending tallness and stature persuade others that he is a legend. Like the regular saint, Beowulf gives brags. While in Hrothgar’s kingdom, Beowulf guards himself against the family executioner Unferth; Beowulf gloats that he will slaughter Grendel, claiming he will demonstrate to him how Geats shape to murder in the warmth of a fight. This bragging is done to demonstrate his valor and courage. Beowulf satisfies his brag, further uplifting his legend status. Mirroring the model legend, Beowulf can kill mammoths commonly his size. Beowulf is superhuman. He is the main warrior who can pulverize both Grendel and Grendel’s mother. This accomplishment, for the normal warrior, is unfeasible. Another normality for a legend is to have a strange or unsuccessful foundation. Beowulf typifies this; as an adolescent, he was ineffectively respected by the Geats and was taken by the Geats for short of what he valued.

Titles: Beowulf as a Leader and King

His gallantry, truth be told, is a continuation of custom. At the point when Beowulf quotes Grendel, a conventional artist profoundly educated in the legend of the past, he sings melodies about Sigmund’s adventures. Despite the fact that Beowulf has recently won a fight, the artist sings about Sigmund. The vocalist chose this story in light of the fact that Sigmund was a popular warrior who murdered a beast. This is paralleled by Beowulf’s incredible achievement of devastating Grendel. The story of Sigemund likewise suggests Beowulf’s legacy since Sigemund is from an old time. The melody proposes that Beowulf’s name will live on like old Sigmund’s, as Sigmund’s name was known all over the place. Such was Beowulf in the warmth of his companions and of everybody alive. What’s more, Beowulf mirrors his predecessor Sigmund’s activities as the two kill a mythical serpent. In this manner, Beowulf and Sigmund share a similar courageous trademark. Sigmund has bravery, is brave, and is absolutely valiant.

Courage does not finish with Beowulf. Once Beowulf’s life is nearly at its end, another brave warrior ventures in to have his spot. Wiglaf, a young is presented as an astute warrior who can express familiar words about Beowulf. At the point when nobody will spare Beowulf from the mythical serpent, Wiglaf demonstrates his actual bravery; he races into the winged serpent’s nest and helps the old warrior. Reflecting on Beowulf, Wiglaf recognizes just as gains from his antecedent’s incredible deeds asserting he surely understands the things he has improved the situation merits better. He urges Beowulf to satisfy his well-known statue on the grounds that, as a legend, he comprehends the significance of deeds, qualities, and life. Wiglaf, consequently, needs to comprehend the idea of a genuine Germanic legend. In like manner, Beowulf needs to pass on the custom of a legend. This correspondence is exhibited when Beowulf imparts a wide edge to Wiglaf. By having Beowulf’s spot, Wiglaf is a continuation of the saint.

Comparison between Beowulf and Other Characters

Beowulf’s gallant attributes are similarly as noteworthy as his initiative aptitudes. He is similarly valiant and brave as a lord as he is a warrior. Beowulf isn’t just the model saint, yet in addition the perfect Germanic lord. With the end goal for one to comprehend what a decent lord is, Halfdane relates a case of an awful ruler to Beowulf. Half Danes precedent is of Heremond. He is a repulsive ruler since he is savage, murdered his very own confidants, and toward an incredible finish, gave no more rings. Interestingly, Beowulf, as a ruler, was merciful towards his warriors and was a lavisher of rings. Not at all like Heremond, who cut himself off from his very own sort, Beowulf esteems a feeling of network and fellowship. Beowulf isn’t just a liberal ruler yet additionally a lord who has exceptional initiative and harmony-making aptitudes. His principal explanation behind going to the Danes’ arrival is to make harmony with Haldane and his kingdom.

What you have done is to draw two people groups, the Great country and us neighboring Dances, into shared harmony and a settlement of companionship despite abhorrences we have harbored previously. So also, Beowulf can make harmony with his own relations. Unferth, who had recently endeavored to humiliate Beowulf, gives Beowulf Hrunting an antiquated sword to enable him to vanquish Grendel’s mother Hrunting, in any case, falls flat at devastating the beast. Rather than exacting revenge on Unferth for deriding him, Beowulf gives back to Hrunting and says that the sword has been of extraordinary utilize.

The stalwart contender requested Hrunting to be conveyed to Unferth and bade Unferth take the sword and expresses gratitude toward him for loaning it. He said he discovered it as a companion in a fight and an amazing help. He put no fault on the sharp edges bleeding edge. This demonstrates Beowulf is watchful about others’ sentiments and is really mindful of the enthusiastic welfare engaged in this circumstance. From this scene, the peruser can see that Beowulf, as a ruler, a warrior, and as an individual, isn’t worried about pride but instead about keeping up a positive association with Unferth. As per the picture of a perfect lord, Beowulf is sacrificial and thinks about fortune. Rather, Beowulf thinks about the satisfaction of his retainers.


As a result of his consideration, he offers and gives away everything of his fortune. Subsequently, Beowulf is an extraordinary and wonderful ruler. Shield Sheafson is another case of valor. Shield, the organizer of the Danish imperial line, is both a decent ruler and an extraordinary warrior. Beowulf’s internment, where everybody in the land came to see his resting place, is paralleled with Shields’s entombment. In the end, every family on the peripheral drifts past Whale Street needs to respect him and start to pay tribute. Like Beowulf, Shield had an unpleasant youth. He is alluded to as a foundling, to begin with, a foundling being a kid who touched base via the ocean in destruction.

Beowulf and Shield, as legends, hence, are paralleled. The epic ballad Beowulf revolves around the legend. From the character of Beowulf, the peruser can see the significance of network, orality, and valor. Beowulf, therefore, is a symbol of his old Germanic legacy. He is mimetic of his general surroundings. What’s more, he mirrors the pasts convention of saints he follows in Shield and Sigmund’s strides, reflecting their qualities and activities. Along these lines, when Beowulf passes on, both the antiquated world and the new world crumple. 

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