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The Play Fences

The play Fences, by August Wilson, takes place in 1950’s to 1965 where segregation laws were establishing . Troy the protagonist, works in a sanitation department is in the middle of both big and small conflicts. He instigates problems based of his own experiences, baseball career, and prison life. It shows the differentiation of how […]

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Through the Slots of the Fences

Through the Slots of the Fences One of the great American playwriters, August Wilson born in 1945 during iconic socio-economic times in Pittsburgh. He coined his plays after his life growing up in Pittsburgh as one of seven children. During the period he lived in, his plays displays the life of the average African American […]

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The Play Fences Shows

The play Fences shows tension in the story between a whole family but mostly through father and son. The story is during 1957 during the time of racism with the African Americans. Fences describes the Maxson family as they all face challenges such as money worry, unfaithfulness, and death. Wilson used the narrative elements characterization, […]

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America was Built on the Ideal System

America was built on the ideal system that all people are equal. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence stated … all men are created equal.” However, rights for white men were remarkably beyond the rights of others. To this day, social groups are still shunned, and stereotypes continue to dominate and affect our everyday lives. […]

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The Next Fence Scene

The next fence scene in the play involves Troy speaking and waring with Mr. Death. Troy spefifically said, I’m gonna take and build me a fence around this yard. See? I’m gonna build me a fence of what belongs to me (Wilson 2.2.41-42). After Troy’s mistress died from giving childbirth, he saw the mortality of […]

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The Hill District of Pittsburgh

The Hill District of Pittsburgh, which was a prosperous black majority city that culminated a lot of art and music and a beautiful life, went through the urban renewal of 1960 lost all its glory and became poor community and the racial segregation and profiling took its peak causing black people to feel underserving and […]

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Troy’s Past Experiences Influence

Troy’s past experiences influence his present and his family. Fences is a play written by August Wilson in the 1950s about an African American man who fails to fulfill his role as a father and husband. Troy, the protagonist of the play, is affected by his rough childhood, influencing the way he treats his family. […]

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Willy Loman in an all Black Production

This summer, I would like you to play the two roles of Willy Loman in an all black production Death of a Salesman, and the role of Troy Maxson in our production of Fences. Even though the Death of a Salesman is an all black cast, Willy and the story will not be any different […]

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In August Wilson’s Play

In August Wilson’s play, Fences, the attitude towards women is that they are incapable, unimportant, and have the same worth is objects that can be bought and sold. To contrast the fact that a male playwright wrote this, if a female were to write a version of Fences it would be more focused on the […]

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August Wilson’s Fences

August Wilson’s Fences is a fascinating play that revolves around the main character, Troy Maxson. Other characters in the play include Cory Maxson, Bono, Rose Maxson, Lyons, and Gabriel. Wilson focuses the play on the family of Troy. Troy hurts people who are close to him including his family members. For instance, he fights with […]

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Fences People Use Fences

Fences People use fences to keep things out of their homes, but some to keep everything in. In many cases, a fence may represent more than a literal fence. It may represent how people may feel about life itself. A simple form of a fence can keep a person safe in their mind. They will […]

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In “Fences” by August Wilson

In “Fences” by August Wilson, Troy has the internal clashes of managing wild conditions. Racial isolation and bad form for him and his family play a major effect on his life causing a great deal of challenges for the family. In such a significant number of ways Fences is such a customary story, to the […]

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