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Maus: Categories, Reproductions and Interpretations

The drawings in Maus (I and II) can be split into categories, reproductions and interpretations. Reproductions are real photographs, they are reproduced in the book exactly as they appear in real life with human faces intact. Interpretations are basically just hand drawn versions of real photographs, which translate images into the comic’s style and replace […]

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Representing History in “Maus”

Today there are many mediums in our society that are used to convey information. Newspapers, such as the Washington Post or The Wall Street Journal, are great sources for information around the world. Websites such as CNN are also useful for the same purpose. But there exists one method of communication that society has long […]

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Nazi Propoganda and Maus

The role of propaganda plays a crucial part in the encouragement of both the Polish and Jewish people to betray their neighbors, friends, and even their family members. Nazis used propaganda to shape their beliefs on the Germans; they used films, press and radios, because they wanted to flood the Germans with messages that were […]

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Maus: Memory and what it Means

While Art sits at his drawing board, a pile of emaciated Jewish bodies lies below him, seemingly unnoticed while reporters and businessmen climb over them, (Maus II.41). These bodies represent the grave nature of Spiegelman’s subject matter, the millions of dead Jews demanding that their story be told, and that their trauma not be downplayed. […]

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“Maus” by Art Spiegelman

Art Spiegelman, the author of Maus, interchanges between the past and the present to provide an in-depth accounting of his father’s memories, his own childhood, and the present struggles between the father and son. This recounting from his father emphasizes the impact and trauma experienced by second generation survivors such as Art himself. The author […]

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The Maus a Survivor’s Tale

The Maus a Survivor’s Tale is a powerful book that portrays the Holocaust. With the use of comics, the pictures and dialogue create a powerful impact on historical event that’s occurring during this time. The use of animals to represent race and nationalities shows the controversial complexity of this part of history. Starting out we […]

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Maus: a Work of Subtle Nuances to Define Truth

When discussing compelling and highly nuanced literary works, most would not consider a graphic novel capable of delivering any kind of high caliber or highly nuanced level of information. Until recently, graphic novels have been a novelty pastime shared only by children and adolescents. Modern graphic novels like Maus are starting to challenge these notions […]

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