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Historical Criticism of Carnegie and his Empire

Andrew Carnegie is a legend in industry. He was He was brought into the world in Scotland in 1835. He came to America and began his functioning profession in a cotton plant as a bobbin kid. He was a diligent employee, and immediately was advanced through the positions of Western Union and the Pennsylvania Railroad […]

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Andrew Carnegie Facts – Biography

America, throughout history, has seen thousands of rags-to-riches tales of people who become immensely wealthy through their creativity and ideas, but none are quite like the amazing and turbulent as Andrew Carnegie’s. Throughout his life Carnegie met numerous trials and tribulations and each one he overcame. Throughout his life Carnegie had many accomplishments to speak […]

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Andrew Carnegie – Steel Tycoon and Philanthropis

Andrew Carnegie’s innovative approach to steel production helped him amass an unprecedented personal fortune from which he could pursue many philanthropic endeavors. In addition to bad working conditions, Carnegie has been criticized for paying his workers low wages, therefore making labor relations between Carnegie and the people who worked very hard, enabled Carnegie sold his […]

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Philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie

Do your duty and a little more and the future will take care of itself, once said Andrew Carnegie. While these were wise words to live by, working for Mr. Carnegie did not seem as bright. Surprisingly he provided low wages and poor working conditions which were depressing and caused bad work morale. Workers felt […]

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Andrew Carnegie Railroads and Steel

Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline, Scotland on November 25, 1835. He went on to be a major industrialist in America. Carnegie has a very typical commoner turned rich story. As a young boy with only a few years of academia to wield, became a ‘bobbin boy’ at a cotton factory – this earned him […]

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Andrew Carnegie’s Innovative Approach to Steel Production

Andrew Carnegie’s innovative approach to steel production helped him amass an unprecedented personal fortune from which he could pursue many philanthropic endeavors. In addition to bad working conditions, Carnegie has been criticized for paying his workers low wages, therefore making labor relations between Carnegie and the people who worked very hard. Carnegie built plants around […]

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Andrew Carnegie a Steel Heart

Born in Scotland in 1835 to an unemployed weaver, Andrew Carnegie did not have an easy path to success. His family moved to America for new opportunities when he was only twelve years old. Settling in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, the whole family worked to make ends meet, including Andrew. He worked as a bobbin boy in […]

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Andrew Carnegie: an American Hero

Andrew Carnegie, a tycoon of industry and tremendous philanthropist, was born in Dumferline, Scotland in 1835. Carnegies family quickly became impoverished due to increasing industrialization making many jobs obsolete and was forced to immigrate to America in 1848. Carnegie and his family ended up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he was forced out of necessity to […]

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The Wisdom of Andrew Carnegie

If you are considered one of the richest men in all of American history, then you must have been at least a little wise. Andrew Carnegie was an entrepreneur and businessman who set up the world’s largest steel tycoon of the 19th century. He not only gained a net worth of a modern day equivalent […]

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Andrew Carnegie: Industrialist and Philanthropist

Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-born American industrialist who drew a fortune in the steel industry in the early 1870s. Carnegie worked in a Pittsburgh cotton factory as a boy before he was offered a position as Division Superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1859. Andrew Carnegie, while working for the railroad, invested in multiple iron […]

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Andrew Carnegie: Scottish Connections

Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish born native then moved to America to start earning money because in his hometown of Dunfermline fell into hard times. Will, and his father-in-law Thomas Morrison, a shoemaker, and political reformer, joined the popular Chartist movement, which believed that if the masses took over the government then the working conditions […]

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Andrew Carnegie – One of the Wealthiest Businessmen of the 19th Century

Andrew Carnegie was a self-made tycoon and one of the wealthiest businessmen of the 19th century. Andrew Carnegie was born on November 25, 1835, in Dunfermline, Scotland. When he came to America he worked serval jobs on the railroad. By 1889 he owned his own railroad company named Carnegie Steel. In 1901 he sold his […]

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Andrew Carnegie Book Review

A man who transformed the Landscape of America forever with his pioneering techniques, That is the subject of Professor Harold C. Livesay’s book ” Andrew Carnegie and the Rise of Big Business”. Published by The Library of American Biography and edited by Mark C. Carnes, the book is an informative biography of a man who […]

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Was Andrew Carnegie a Hero

Andrew Carnegie was a boy who grew up poor and became the biggest millionaire in the 1870 – 1900. Carnegie was born in November 1835, where he lived in a attic weavers cottage in scotland. Andrew began working at the age 12, He got a job at a local textile mill, he worked 12 hours […]

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Biography: Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie is a Scottish-American Manufacturer and philanthropist. Andrew had moved to the United States of America when he was in his teens roughly 13. Carnegie worked in the telegraph office when he was 14 as a messenger. He was a private secretary and personal telegrapher for the superintendent of the railroad he worked at. […]

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Andrew Carnegie – the Gospel of Wealth

If you were worth 4.8 billion dollars, would you share your wealth and power for good or bad? Andrew Carnegie gave his wealth to many churches and hospitals and believed the division between rich and poor was unacceptable. However, he did not give full effort into helping the issue. Carnegie started his journey to become […]

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Depiction of the Gilded Age

Briefly define the Gilded Age, as well as the growth of industrialization and the prevailing attitude toward employee-employer relations during that era.  Then, explore the problems caused by industrialization and discuss how workers responded to those challenges. The Gilded Age was a period after reconstruction from the 1870’s to the 1900. The United States was […]

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Industrial Leaders Controversy

Industrial Leaders – Robber barons or Industrial Statesmen? The late 19th century industrial leaders have often been called “industrial statesmen” for the great economic power they brought to America. However, they have also been called “robber barons” since they built this great wealth by abusing the system, their employees, and destroying their competitors. These kings […]

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