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Rachel Carson’s Impact on the Environmen

Rachel Carson published Silent Spring in 1962, and was approached by a roar of protest and approval. The book helped start the first real and effectual environmental movement. Carson concentrates on a commonly used pesticide in the 1960s called DDT. She opposed the spraying of DDT because she realized that it has profound consequences on […]

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“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson : Postwar America

Postwar America during the 1950’s and 1960’s consisted of many social movements that helped find resolutions to all the occurring problems in society. During this time period, it consisted of the affluent society. The affluent society was the aftermath of the war and started urbanization in cities. The 1960’s specifically consisted of many social movements […]

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“Silent Spring “Detrimental Effects Human on Nature

In the book Silent Spring, Carson makes a powerful argument about the detrimental effects human beings have had on nature in the present century, contaminating the air, water, and soil with lethal materials. She highlights, in particular, the extensively threatening effects of manmade insecticides, which Carson terms “biocides”, has had on the natural ecosystem. She […]

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Novel “Silent Spring”

Rachel Carson in her book Silent Spring talks about approximately 500 or more pesticides/chemicals that were introduced each year and possibly making our planet unfit for all forms of life. Author argues about harmful effects of pesticides/chemicals on the environment. This book is an ideal example for public warning on the dangers of increasingly use […]

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Book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

In the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, she drew a clear picture of nature and its relationship with the web of life that is destroyed by the excessive use of insecticides which has affected the livelihood of the living things on the surface of the earth. She further tells her readers to use different […]

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‘Silent Spring” was a Book that Sparked National Debat

Introduction: ‘Silent Spring” was a book that sparked national debate about the use of pesticides thanks to Rachel Carson. This includes the responsibility of science, and the limits of technological progress. Thanks to her, DDT would eventually be banned, and awareness would be brought to the relationship between humans and the natural world. Rachel Carson […]

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Pesticide Parathion in the Novel Silent Spring

In the late 1950s the use of new farm machinery and agricultural technology drastically began to increase. Many farmers were were now swaying away from their standard agricultural techniques to more relatively fast, cheap, and new alternative techniques. One technology that began to rise dramatically in usage during this time were pesticides, ‘chemical substances used […]

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Silent Spring by Rachel Carson Essay

The book Silent Spring, was published in 1962, was considered as the turning point of work to environmental writing. The author turns her awareness to the potentially injurious consequences of pesticides on the society especially those pesticides, involving DDT. DDT was used by aerial spraying in an effort to manage the population of insects on […]

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