Essays on Of Mice And Men

“Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck is a story about two friends who are hardworking and travel together. George is small and quick, meanwhile, Lennie is a huge man. They have a dream that they’re going to buy a ranch one day to themselves. Lennie would tend the rabbits and they would live off the fat of the land. One of the themes is friendship between Lennie and George.

An example of the theme of friendship is, George protecting Lennie and sticking around with him even though he has caused problems. In weed, Lennie didn’t want to stop touching a girl’s dress and he got in trouble for it. A way George is protecting Lennie is by telling Lennie that if he gets in trouble to come back to the place where they were and to hide in the brush. George tells Lennie how he would live easily without him around. George tells Lennie how he could get a job and work without problems. He also says he would stay in a cat house all night and how he could eat at any place he wants.

A second example for the theme of friendship is, Candy willing to make a will and leave. his share to Lennie and George. He says that he wants to join them in on the plan to get a ranch. When Candy quits he says he isn’t going to have a place to go, so that’s why he wants to join them in on the plan. Candy’s job when they get the ranch will be to tend the. chickens, cook, and hoe in the garden.

A third example of friendship is, Curley’s wife trying to find a friend. Everyone at wouldn’t talk to her because they didn’t want anything to do with her. She just wanted to get some friends, but people misinterpret her. Curley’s wife is sad because everyone else can talk to someone but it seems that she can’t talk to anyone because they think she’s trouble. Curley’s wife said that Lennie seems guy and she started telling him her story about how she could’ve done something with her life.

George went to great lengths and killed Lennie to protect him from any harm. Lennie and George would travel around together. George looks over Lennie since his aunt Clara died. Lennie looks after George and George looks after Lennie. Curley’s wife died due to trying to find a friend somewhere in the barn. George sticks around with Lennie even though he has caused a lot of problems.  

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