Immigrants and the American Dream

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The American Dream is been told to give huge opportunity, freedom, and happiness. It has been a huge chance for the people who have trouble in their own countries and looking for a big future. The dream stands for the ability to find what you hope as job and become rich. As much as this “Dream” has been alive enough most of us lost the hope for the American Dream. It is a true story that the country immured with lots of discrimination, and very less high paid jobs and the fast adjust for the new immigration laws.

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“Immigrants and the American Dream”

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People are restricted to achieve the American Dream from the discrimination the U.S have. In the work force there is lots of discrimination because of their gender and the would be women in this case. Women has never been treated the same way as men because they are quoted to be less powerful than men and do not get the same amount of checks this day. Men see them as emotional and they will not make good business decisions.

Job opportunities have decreased in the years and even fewer for them cause they are not holding the legal documents or maybe just don’t want them to work, which have forced people to stay in the positions they are right now and not move up. Even though unemployment has lowered, the jobs that people are getting are not high paying jobs but dead end jobs that pay minimum wage forcing to work paycheck to paycheck.This way makes it unachievable the American Dream because they can not provide the green cards at the interview. They are stuck working for places that have to pay them under the table and most of the time the people running their businesses are not paying the employees and threatening to deport them if they inform the authorities.

Immigration papers and green cards into the next reason the American Dream is almost diminishing. Immigration laws have made it difficult for immigrants to enter the country and start their lives. Being a country that was founded on immigrants, are very strict on who can come in and out of the country. Strict laws are causing immigrants to enter illegally and not being able to get real jobs for them move up the ranks and become in power because to do so you must be a citizen of the Unite States. Hearing the views of some of the candidates in the 2016 elections has made me think that immigration laws will only get worse and the American Dream will no longer exist for immigrants at all.

Immigration laws are in place to make sure that Americans know who’s in the country legally and illegally. Immigrants get the same amount of opportunities to go to school, get jobs, and support their families. Most universities give scholarships to minorities to help them stay in school without the strain of tuition. Immigrants get the same and or more opportunities than Americans due to the programs in place to help them transform to culture. “American Dream of the last 100- some years has been more something dreamed by foreigners from afar, especially those who experienced fas-cism or Stalinism, than lived as a universal reality on the ground in the United States.” said Sasha Abramsky in “Waking up from the American Dream” (pg91) which is very true, many people immigrate to this country to find the American Dream they have heard and have been watching from far away until they come to realize the sad truth.

These discrimination in the States, and immigration laws which getting strict more and more and also the lack of job opportunities makes the American Dream getting faded. While it is getting harder to reach it (like any other dream), people from other countries still move here to gain opportunities for their families but most come here illegally, due to strict immigration laws. Since they come here illegally they are left to do this countries dirty work maybe until. The times is passing by and the soon or later American Dream will be only remembered as “once upon a time”.

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