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“The Things they Carried” by Tim O’Brien

In Tim O’Brien’s ‘The Things They Carried’, we are told a story about what the soldiers in the Vietnam War carried with them and in particular what First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried with him. The way the story is told gives a glimpse of each soldier’s personality based on the items that they carried with […]

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The Vietnam War and the Things they Carried

“The Things They Carried” is a story that presents various accounts of painful experiences and traumatic events of the soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War. The author explores the great use of literary devices in explaining the occurrence of every event. In a well-developed piece that uses imagery, metaphors, reality, and fiction, O’Brien represents […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1373 Topics: The Things They Carried, Vietnam War
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The Story of the Soldiers – the Things they Carried

In the novel The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien tells the story of a group of soldiers in the Vietnam war who, as a band of brothers, went through so much together. This story details the struggles and internal battles that these men had to deal with during their time in Vietnam and even after […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1604 Topics: Narration, The Things They Carried

Summary of the Things they Carried

O’Brien’s The Things They Carried is one of the most recognized literary works around the globe. The things they carried is a collection of twenty-one stories with striking similarities. All the stories revolve around the same subject; war. O’Brien explains the harrowing experience that soldiers undergo in battlefields. The most interesting part about O’Brien’s collection […]

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The Things they Carried by Tim O’Brien

This quote is impactful because it reveals not only the physical baggage that the soldiers carry but also the mental burden. They have to live on with what the outcomes of the war are even after it’s over. “They carried the soldier’s greatest fear, which was the fear of blushing…They died so as not to […]

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Tim O Brien’s the Things they Carried

1945 was a difficult time for America. There were so many people still recovering from World War II, and now the Vietnam War was starting. The Things They Carried told a story of how the war changed a person, in this case, it was Tim O’Brien. It showed the struggle he, and many soldiers in […]

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The Uncertainty of Truth: the Importance of Fake and Fact

What is truth? The age old question that many have been asking over and over again, from the time of Aristotle, to today with Cornel West. For some, truth is found in religion. To others, truth is found in self. Some spend their lifetimes seeking genuine truth. Others do not give it a second thought. […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1537 Topics: The Things They Carried, Truth

Summer Reading: on the Rainy River by Tim O’Brien

There were many different stories in the Summer Reading Collection that made me explore different aspects of writing. They each used several techniques to add to the complexity and overall understanding of the story. The one story that had brought the greatest reaction out of me was the short story, On The Rainy River, by […]

Pages: 2 Words: 661 Topics: Fiction, Short Story, The Things They Carried

Metafiction in “The Things they Carried”

In “The Things They Carried,” physical items such as weighted jackets, grenade launchers, and M-60s sit atop Vietnam soldiers’ shoulders to equal a weight difficult for most to imagine. This tangible weight however hardly compares to the emotional baggage such as grief, terror, longing, confusion, and guilt that the soldiers bear. Tim O’Brien actively uses […]

Pages: 2 Words: 580 Topics: The Things They Carried

The Vietnam War

The Things They Carried is a collection of stories fiction and nonfiction told by author Tim O’Brian. Through the narratives told through the eyes of his characters, it links them together because of what they carry, but paradoxically it distinguishes them as well. His recollection of short stories conveys the grotesqueness of the Vietnam War, […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1598 Topics: Emotions, The Things They Carried, Veterans, Vietnam War, War

English Poetry

1st Assignment for Grade 11/12 English POETRY Please read over all three poems below several times. “Hope” is the thing with feathers by Emily Dickinson “Hope” is the thing with feathers — That perches in the soul — And sings the tune without the words — And never stops — at all — And sweetest […]

Pages: 10 Words: 2897 Topics: The Things They Carried, Vietnam, Vietnam War

What is the Novel the Things they Carried About?

Prompt 1: What They Carried. What I do. The Things They Carried represents more than their tangible belongings. It also reflects upon the weight they bare, for example their trauma. The item first listed was another example: the weight of the war. I was most surprised by the fact that Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried pictures […]

Pages: 2 Words: 617 Topics: The Things They Carried

Human Emotions in the Things they Carried

Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried is not only a novel about the Vietnam War and the tragedies that befell the soldiers, but a in depth dive into the experiences and emotions that are brought on by the perils of war and the power of humans to overcome these traumas and prevail. O’Brien is able […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1084 Topics: Emotions, The Things They Carried

The Things they Carried Vietnam War Novel

The author of this novel, O’Brien recounts his experiences from the Vietnam war. Joining the war was a battle in itself for O’Brien, as after receiving his draft notice in June of 1968, he almost fled because he was so opposed to the war itself. O’Brien describes himself as “too good for this war, too […]

Pages: 2 Words: 665 Topics: Shame, The Things They Carried, Vietnam War

Death in the Things they Carried

Death has many different effects on a person’s life. Some can handle it very well, but most of time, people cannot deal with the grief that comes with the death.For example, some people can accept the death that comes with life and move forward, but on the flip side, some people cannot accept and are […]

Pages: 3 Words: 929 Topics: The Things They Carried

Book Review the Things they Carried

In his book, Tim O’Brien aims to shed light on misconceptions and truths of war by thoroughly describing the thoughts and feelings of a soldier in the Vietnam War. He includes the steps and paths taken to become a soldier and also the detailed descriptions of war stories and their effects on individual men. Through […]

Pages: 2 Words: 694 Topics: The Things They Carried

The War in the Novel the Things they Carried

The dangers of war far extend passed the physical repercussions of its battles. This is true in all aspects. As a nuclear bomb can make a habitat unlivable for centuries to come, this is nothing compared to the emotional pain a soldier derives from guilt, fear, or anxiety. These feelings trump any tangible side effects […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1143 Topics: Clinical Psychology, Emotions, Neuroscience, The Things They Carried

About the Things they Carried

In the short story The things they carried, the soldiers each had their own unique items that they carried doing the dangerous war. The items that the soldiers carried had a special meaning behind them whether it came from their family background, personality, or their very own personal item. Kiowa is a Native America soldier […]

Pages: 2 Words: 651 Topics: Bible, Christianity, The Things They Carried

Rat Kiley in the Things they Carried

Who is Rat Kiley in The Things They Carried You are introduced to many characters throughout the story who deal with their own personal struggles and internal conflicts. From heavy substance abuse to moral convictions about the war and the meaning of why they’re fighting, every soldier is unique in their own struggle on the […]

Pages: 3 Words: 972 Topics: The Things They Carried, War

The Novel the Things they Carried and War

War is a human activity that has been around since the dawn of time. One of the most memorable and long-standing conflicts in which the United States involvement has played a huge role was the Vietnam War. Tim O’Brien, author of the novel The Things They Carried, makes a statement about the war: There were […]

Pages: 3 Words: 1021 Topics: The Things They Carried

Feminist Themes in the Things they Carried

The author of “The Things They Carried” is Tim O’Brien. His full name is William Timothy O’Brien who was born in October 1946, in Minnesota, U.S. Tim was a lieutenant in the Vietnam War. In huge numbers of his books, he discussed the Vietnam War. Tim is likewise best known for the story he composed […]

Pages: 3 Words: 981 Topics: Feminism, The Things They Carried

The Symbolism in the Novel the Things they Carried

In life, it often seems as if opposing forces are interconnected. These dualities are often exemplified by the trauma war forces upon young soldiers. Set during the Vietnam War, Tim O’Brien explores the duality of life and the idea that opposing forces create a balance in his novel, The Things They Carried. While war teaches […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1201 Topics: The Things They Carried

Jimmy Cross in the Things they Carried

The things they carried written by Tim O’Brien. I decide to talk about Jimmy Cross. This character that happens to be the center of focus in the entire work done by Tim O’Brien is Jimmy Cross who works alongside missions. In other work, O’Brien reveals several things about the company among them being fear and […]

Pages: 3 Words: 835 Topics: The Things They Carried

Essay About The Things They Carried

The Things they carried is a book about a platoon of people who are trying to survive the Vietnam war with The Things They Carry in their hearts and there backs. The Novel The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien writes on Cowardice and courage Through the story by the characters Norman Bowker, Jimmy Cross, and Kiowa. In the book The Things They Carry it talks about the Vietnam war and a platoon of people scrounging around for shelter from the war and they talk about their experiences from trenches to Church they have the guts to survive and kill and watch the horrors of war.

In the book Kiowa shows courage in his religion by when they walked by a pagoda Kiowa stood up by telling the platoon of men that “You don’t mess with churches” but regardless the platoon of men went in there anyway to make a base but on Kiowas religion, he didn’t feel happy so he asked to move out of there regarding that it offends him and he is ashamed of what he was doing. Even though the monks enjoyed them being there Kiowa didn’t feel proud of himself for going against his religion. But as all this happened Jimmy Cross killed a man with a grenade describing him as a Asian man who just wanted to live a regular life and got involved with the war for no reason. “His other eye was a star-shaped hole” kept appearing throughout the chapter these words represented fear in Jimmy Cross as he will never forgive himself for killing the man he didn’t mean to intentionally kill. Everyone in the things they carried is a symbol of courage and cowardice like Rat Kiley is a sign of cowardice and courage.

When Rat Kylie was on the edge, instead of killing himself as we all thought, he instead shot himself in the foot to escape the war but as his duties were served he got gifts from his friends (comics) to keep him entertained. The things they carried is also a symbol of being free as represented by the “Sweetheart of the song tra bong”. Mariann Belle was a girl who had a regular girl life with a boyfriend, but until she found out who she truly was as a wildlife person, when she was forced to leave she refused to move and ran away with the greenies (a tribe of jungle people), as she was last seen with a necklace of tongues and left her boyfriend heartbroken. The things they carry is a book full of symbolism of what one was and will always stay the same. As the story slowly progresses it comes to Norman Bowker as a symbol of fear and doubt, as he was driving around the lake he was thinking about the things going on around him and the war.

After he was done talking to a drive-thru lady about what he needs to do with his life, it goes to his Vietnam flashbacks, in one of his flashbacks he was dodging mortar rounds, he hears a groan in the distance. Norman Bowker goes to find where the groan was but when he finds Kiowa, he knows where the groan came from. He finds Kiowas dead body laying the ground, as Kiowas body is getting sunken into the murky water, Norman Bowker tries to save his body but as his body is getting deeper into the mud and he has to abandon Kiowas body to save himself. That memory haunts Norman Bowker throughout the chapter. In the next chapter, Norman Bowker kills himself thinking he was a selfish person with no morals. As the book continues on it goes back to the Vietnam war and on how his platoon is looking for Kiowas body, they looked through the muck for some time until they find Kiowas body deep in the muck with no life, after pulling his body back up onto the dock they start arguing whose fault it was until Norman Bowker said “Nobody’s fault” “Everyone”. The things they carried is a book that goes from past to future then future to past and going into those peoples past makes them feel guilty. The things they carried is also a book on fear. As represented a little girl is dancing out in the field as her parents lay dead in the house.

The girl is trying to find a happy place away from all the bad things that have happened. As this chapter continues on Azar mocks the girl by mimicking her dance but Kiowa makes him stop by putting him over a well and asked if he was done, this shows how messed up times were in the war. As all this happened they go to a story on Curt Lemon and how he accidentally stepped on a detonator and blew his body parts into trees. Curt Lemon is a symbol of foolishness, as he was waltzing around and foolishly stepped on a mine killing himself, all this is brought up when it reminds Jimmy to cross on the man with a star-shaped hole in his eye. This also put fear into the men scaring them into thinking they would step on a mine and land up into a tree with their body parts hanging. The things they carried is a book on how messed up the war was. At the end of it, all 50% of the crew made it out alive with only their hearts to their head and PTSD. The things they carried is a book with memories of the war and how disgusting, horrible, terrible and wretched the war was with Tim O’Brien expressing his emotions with the characters Norman Bowker, Jimmy Cross, and Kiowa. My thoughts on the book are that it’s a good book with a lot of dramatic deaths and questioning of life and how crappy the world is.   

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