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The story of Oedipus

The story of Oedipus is a true Greek tragedy in that the main character, Oedipus, rises to power in the city of Thebes only to be told of a prophecy saying he, although unknowingly, committed fratricide and his wife, Jocasta, is his biological mother. When all of this information gets to Oedipus he is rightfully […]

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Democracy in Athens

Democracy in Athens was very influential to the rest of the world simply because it is known as the first ever democracy with a sense of competitiveness and community. Competitiveness and community were two of the most valued things in Ancient Athens. Pericles, a notorious statesmen, was a leader and influencer of Athenian democracy. He […]

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Oedipus Displays Characteristics

You called me blind but you have your eyes but see not where you live in sin (KO 37). In the play Oedipus the King, Sophocles tells a story about a man who blindly reaches his long-awaited fate. Throughout the development of this story, many tragedies occur. This play is recognized as a tragedy because […]

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Oedipus States

The most well known and influential form of drama performed in theatres across ancient Greece is Greek tragedy. The play, Oedipus the King, includes a great deal of dramatic irony. The author, Sophocles, is a famous playwright in Greek tragedy. The play commences with the protagonist, Oedipus, unknowingly fulfilling his prophecy that he will marry […]

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Known As Oedipus Rex

Also known as Oedipus Rex, King Oedipus is an Athenian tragedy written by Sophocles that was first performed around 429 BC. In the play, there is a prophecy that claims Oedipus will murder his father and wed his mother. Oedipus tries to elude his fate but in the end the prophecy came to pass. During […]

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Oedipus Throughout His Journey

The Greeks believed that man can be portrayed with exaggerated fables that can be taught to people of all ages. One of these stories tells a tale of a tragic hero known as King Oedipus, he is well known for saving Thebes from a powerful Sphinx. Sophocles gives the reader a twisted, but a well-bound […]

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Sophocles Characters

Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) was a great Greek philosopher and scientist who defined the scientific system that became the framework for scholasticism and philosophy (Amadio). Aristotle was a great critic of poetry. Aristotle’s means of analyzing tragedies and comedies are still the methods used by critics of literature today. In his rules of […]

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Wilson’s play Fences

In August Wilson’s play Fences, Troy allocates similar characteristics as Oedipus of a tragic hero, they both presume they can conquer fate. Troy responds in rage when the truth deciphers.He believes he can outmaneuver his death by building a wall surrounding his house. However death still exist and he cannot avoid his fate.In Sophocles play […]

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Having Decoded The Sphinx’s

Having decoded the Sphinx’s riddle and rescued the city of Thebes from destruction, Oedipus is named their king. Although a plague is devastating Thebe’s people, and many bird entrails and oracles strongly propose it is due to the murderer of the last king, Laius, still living in the kingdom and is unpunished. In order to […]

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Roman Culture Has Impacted

Roman culture has impacted many individuals. From today’s society and back then drama shows a major aspect of ionic ability. They are given the up-most credit for drama and theatre. Theatre and acting are still different forms of amusement just as it is acknowledged in greek culture. I have learned alot from greek culture, Greek’s […]

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Hamlet and Oedipus The King

Although created centuries apart, the characters of Hamlet and Oedipus bring light to similar themes. Both of these tragic heroes are eminently consumed by the need to avenge the death of their father, primarily driven by their hamartia. However, they also differ in important areas, and it is these areas that reveal the most about […]

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