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Civilization and the Wild in the Call of the Wild

Ed Yong once explained, all domestic dogs evolved from a group of wolves that came into contact with European hunter-gatherers (Yong). As shocking as it is, every domestic canine people own today has originated from wild wolves. Although it’s less clear in small dogs who could not ever fend for themselves, every dog has derived […]

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The Main Protagonist of the Call of the Wild

Buck is a St.Bernard mix who lived on an estate in Santa Clara, California, owned by Judge Miller. But one day one of the gardeners named Manuel takes Buck and sells him to a dog trader. Were the trader put Buck in a crate for four days on a train to Seattle. When he gets […]

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Animals and Call of the Wild

Some say animals are the companions of humans while others argue they are to be used by humans for food or other purposes.In current society we see ongoing debate about the topic of animals and humans place in society. At this point in time we have people who use animals for purposes of food and […]

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Call of the Wild Analysis

Part one: The beginning of the story takes place in Santa Clara Valley, California during the gold rush of 1896. Buck lives with his owner, Judge Miller, in an expensive house in the suburbs. Buck is loved by Miller and his kids and grandkids. He feels important, loved, and superior to all the other pets […]

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