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The Color Purple by Alice Walker Essay

Imagine yourself not being able to see with two eyes, but one. The author who has written many novels, short stories, proms, and essays about Civil and Women Right had experienced this hardship. Being different from everyone, she grew with she transformed being different to a talent of writing down her thoughts and imagination. Her […]

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“Everyday Use” by Alice Walker Essay

Alice Walker short story, “Everyday Use” is built around three main characters Maggie,Mama, and Dee. These three main characters are crucial to understanding the primary concepts of the story and the historical background of the short story. Walker builds her underlying concepts through the use of the character’s culture, pride, and learning who they are. […]

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Am i Blue Essay

   Walker proposes the effect humans have on animals , he expresses themes of loss and separation, thoughts on racism and slavery is developed throughout the story. And equate social justice and equality. The tone Walker presents throughout the story is erratic then despairing. Provokes thought about isolation and human morals in the story and […]

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Alice Walker: Life and Creativity

Alice Walker is an African American writer, poet and activist for civil rights, the LGBTQ community and feminism. She is best known for her book turned screenplay and musical The Color Purple, which she published in 1982. In her novel, Walker addresses several issues about the tremendously low social position held by African American women […]

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Themes in Everyday Use by Alice Walker

A mother and daughter bond is one of the most unbreakable bonds that one can experience in life. Nevertheless, such bonds may turn sour sometimes and create enmity between them. Everyday Use is a story narrated by Alice Walker who tries to show how a mother has a tumultuous relationship with her two daughters. Fundamentally, […]

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The Great Woman – Alice Walker

Eatonton, Georgia birthed one of the most influential African American women in Black American Literature, Alice Walker. She is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed The Color Purple and many other literary pieces. As a child, I can remember how on the weekend’s BET would play The Color Purple and I would think to myself “Oh […]

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Analysis of the Life and Works of Alice Walker

Born into a poor family of black sharecroppers, Alice Walker became a widely known and respected poet, novelist, and civil rights activist of the late 20th and early 21st century. She published her best-known book, The Color Purple, in 1982, and received the Pulitzer Prize and national book award in 1983. Her poetry focuses on […]

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